11 Best 2019 Pregnancy Planner To Use And For Recollections

Giving you the best online and printable pregnancy planners

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11 Best 2019 Pregnancy Planner To Use And For Recollections

There are numerous things that can be done to prepare you for pregnancy. This number of things can help increase the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby. Plans like eating healthy, keeping fit, consumption of folate, quitting of cigarettes and equally quitting of alcohol will be beneficial for you and your baby. It is however also very important that your vaccine intake is up to date since one can’t be vaccinated with fallen pregnant. Furthermore, if you are planning for pregnancy, it is advised to go for pre-conception consultation by visiting your medical doctor. Your medical adviser will provide you with all the expert advice you will need on planning for pregnancy.

What is a Pregnancy Planner?

Pre-conception period (three months before pregnancy) as earlier stated, is a period to make life changes, which in turn will help boost your fertility, assist in quick recovery from birth and in reducing problems during pregnancy. Here is a list of things to do when planning for pregnancy: 

Folic Acid Intake

When planning to conceive, it is advised that a woman takes in Folic acid before getting pregnant. This is because Folic acid helps to provide the overall health outcomes for your baby when growing. Taking Folic acid every day before and during pregnancy will also help prevents the development of neural tube defects.

Mind What You Eat

If you and your spouse are planning for pregnancy, it is also advised that you watch what you eat. More importantly, you have to look at your diet and see where healthier food choices can be replaced. The intake of healthier foods will increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and conceive healthily.

Quit Smoking

Planning for pregnancy definitely involves a lot of sacrifices. The decision to quit smoking of cigarettes before pregnancy is one of the most effective means of protecting you and your baby from developing serious health complications during pregnancy. By stopping smoking, you have a higher chance of giving birth to your baby naturally without delay, very much less likely to suffer ectopic pregnancy or even miscarriage and even a lesser chance of giving birth to a premature baby.

Quit Alcohol

Specifically, under this period of planning for pregnancy, there is no amount of safe alcohol to consume. Therefore, for women who are pregnant or planning the intake of alcoholic drinks and wines should be eradicated as not having a taste of alcohol is the safest option for you and your baby. Alcohol generally can affect the development and health of the unborn child, even in the long run.

Best Time to Get Pregnant

In the female reproductive system, ovulation occurs every month, most especially when an egg is released from one of the female ovaries. Expectedly, more than one egg is released within 24hours of the first egg and at the same time the lining of the womb gets thicken while the mucus in the cervix gets thinner, this allows easy transportation of sperm. Once the egg begins to travel down through the Fallopian tube and you meet with your partner, the egg can get fertilized by the man’s sperm. Then, the lining of your womb gets thick enough for the egg to be implanted right after it has been fertilized. It is, however, important to know that, once the egg is not fertilized, it flushes out of the body during a woman’s monthly period. Furthermore, you have a higher chance of getting pregnant if you and your partner have sexual intercourse within a day or so of the ovulation period (this occurs 14days before the first day of the next monthly period cycle).

11 Best 2019 Pregnancy Planner for Your Recollections

Online and Apps

Smartphones make your life easy with the deluge of applications and software. These applications and software have become our lifestyle trackers as it assists us to manage our day-to-day activities. However, pregnancy-related software and applications are recognized as the most sought after apps in our modern time. If you are a woman or a newly wedded couple planning for pregnancy, then you definitely need a set of applications that can direct you right from conception to the point of delivery.

These apps, in particular, helps in tracking your pregnancy progress and equally assist you in staying healthy throughout the gestation period. As your pregnancy progresses, you might want to know the tips and the ideal diet to follow, here are the details of different online and apps that are available for both Android and iOS phones:

1. Pregnancy +

Pregnancy +

This act as a guide for all the stages of pregnancy for an expecting couple. The apps have easy navigations and entail features that include weight management, exercise, diet, up-to-date information on pregnancy information, kick counter, contraction timer, labor info and many more. It is regarded as one among the best 2019 pregnancy planner for your recollections.

2. Bump Pregnancy Tracker

The Bump Pregnancy Tracker
‎The Bump - Pregnancy Countdown

This online app helps in detailing the growth of your baby during each week via a 3D visualization. The apps equally assist in planning your appointment with your medical doctor, provides important information about morning illness, and the checklist for hospital bags among others.

3. I’m Expecting

I’m Expecting
‎I'm Expecting

The pregnancy planner apps are known as I’m Expecting, guides you through every day of your pregnancy and keep you very much updated with pregnancy articles, illustrative videos, and pregnancy tips. The app can also be used to track your health data and pregnancy symptoms.

4. Hello Belly

‎Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker
Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker 🍼

This pregnancy tracker gives you an insight on how your baby is developing inside the womb. The app features a realistic representation of your baby at every stage of the pregnancy. Equally, the app provides you weekly professional advice that explains everything you need to know, what to do once the baby finally arrives.

5. Full Term

Full Term - Contraction Timer -
‎Full Term - Contraction Timer

This app helps in tracking your contraction time within the labor period. It offers you a user-friendly interface and has been programmed to track your entire labor period, most especially from the start to the end of every contraction.

Paper Journals

Expectedly, remembering the details of pregnancy can actually be very difficult, but the following journals are regarded as the best pregnancy planner journals you need to remember every detail of your pregnancy:

6. The Belly Book

The Belly Book: A Nine-Month Journal for You and Your Growing Belly

This is known as the best-selling pregnancy journal that is globally purchased and sold. It is recognized to have a blue elastic band that wraps around the book, this ensures that the book stays secured and closed. The journal is divided into three trimesters, making it very easy to use and organize. Look modern and upbeat, the journal has lots of places to place ultra-sound photos and belly photos.

7. My Pregnancy Journal

My Pregnancy Journal

This journal stands apart from other pregnancy journals because its primarily places emphasis on photos and includes cut out frames that allows you to place photos on each page. It is regarded for a first time expectant mother as it also includes pages to write out mom and dad’s family trees.

8. The Pregnancy Journal

The Pregnancy Journal

This is a great journal if you are in search of a pregnancy book that entails general information. The pregnancy journal has lots of information on health, weight gain and on nutrition. It balances your personal journal space with the author’s advices and cautions. While it tracks the development of your baby, the journal can be used daily or weekly.

9. Bump for Joy

Studio Oh! Guided Pregnancy Journal, Bump for Joy!

This is regarded as a great journal for first-time mothers. The journal can be used and bought even before becoming pregnant as it includes a pre-conception section. More importantly, the journal is gender neutral, has beautiful designs and quite easy for recording lots of pregnancy information.


Use these Printable to track and plan your pregnancy. The majority of the printable used usually include cover-sheet, pregnancy info sheet to record pregnancy facts, baby names sheet to help in brainstorming names, weekly journals, nursery planning sheet, to do list, prenatal appointment tracking sheet, letter to baby sheet, ultrasound documenting sheet to record information about ultrasound, weight tracking sheets, tabs and many more.

10. Print Me At Home: Weeks 4-41!

Printable Weekly Pregnancy Signs Weeks 4-41 Chalkboard

You can use these cute chalkboard photo prop signs to write down your pregnancy weekly. Once purchased, you will receive weeks 4-41 to print at a local print shop or at home. The sign that comes with it, is an 8×10, the right size to put in a picture as you take weekly photographs. The printable includes 37 high resolutions PDFs and colors might vary, largely depends on the printing service or printer used.

11. 7 Weeks: Baby Carson is the Size of a Blueberry

Capture and remember every week of your baby bump with this chic pregnancy printable, designed for you and your baby. It is a digital file that can be printed at home or at any nearby photo center. The size option for this Printables includes 5×7, 8×10, 16×20, 18×24 and it contains it’s a girl and it’s a boy sign.

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Are you trying to remember every special moment of your pregnancy, but you are afraid of forgetting them? Using these listed apps, journals and Printables can help you hold on to all of the meaningful memories. Not only will you look back one day at what you might have gone through, but your baby will also have the chance of enjoying them as well. Pregnancy is, however, a wonderful journey filled with many highlights.