8 Stylish Baby Foam Mats to Get For Your Little One

Baby foam floor mat that is non-toxic but yet stylish as decor

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8 Stylish Baby Foam Mats to Get For Your Little One

Every family with kids and toddlers struggle with the idea of having a foam mat for their kids which is both comfortable and eye-catching. In most cases, people easily find mats that are comfortable and cozy for your child but when it comes to matching your interior decoration of the house, many of them disqualify. It is equally essential for baby mats to be free from all sorts of toxic materials as it negatively affects the health and well being of your child.

Similarly, if you have a mat that is toxic and not easy-to-use you must understand what we are talking about. Foam Mats for your little one is something that has to be thoughtfully chosen and well researched. Since your kid's health and safety is dependent on your awareness of market products and their quality standards, why not research properly and then opt for the best possible one!

Baby foam floor mat that is non toxic but yet stylish as decor

A baby foam floor mat is the best for toddlers as they need sufficient space to play and learn to crawl on. At the same time, it is essential for these mats to be non-toxic as the baby would spend an average of 5-6 hours on this mat. The best foam floor mats for babies would be the ones made of eco-friendly, and sustainable materials and shall be free from any type of chemical odors. Excessive chemicals and artificial products present in your mat restrict your child from spending long hours on the mat. It affects the well-being of the child and it also harms the atmosphere of the house. Many brands claim that the PVC mats that they make are healthy to use but the truth lies in the fact that it negatively affects the health of your child. Apart from being healthy and harmless for the kids, it should also be stylish so that it may seem like a piece of decor.

Most baby mats available in the market are loud in colors and design which clearly obstructs the interior of your home. In such cases, we need to know that many brands are targeting at making products that are both safe for your kids and beautiful to look at. As a twenty-first century parent, one may not compromise with any of the two.

Let us look at some of the baby foam floor mats which are non-toxic and stylish.

1. Ruggish Play Rug

Ruggish Play Rugs

For the parents who do not wish to have an excessively bright and colorful piece of rug for their kids, which generally disrupts the subtle interior of the house, L.A based company Ruggish has designed subtle colored graphic printed play rugs for your kids. It is made of non-toxic memory foam which is free of BPA, lead, latex, formaldehyde, phthalates, and EVA. It has a double-sided design with a graphic print toy car on one side and a rug-like feature on the other side.

2. Lollaland Play Mat

Lollaland Play Mat: Reversible, Ultra-cushioned, Non-toxic

This play mat from Lollaland is another double-sided printed baby mat that has a graphic print to suit your interior on one side and colorful printed images on the other to attract kids’ attention. This is one of the most popular brands for a play mat for kids.

3. Little Nomad Play Mat

Little Nomad

This mat is made of two-foot-square jigsaw tiles that seamlessly bind with each other and are also expandable. This makes it quite innovative and unique from the other mats available in the market. It is a durable foam mat which appears like a beautiful rug (something that all parents would expect from their kid's mat). It is made of non-toxic materials and is of premium quality which protects your child from unhealthy products. 

Use of a Non-toxic Baby Foam Floor Mat

A non-toxic baby foam floor mat would keep your child healthy and safe. Children spend a major chunk of their day playing and crawling and learning to draw on the foam mats we buy for them. So, why to compromise with the quality of the mat as that directs the health of your child. The use of non-toxic baby mats is a must in the current scenario, especially when we have been blessed with technology and rich options available in the market.

For Crawling Purpose

Toddlers spend their day crawling and learning to crawl on their floor mats for the most number of hours of their day and hence it is the utmost importance to provide them with non-toxic floor mats. Many brands like Ruggish and Little Bot have designed nontoxic mats which enable your child to crawl and learn to crawl smoothly. Since crawling is one of the primary activity that a child performs he/she is exposed to the polluted environment at this step, hence it is very important to ensure that the child performs this activity on a mat that it effectively providing a safe haven for them.

The foam floor mat by Little Bot and Ruggish are both reversible to suit your interior and your child’s choice. With graphic prints in subtle colors, it fits the interior of the house without creating an unnecessary block of colors that would intervene with the atmosphere.

For Playing Purpose

While toddlers spend their time crawling on the mats, kids spend most of their time playing on the foam floor mats. It is a much-witnessed sight to see kids draw, paint and learn their alphabets lying on the foam mats. Hence, it is recommended to opt for a non-toxic mat which does not harm your child.

Most numbers of hours, your child in the evenings after school hours and holidays are spent in cartwheeling, drawing, writing homework and toying cars on the play mat and so it becomes inevitable to switch to a better quality product that would sufficiently support your needs.

5 Stylish Foam Mat for the House

4. The Inua Bumper Mat by Cream Haus

Inua Bumper Mat

This map is equipped with organizing the sleeping area of the baby on one side and playpen, ball pit on the other side. It is probably the most innovative and original idea mat. The Inua Bumper mats come in various shapes and sizes that suit your requirement and purpose with its eco-friendly touch and colorful and attractive appearance.

5. My Line baby Play mat

AMyLine Baby PlayMat

It is a single piece, lightweight and big mat that comes at a pocket-friendly price. My Line baby play mat is very easy to clean and user-friendly. These are some of the positive points that are considered while opting for this play mat.

6. Folding mat by Cream Haus

CreamHaus - Folding Play Mat - Pink/Cream

As the name suggests, the greatest merit to this mat is that it is easy to clean and fold and is pretty easy to use. They are very large in size and one of the thickest mats you will spot in the market for kids. It comes at pocket-friendly prices and is made of completely non-toxic materials.

7. Design Skin Transformable Play mat

Design Skin Transformable Play Mat

They are stylish play mats that resemble gym mats. In subtle colors that would sink in with your interior, this mat is said to be durable and has a good life even when your kids run cartwheel and toy cars on it all day. Honestly, this is a very major plus factor in the case of kids as it would minimize wastage of resources and promote durable products.

8. Comfort Design mats

Baby Foam Play Mats - Comfort Design Mats

The Comfort design mats are durable, foldable, beautifully designed and easy to clean. With kids hanging on the mat all day with their toys, snacks, and books what else would serve the purpose of giving an all-round solution to your daily problem of struggling with the mess that kids do. As the name suggests, these mats aim at providing comfort and luxury to your child without letting you pay much.

An easy-to-clean mat like this one would let you and your child spend a fret-free time where the kids may indulge in several activities without letting you fear how to clean the mat.

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In the current scenario, we are not struggling to find suitable options for playmats for kids and infants that are both user-friendly and safe to use. The aforementioned mats are mostly eco-friendly and non-toxic mats that would keep your child away from harm and make them stay in a safe environment.