Every parents will adore these Monogrammed Baby Gifts

Monogrammed baby gifts ideas perfect as baby shower gifts

By Aey
Every parents will adore these Monogrammed Baby Gifts

Materialistic gifts do have value but they don’t have the power to deliver a message that gift with special effort and meaning does. There is always a comfort in knowing that someone you care about has spent hours and put in lots of thought in selecting a gift that will genuinely make the person receiving it, happy. If you’re going to a baby shower of someone close to you, then you’re reading the right article to help you select a gift that shows how deeply you truly care about the baby! Let’s dive into the ideas, shall we?

What is monogrammed?

Monogram is the initials of a person. Usually it is sewn on a possession of that person. People also get the embroidery of their monograms on handkerchief or clothes. There are necklaces with monograms. This makes for an amazing gift as it shows that you’ve really put in effort way before the actual event to get it customized. If you want to make someone feel very special, monogrammed gift is the solution to it!

Ideas for baby shower gifts

Baby showers can put you in a confusing spot. Whether to get a gift for the mommy or baby? Baby boy gift or baby girl gift? Well, again I’ve got your back friend! Here are a few neutral ideas that you can buy for the event.

Cute & Neutral Door Hanger

If you’re invited at a baby shower but not aware of the gender of the child; selecting a gift can be challenging. The best solution to such an issue is going for a neutral color and things that’s suitable for both; baby boy or baby girl. How about this beautiful door hanger in this perfect neutral color?  If you want to make it even more special to the lucky couple than you can get the monograms of their names on it! Ta-da! A perfect gift for the baby and parents.

Adorable customized pair of shoes

These cute little sneakers for the lucky one to arrive in the world is another great option. If this couple has already decided on a name for the baby and being a close friend, you’re aware of that name then the perfect gift would be soon-to-be-born baby’s initials on those trainers. If the name hasn’t been decided or you aren’t aware of it then getting the monograms of parents’ initials is also a great idea!

Beanie Baby

The temperature of a mother’s womb is warm. A baby at arrival is always cold. This means, no matter what the season is, getting gifts that are a bit on the warmer side isn’t a bad idea. How about this cute beanie with a good message monogrammed on its face. The baby will be warm and even cuter! So what are you waiting for?

Unique monogrammed gifts

If the baby is close to you or the couple is, then there is always a competition inside that your gift should be better and more special to them than others. Here are a few gift ideas that you can get for the baby that aren’t just unique but also show off the thought and effort you put in to get it!

Cute Customized Clothing

Cute small clothing for the baby is always a very good option to gift the parents as there can never be too much of clothes for a baby. If you want to send a message that you’ve really put in though in the gift and didn’t just get it on your way at a baby store then the best option for you is to get it monogrammed! Yes!

Cute customized footwear

Aren’t baby shoes adorable? Well they are as important to protect tiny baby feet as they are adorable. These can make an amazing and unique gift for the couple. Select a few pairs in vibrant colors and get it monogrammed with the initials of the parents or you can always go for a thoughtful or cute message for the monogram.

Customized Swaddle Set

As mentioned above, it’s a need for the babies to be warm at all times! Do remember that the womb of mother is as cozy as it warm. So, to help the baby feel the sense of familiarity, it is better to keep them wrapped in a cozy cloth. See? A swaddle set is a very unique gift because it plays a big part in helping the baby adjust to the new environment. Now, to make it even cuter and special to the couple, you can get it monogrammed with their initials.

Luxury monogrammed gifts

Here are a few ideas to spoil the little and make him/her feel loved and special at the same time. These luxurious gifts are an amazing way to show your love for the baby!

Monogrammed necklace

A gold necklace with the initials of the baby or parents name will surely win you the hearts of the lucky couple! Such a gift is unique, luxurious and thoughtful, all three at the same time! This is definitely a great gift to send out a message. If you’re worried that the necklace isn’t suitable for a baby boy then don’t be! You can get a customized one in white gold with a tougher looking design that will look even cuter on a baby!

Monogrammed Matching Bracelet

Another amazing luxurious gift can be a cute baby/mommy matching bracelets with their initials on it! The couple will definitely see the thought you put in getting the gift made. It will look even cuter on the baby’s hands. Remember that ladies always have a special thing for wearing matching accessories with their loved one and who else can she love more than her own child? The only issue is that it might take some time to get made so do remember to place an order a few days before you intend to give it.

Monogrammed Baby Crib

See how luxurious it looks? Now imagine how adorable this will look with a cute baby in it! If you’re looking for the perfect gift that shows you didn’t save money and even put in extra thought to make the baby feel really special than this customized and luxurious bed is the answer to all your worries! You can easily order this from online websites and get it monogrammed. Blue for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl!

Ideas from Etsy

Now If you’re lazy and you need to buy a baby gift for whom you genuinely care; I’ve got you covered here as well! Here are some amazing ideas that you can receive at your doorstep just by clicking away on your phone. Another amazing idea is to get it deliver to the couple’s house directly if for some reason you cannot be there to give it in person.

Cute Monogrammed Bracelet

Monogrammed Pearl Baby Bracelet Pearl Baby Jewelry | Etsy

You can easily get this amazing bracelet on Etsy. The best part is that it will be shipped right to your doorstep! The monogrammed plate will surely send out the message that you genuinely put in your time and effort to find a perfect gift. If you’re looking for a reasonable gift that shows you care then this is your answer!

Monogrammed Pillow Set

Monogrammed Baby Pillow Personalized Swiss Dot Nursery | Etsy

No amount of pillows can be too many for safety of babies. These customized pillows with initials of parents or baby’s name or a cute message are a great way to show that you care! You can easily order this on Etsy and receive it at your doorstep.

Monogrammed Personal Bibles

Babys first Bible custom baby Bible monogrammed Bible | Etsy

These cute little customized bibles are a great way to get them started on religion at a very young age. It’s creative and thoughtful if the couple is Christian! You can also get the name of the baby printed on the cover just as shown in the picture. The toddlers will surely get attracted to these cuties!


I know what a challenge it can be to find the perfect gift for babies particularly when you’re not a parent yourself. I’ve also looked up what to buy as a gift many times! You don’t want to show up at a fancy event at a fancy event with a not so appropriate gift and I get that feeling. This is why I’ve put this article together just so you don’t have to go through the hustle yourself. I hope I was able to give you interesting ideas that will come in handy! Best of luck!  J