Cute and creative nicknames for babies given by Parents

What boy or girl nicknames does parents give babies in the womb

By Evelyn
Cute and creative nicknames for babies given by Parents

Cute nicknames for girls in the womb

Parents-to-be like to give their unborn children cute and creative nicknames. Why do parents do that? There could be a lot of reasons: maybe they don't have an actual name for the baby yet or they are waiting to find out if it's a boy or a girl.

In any case, giving a cute nickname to your "bump" is one way you can start connecting with him or her before you actually meet; it doesn't matter if it's your first baby or your fifth one.

How do mothers and fathers choose these nicknames? Well, maybe after a craving  or a favorite food the mother had during the pregnancy, or a fun thing that came to mind when they looked at the sonogram for the first time.

After that first look at the sonogram, you found out that you're having a baby girl. That's amazing! Baby girls are the best! So, if you're looking for ideas for cute baby girl nicknames, here are some inspiration.

Blueberry, because when you learned that you were pregnant, that was the size of your little baby girl. June bug, growing inside you is a little bug that's stealing all your energy. Poppy, right now, your baby girl has the size of a poppy seed.

Queenie, your "bump" is your little baby queen. Peaches, that's all you could stomach during your pregnancy that didn't make you sick. If your belly is taking forever to show, you can call her something original like Pie Baby.

Moo, you went shopping for your little baby girl and found the cutest cow print swimsuit, hence Moo. In your first scan your baby looked like a peanut, but then you found out you're having a baby girl so the cutest thing would be to call her Princess Peanut.

Some baby girl nicknames are very popular in certain states. For example, if you live in Pennsylvania, you may have heard that Honeysuckle is a very popular one there. In Hawaii, people find inspiration in pineapples, so Baby Pineapple seems about right.

And in Iowa, people love to call their girl baby belly Little Chick. Would you like to call your gorgeous baby belly, Butterbut? That's the nickname mommies and daddies in Kansas are using. 

If you are looking for a very unique nickname, go with Catfish.  Popper could be a nickname that can stick with your girl for a very long time. And finally, you can choose a very funny one and call your baby girl bump The Beebs.

Cute nicknames for boys in the womb

The doctor just told you you're having a baby boy! Congratulations! Now it would be a great idea to give your baby boy a cute and original nickname so you can start bonding with him while he's still in the womb. 

Finding cute baby boy nicknames could be a lot of fun, and you should take into consideration that the right nickname could give your baby boy a little personality.

Inspirations could come from a lot of places. Maybe, you see or hear something cute and it clicks, and boom you have your nickname. But other times it takes a while, because you want it to be original. 


So here are some ideas for baby boy nicknames, maybe among this list you'll find "the one" so you can start bonding with your boy.

You just saw the ultrasound photo and it looks just like a  Gummy Bear... click! there's your nickname. Some baby apps compare your growing baby with a fruit or a seed, so maybe for a while, he can be Peppercorn or Little Lentil.

If you are a Starwars fan, "let the force be with you" and considered these possibilities: Luc, Chewie, Tiny Ewok or Yoda.

If you happen to love all things Disney, there's a fountain of options. All cute, but these two are favorite ones: Gus, after that cute little mouse on Cinderella; or Nemo, that beloved little fish.

The father of your baby is kind of a geek, then think The Big Bang Theory! and what do you know? You have four possibilities: Sheldon or Shelly, Raj, Lenny and Howie. Whichever nickname you choose would depend on your baby boy's personality. 

These next three are funny ones: your big belly looks like a Buddha, combine those two and you have a Buddha Belly. As you have a "bun in the oven", affectionately just call him Bud. In the scan, he looks like a Baby Potato or Spud.

The father of your baby is Big Bear, so your bump could be Little Bear, that sounds appropriate. Continuing with the bear theme, a really cute one is Pookiebear. If this is not your first child, you could have like a fruit theme going, if the first one was... Grapes, then the second one could be...Melon?

People in some States have special nicknames for their boy baby bumps. The Texans prefer Lone Ranger and in Alaska, is kind of obvious: Eskimo Baby.

Gender free baby nicknames in French

Some partents like the sound of a gender free nickname for their little ones. They want it to be unique, so he or she can stand out. So if you want originality, maybe take a look at some French name.

Who doesn't want to spend some time in France? It has allure, especially Paris; it has charming towns to visit and some people say that it's a great country to visit. And French is a beautiful language itself.  

So if you're puting together a gender free nickname list in French for your baby, here you can find some very cute ones that would suit your baby boy or girl (also we'll ad what it means).


Let's start with Gab, short for Gabriel, it sounds cute and it means God is my strength. If you have a calm and funny baby, then go for Jul, short for Jules. A very original name is Amelot, it means: Arthur's Castle, for a shorter version, call him or her Ame, the nickname

Your baby is definitely a Jewel, so Bijoux sounds about right for him or her. Chan is short for Chandelle, the everlasting candle, for that little bright light in your life.

Coeur is my favorite because of its meaning, and it would be so appropriate for your baby boy or girl as that little one is your heart.

Deor or De... perfect nickname for your beloved baby (that is literally the meaning). For that cute little thing whose unique and special, Domenique or Dom. Ollie, your personal little olive tree...cuteness overload.

If you have a celestial theme going: Matiese or Mat, a gift from God. Ciel or Ci, from heaven.

You want your baby boy or girl to be brave, then choose Val. You have the most beautiful and handsome baby, he or she is a Bo.

Here are three more: Perrin, sounds very original and it means rock. Rene, the reborn, you can also spell it Rennie. And if you want to go for something regal, name your baby Rui.


Have we inspired you to choose a nickname for you unborn child? Choosing or creating a nickname for you baby bump is very important, it's the first emotional connection between parents and baby. 

It could be a fun process and something you and your partner would like to share with your baby when he or she grows up. The how or why you choose to call your baby bump Beanie or Pooh could be recorded, maybe in a blog?

It could also be fun to share this process, your pregnancy and the naming of your bump with friends and family. So start a contest, ask your family and friends to suggest a nickname for your belly, make a list and pick the cutest one. The winner could be announced in your next baby shower with price included. 

Or you can make a poll on Facebook, ask your friends what nicknames have they given to their bumps. You will find out that some are very original, others very funny and others very strange. That is a big source of inspiration.   

Why parents choose to give cute nicknames to their baby bellies? Maybe it's a trend or maybe it's as easy as they want to feel closer to the baby.