Wow Guests With These Baby Shower Table Decorations

Baby Shower Table Decoration Ideas For Newborn Boy And Girl

By Diana Nadim
Wow Guests With These Baby Shower Table Decorations

Why Do We Need Baby Shower Table D├ęcor?

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Table décor plays a very significant role in baby showers. Through table décor, you are able to add character and interest to your baby shower. The centerpiece that you will create is usually one of the first things that your guests will notice when they arrive at your baby shower.

Table décor says a lot about who we are. Through it, people can be able to know the kind of person we are as it’s usually a reflection of our lifestyle, preferences, and creativity. The first step when creating table décor is to consider the kind of tables that you will use for your baby shower. This is because tables come in different sizes and shapes, and these are important factors when it comes to the creation of a centerpiece.

Table Decorations For Baby Boy

1. Building Blocks Centerpieces

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This kind of table decoration is amazing especially if your theme for the baby shower involves building blocks. One of the merits of this kind of décor is that it’s easy to create and it allows you to get your creative juices flowing by enabling you to play with words. Building blocks centerpieces work best with round tables.

2. Rubber Ducky Pond Glass Bowl Table Centerpieces

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These centerpieces are perfect for boy’s baby showers and they are easy to create. All you need are clear glass jars (the number of glass jars required will depend on the size and number of tables available), blue glass pebbles, and little rubber ducks. For this look to be complete, you need to place the blue glass pebbles in the bottom of the glass jars, then place the rubber ducks on top, and your masterpiece is done!

3. Globe Centerpieces

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For a global-themed baby shower, you can use this amazing idea to decorate your tables. You can accessorize the globes by adding flowers to create a stunning work of art. One advantage of this kind of décor is that it works perfectly for all types of tables.

4. Painted Mason Jars Centerpieces


These beauties can be used for informal baby showers of both girls and boys; all you need to do is to change the color of the Mason jars. For a boy’s baby shower, you can paint the jars blue or buy already painted Mason jars. Whichever option you will choose, you can be sure that they will be exquisite!

5. Boat Centerpieces

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It’s no secret that boys love boats. This is what makes it such an amazing table decoration idea for a boy’s baby shower. In order to accessorize the boat you can fill it with baby items or simply attach a cute slogan and your centerpiece will be complete.

Table Decorations For Baby Girls

Girl’s baby shower table decorations are supposed to be dazzling, classy, and playful. Below are some of the elegant of the ideas for the girl’s baby shower table centerpieces.

1. Confetti Balloon Centerpieces

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These balloon table decorations are gorgeous! All you are required to do is to put together a bunch of pretty pink balloons and tie them together to create a banquet fit for a princess. In order to hold these balloons down, you can use things such as soft stuffed animals, vases, or even mason jars.

2. Pomander Centerpieces

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Pink pomander centerpieces will always be elegant. The good news is that you can make pomander centerpieces either from artificial silk roses or you can cut out hydrangea petal shapes from a pink paper and use them to create a beautiful ball. After the balls are complete all you need to do is to find stands and you can use vases or even candle holder stands.

3. Pink and Grey Elephant Themed Centerpieces

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These decorations will simply blow you and your guests away! In order for you to bring this decoration masterpiece to life; you need to make cardboard die cuts of grey and pink elephant. You can go further and make another die-cut sign of a slogan such as “It’s a Girl” to accessorize the elephant pieces. You can create diaper cakes to support these beautiful elephant die-cuts or even use vases.

4. Children Books Centerpieces

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This goes exceptionally well with a book-themed baby shower but it also blends well with other themes. It can be used for both girl’s and boy’s baby shower table decoration all that is needed changing the colors. Children books used together with vases holding delicate pink flowers create jay dropping centerpieces for a girls baby shower.

5. Glittery Pink Vase Centerpieces


This splendid centerpieces ooze with style and grace and are everything a princess deserves. For you to create these gems, you will need pink confetti glitter, glue and glass vases. Apply some glue onto the vases and roll them in the pink confetti glitter, then add delicate beautiful pink roses to the vases and the centerpiece is complete. You can alternatively rent or buy some glittery vases and they will have the same effect.

Gorgeous Table Setup At A Restaurant

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There are two types of table settings and they are formal and informal. Baby showers perfect are examples of occasions which require an informal table set up at a restaurant. Utensils used at an informal restaurant table setting include a dinner plate, two forks which are placed to the left of the plate, dinner knife which is always set on the right side of the plate and a napkin.  

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Even though baby showers are informal occasions, restaurants ensure that the tables are elegant by including some of the centerpieces highlighted earlier. Baby shower table setups at restaurants don’t have to be complicated to be beautiful; a simple but elegant centerpiece can still make the table look posh. 

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Homemade Table Decorations That Looks Like A Million Bucks

Your baby shower’s dining tables will be the focus of your guests and this is the primary reason why it is important for you to ensure that these tables look amazing. The following are some of the splendid and simple DIY table decoration ideas that you can do at home:

1. Diapers and Faux Flowers Centerpieces

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To create this dazzling table decoration, you will need diapers, ribbons (use pink ribbons for a girl’s baby shower and blue for a boy’s shower), faux flowers, and rubber bands. One centerpiece requires about 8 diapers which are held together with ribbons and faux flowers are placed on top of the diapers. 

2. Woodland Themed Centerpiece

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You can get creative and use different shapes of logs that will act as your centerpieces which will hold things such as vases with beautiful flowers. You can get creative and include other designs and the outcome will still be one of a kind. 

3. Mason Jar Candle Centerpiece

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This type of table decoration is easy to create and is ideal for both girls and boys baby showers. All you need to do is to put a small amount of water, sand (either blue or pink), or any material at your disposal into the mason jars and drop a candle.   


Table decorations play a very significant role in both formal and informal events such as baby showers. Apart from making your baby shower to look sophisticated and beautiful, table decorations also help your guests relax as they create a friendly ambiance. Exquisite table decorations, therefore, makes it easier for everybody to have a good time.