15 adorable and cutest toddler lunch box to get for baby

Pack wholesome food in these cute toddler lunch boxes for kids

By Rebecca jones
15 adorable and cutest toddler lunch box to get for baby

Having a toddler who is a mini foodie and loves to try each and every food placed on their plate is amazing, it makes your job as a mom easier, and makes you want to learn about all the different healthy recipes out there. Teaching your child to eat healthily is very important and starting from an early age is probably the best.

Having a preschooler or a baby who needs to be in the daycare, most have gotten you acquainted to all the different variety of toddler lunch boxes out there in the market. As a mom with an active toddler who is always away from home either to school, gymnastic lessons or trips, makes it very important to have the right lunch box that can accommodate and pack all of the favorite food my toddler loves to eat, and for us, we've discovered that the easy open lunch boxes are amongst our favorites. 

Easy open toddler lunch box for both genders

The easy open toddler lunch boxes are extremely easy and user-friendly. It's lightweight and makes accessing food easily. The following are a list of some of our favorite easy open toddler lunch box for both genders:  

1. Bentgo Fresh (Gray) – Leak-Proof & Versatile 4-Compartment Bento-Style Lunch Box

Bentgo Fresh (Gray)

This toddler lunch box is designed with a built-in portion control, with each compartment portioned perfectly to feed the appetite of both babies and toddler, making the lunch box a perfect fit for packing a healthy and balanced lunch for your child. It has a leak-free compartment tray, entrees, sides, and snacks all separated on the go without the inconvenience of multiple lunch box or container. And did I mention that the compartments are customizable, well that's the best part, it comes with an optional divider that can create a 4 compartment instead of the 3, giving you more room to pack more foods. 

2. LunchBots Extra Small Protein Snack Box

LunchBots Extra Small Protein Snack Box

This stainless steel toddler lunch box ensures you always meet your protein needs. Pack lots of healthy snacks like cheese, nuts and more to satisfy your toddler's appetites. It is lightweight and compact, slipping into the smallest backpacks easily. It is virtually unbreakable therefore, you are going to enjoy using it for a very long time. The lunch box continue to be favorite amongst parents, even though the dividers are not leak proof, it is recommended that only dried foods should be packed. The toddler lunch box is easily washable and cleaned.  

3. OmieBox - Leak-Proof 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Box For Kids

OmieBox - Leak-Proof 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Box For Kids

The omiebox has the capacity of holding foods all in one place either warm or hot. It is made of high quality and durable. It weights about 1.7lbs which isn’t heavy, and toddler friendly too. This lunch box makes food and appetizers looks yummy, fresh and organized. You don’t need to worry about getting different containers for different food. It has a reversible compartments to accommodate all of your child’s needs. omiebox comes apart for easy cleaning. The rubber seals are all removable, so you can wash it thoroughly everyday. If the seals get worn or damaged, you can purchase replacement seals instead of throwing the box out, giving you a reason to save money 

4. Bento Lunch-box for Kids Boys Girls

Bento Lunch-box for Kids Boys Girls

Bento box are great toddler lunch boxes especially when you are packing for snacks. It has a very easy portironed compartments support for well balanced diet. It is modern and durable, made with eco friendly plastic. It is a guaranteed no leak lunch box for both boys and girls. It has a plastic insulated double-walls. The Silicone overlay on lid delivers easy-grip design. the bento lunch box holds over 4 cups of portion-control food that you can prep ahead and freeze or pop in the fridge. Making it an ideal lunch box’s for your little toddler.

5. Skip-hop baby zoo little kid and toddler mealtime lunching set

Skip Hop Baby Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Mealtime Lunch Kit Feeding Set, Multi, Blossom Butterfly : Baby

The skip hop baby zoo little kid and toddler lunch set is designed very colorful with animation characters boldly there to entertain your child. The lunch box encourages kids to eat independently and make every meal time fun and memorable. The coordinating clips makes it easy for toddlers to open and close it themselves, while the rubber seal locks the lid in place to prevent leaks. It is easily washable and light weight too. 

Personalized toddler lunch box with backpacks

It’s all about making your toddler eating habit a fun and healthy one. Sometimes kids are more attached to things they like the most or are more familiar too, like their favorite cartoon characters or favorite colors. You can also take your toddler lunch box to the next level, by not limiting your choice only to the ones available in the stores. You can personalize the lunch box with their names and initials, it will give your toddler a great sense of excitement while feeding.  

You don’t need to settle for less if you know you can always get more. Even though there are a lot of wonderful toddler lunch boxes out there, getting a personalized one that will probably mean more to your child. Kids naturally respond well to things they are familiar with. Personalizing their lunch box and their backpack with some of their favorite cartoon character, animal, or color will get your toddler all excited and ready to start exploring, making lunch time even more interesting.

The following are some awesome ideas on how you can personalize your toddler’s lunch box:

6. SJ Personalized Princess Mermaid Lunch Pals Lunch Box Bag

SJ Personalized Princess Mermaid Lunch Pals Lunch Box Bag: Toys & Games

This personalized lunch box comes with the name of your choice, with a fun princess mermaid theme perfect for your little princess.  The mermaid lunch tote is the perfect size for school lunches and or snack time. It comes with a 2 zipper compartment and is fully insulated. It has an attached loop for comfortable carrying or hanging. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, sleepover and outings.  

7. Personalized Classic Dinosaurs Lunch Box - CUSTOM NAME

Personalized Classic Dinosaurs Lunch Box - CUSTOM NAME: Kitchen & Dining

If you have a dinosaur obsessed toddler, this Personalized lunch box is definitely for them. Perfect for boys and their names can be embroid on top of the box cover. The lunch box comes with an inner mesh pocket and front  zipper pouch. A dinosaur character lunch box that is fully insulated to keep food warm, and a water bottle. The name can be your toddler’s initial or his or her full name, which ever you decide, the customization has space for up to 12 Alphabetical characters.  

8. All star sport embroider lunch bag by Stephen Joseph

Personalized Stephen Joseph Sports Themed Lunch Box bag With Name: Kitchen & Dining

This all-star sport embroidered lunch box can be embroidered with any name on the front in your choice of thread color and font style. The lunch is fully insulated to keep food both warm and cold. Uniquely made and customized for your special little ball player. It has an additional two compartments for storing extra goodies. It is made of durable and washable materials for easy cleanup. It has a thick cushioned handle for easy grabbing.   

9. Butterfly embroidered lunch bag by Stephen Joseph

Stephen Joseph Personalized Butterfly Lunch Pals Lunch Box Bag: Kitchen & Dining

The butterfly embroidered lunch bag is perfect for your mini princess, with any name of your choice, font color and style. The lunch bag is designed to keep food warm or cold. It is easily washable and the lunch box is designed with a beautiful butterfly character.  

10. Mingdou Animal Lunch Box For Toddler Kids Boys Girls Personalized

Mingdou Animal Lunch Box For Toddler Kids Boys Girls Personalized Insulated Tote Bags

This personalized toddler lunch box actually allows you to send your own images to customize them, It has an adjustable shoulder strap, a carry handle on top. It is an exclusive designed and durable. It’s uniqueness and fashion makes it extremely special for your little one. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your child, this is definitely on top of the list. 

Toddler lunch box with thermos

Toddler lunch boxes are made from different materials like plastic and stainless steel, but most importantly it is for the lunch box to be able to serve its purpose - which is to keep your child’s variety of food either warm or cold. Thermo flask are designed to greatly lengthen the time over which the food content inside remain hotter or cooler than the flasks surroundings. Below are some great examples of toddler lunch boxes with thermos.

11. Buringer lunch bento box

Buringer Lunch Bento Box Insulated Food Storage Containers Two Layers Stainless Steel Double Square Leakproof with Removable Silicone Handle (Green): Kitchen & Dining

This lunch box is a large capacity bento box with a clean pastel look. It has 2 tiers and could be detached into 4 containers. It is has a stainless steel interior and a durable exterior that can withstand the demands of daily use. Suitable for both adult and children, the double wall designed allows food to stay cool or warm. It is leakproof to prevent spills and mess. Your toddler will absolutely love the Buringer lunch box, the lunch box is user-friendly, light and easy to maintain.

12. Lunch Box ~ Pinnacle Insulated Leak Proof Lunch Box

Lunch Box ~ Pinnacle Insulated Leak Proof Lunch Box for Adults and Kids

Interior Lunch Box will Keep Your Food Warm for up to 4 hrs and Cold for up to 6 hrs. Perfect Portion Control Size of 16 oz. capacity. It is designed to have a cool outer touch even with hot foods inside. easy open latches for kids. The toddler flask has a wide bowl shaped opening to be able to eat the natural way and have an easy time filling. With this lunch box, your toddler will enjoy eating fresh food with no messy spills. 

13. Vanvene stainless steel thermal lunch box

Stainless Steel Thermal Lunch Box Double Insulated School Bento Box Portable Food Container For Kids Picnic For Travel (Pink): Kitchen & Dining

This stainless steel lunch box is designed from a food grade PP material which is safe and non toxic. It has a steel plate that keeps food warm or cold for over 3 hours.  It is perfect for all use either in school, daycare or outings. It is easy to clean and the plate can be separated from the chassis. It has a box edge curling design to prevent scratches. This lunch box comes in different colors, perfect for your toddler.

14. LunchBots Thermal 12 oz. All Stainless Steel Interior

LunchBots Thermal 12 oz. All Stainless Steel Interior

This lunchbox is triple-insulated designed by thermal technology to keep your toddlers food at just the right temperature. The insulated thermal food containers has the ability of staying cold for up to 12 hours or hot for over 6 hours. This lunch box is what you need on a long nice trip out outings with your toddler. Easily washable and the covers are design to give a tight seal coverage.  

15. SOPHISTICATE Keythemelife Multilayer Hello kitty Thermal Bento kid Lunch box

SOPHISTICATE Keythemelife Multilayer Lunch Boxs Hello kitty Food Container Thermal Bento PP+Stainless Steel Lunchbox for Kids

Keythemelife multilayer lunch box hello kitty food container thermal bento lunchbox is a perfect choice for your baby girl. This lunch box is design to keep food very warm or cold for a long period of time. Giving your toddler a fresh taste of his or her meal. The covers are designed with plastic clips to safely secure the food content inside and prevent any spills. It Is easily washable too. 

Cute recipes for toddler lunch boxes

Presenting a great lunch to your toddler is all about incorporating all of their favorite food and snacks. A child is more likely to enjoy his or her food if it is properly cooked and placed in a fun colorful way, kids relate to visuals more easily. Below are some cool lunch ideas videos for your reference:

1. SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS FOR KIDS! by britneyandbaby


3. Healthy Lunch Box Ideas For Kids! What's Packin'?! (Week 1) by Life as a Rambling Redhead

Have you got any ideas what to pack for your kids already? We hope these videos gave you plenty of inspirations!


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the right lunch box for your toddler, always look for boxes with great compartments or sections that will provide you with adequate space to place all of your child’s favorite foods and snacks. The lunch box shouldn’t be expensive for as long as it can serve your child’s desired purpose. Stick to lunch boxes that are user-friendly, you don’t want a lunch box that is bulky and complicated, your toddler might get frustrated even before lunchtime. Always make your toddler’s meal as colorful and fun, by chopping or dicing food content into different colors, shapes and sizes. At the end of every use, clean properly and make sure It is stored properly for the next lunch date.