Types of baby classes you can sign up for your little one

Fun baby classes that you can sign up for or together with baby

By Evelyn
Types of baby classes you can sign up for your little one

Mommy and me baby classes

When you're a new mom, sometimes, you may feel isolated from the world. All that time stuck in the house having conversations with your precious baby because there's none else around. Sounds familiar?

Well, mommies, it doesn't have to be that way, that is why the mommy and me classes exist. The mommy and me classes are a great way to bond with your little one, to play with him, to get him moving, and you get to hang with other adults!smiley You get to meet new moms that are going through the same experience as you. Yes, please!

Taking your baby to a class is the perfect excuse to get out of the house, you know you need it, especially if you are a mom of more than one. It'll be good for you and baby and kids to be out there and enjoy yourselves while meeting other people.

All the activities that the mommy and me classes have to offer will be so beneficial for your baby, it will provide him or her with valuable skills for his or her future development, and that is something all parents want.

There are a lot of options from where to choose and sometimes it can be hard to know which one is the right one for your baby. We'd like to help you with this task, so here are some fun mommy and me classes from where you can pick.

1. Music baby classes

Have you listened to music while your baby is with you? Have you tried singing songs with him or her? Or just dance around to the sound of music while you're holding him? What has been his or her reaction? We bet it has been great! Babies respond to music, that is why the mommy and me music classes are so popular.

Music can accompany your child throughout his development. While he's little you can bounce with him to the beat of the song playing on your phone or iPad or on the radio. When he gets older he can start to play instruments, or clap around or dance.

That is why baby music classes are so awesome and can really play an important part in your child's life. Maybe you have a potential Beethoven?

Music Together

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Music Classes for Children, Schools, and Therapy

One baby music class that's very popular among mommies and families is Music Together. These classes are for the whole family, but they have classes specifically for babies. Can babies be taught music? Of course, they can and that is what they do on Music Together.

They use the same process you use when you teach your baby to talk. They offer your little one the opportunity to absorb and learn music by giving him varied and rich music experiences. They believe that all children are born with the potential to learn music. 

You can enroll your baby from the very beginning with Music Together, they offered classes for babies from birth through eight months. You will learn fun musical activities for your baby and also learn to recognize which of your baby's behaviors are musical. That way you can support your child's development at a time when his or her brain is most receptive. So cool right?

Singing and dancing with your baby is fun and a great and beautiful way to bond with him or her, and you get to make music with other parents and make new friends. You can find a baby music class here so you and your baby can start experiencing the magic of music.

2. Swimming baby classes

Notice that your baby loves water? You can start him or her with mommy and me swimming classes! In these classes, your baby will get used to the water and feel safe in it, and it's also a great bonding activity.

In this mommy and me swimming classes you and your baby will get to play games that introduce basic and introductory water skills like blowing bubbles, kicking and floating and breath control. That sound like a very fun way to spend time with your baby. wink

Splashing and playing in the water will help your baby with several very important things. Swimming classes at that stage build coordination and balance, it helps your baby get comfortable with his body, it builds muscle, strengthens the lungs and the heart and it supports brain development. It can also build early water confidence, help improve sleep pattern and appetite.

Mommy and me swimming baby classes will also benefit your baby's social skills strengthening the bond with parents and introducing him or her to other babies so that they can interact. It will benefit your child language skills because he or she will be introduced to new words, symbols, and gestures.

It'll also improve his cognitive skills (memory, problem-solving and abstract thought abilities) as he will be in a stimulating and safe environment. It can also stimulate his or her creativity because throughout the lessons imaginative play is encouraged.

You have some choices if you want to start the mommy and me swimming classes right away, but a good choice would be your local YMCA

3. Baby gym classes

Would you happen to have a very active baby at home? Wondering what you can do to help redirect all that energy into something that will help his or her development and have a little fun with it? How about enrolling you both on a mommy and me gym class?

There are huge benefits in starting your baby in gym classes. It builds up muscle strength and density, it can help to improve balance and coordination. It helps with social interaction and they're fun.

a. Romp n' Roll

Romp n' Roll in Richmond

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The baby classes at Romp n' Roll in Richmond provide opportunities for you and your baby to engage in appropriate activities. These activities will help your baby grow and learn socially, physically and it will create a natural bonding experience between you and him or her.

The baby gym classes include movement activities to work on strengthening your baby's neck and back so he can have better mobility. They also include sign language to foster communication skill and they have music time to work on fine and gross motor skills.

And for you mommies, you get the chance to communicate, share experiences and bond with other mommies and parents who can relate to your concerns and questions. A fun and learning experience for you and your child, what more can you ask? 

b. The Little Gym

The Little Gym

The Little Gym offers classes for babies 4 to 10 months old, they call this the Perfect Start. This mommy and me gym baby class will promote early development and it will provide a strong foundation for your child's first critical years.

They provide a fun environment especially conducive to a learning experience based on active play. Take a look and find a class near you.

4. Art classes for babies

Some say art is a vital activity, if you want your child to thrive, you should definitely enroll you both in a mommy and me baby art class. What benefits will your kid get by attending art classes from an early age?

Art promotes creativity, so your kid can think outside the box. Art is an activity that employs all senses (sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste), so it encourages neural connections. Art also builds fine motor skills because it involves doing tasks like gripping paintbrushes, kneading and rolling dough so great amounts of coordination and dexterity are required. 

Art is also a great precursor of writing. All that scribbling babies and toddlers make, with time, it can lead to writing the alphabet. It can also help them understand themselves and their world and connect with other kids.

a. Abrakadoodle


In Abrakadoodle they offer a mommy and me art class for your baby and toddler. It is highly recommended as a first baby art class, it is called Twoosy Doodlers and it will develop your kid's sensory skills as well as their fine motor and gross skills.

While they're experimenting with new and engaging materials, they're learning about color and texture and having tons of fun. 

b. Over The Moon Parenting

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For you mommies living in Massachusets, Over the Moon Parenting offers an art mommy and me class for babies from 10 to 17 months old. They call it a sensory art class which is different from an art class in that the focus is on the experience of creating using all 5 senses not just the result.

These sensory art classes will help your baby's development, he can finger paint, play with dough, sand, mud, and water (all kids favorites!) so he or she gets to have tons of fun while learning. Check out the locations here.


Mommies, what do you think about all this mommy and me classes? They're great right? Lots of fun and learning for your baby and you get to have conversations with adults outside of your home! Now you just have to choose one. smiley