6 Major Tips on How to Draw Those Perfect Arched Eyebrows

Tips and Tricks on how to draw the arched eyebrows you desired

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6 Major Tips on How to Draw Those Perfect Arched Eyebrows

The meaning of arched eyebrows and its personality

Arched eyebrows are neither too thick nor too thin and have a sharp tail. These are known as the regular arched eyebrows. The personality traits linked with these eyebrows states that people with arched eyebrows are gentle, straightforward and traditional. These people are deep but not over dramatic. Another important trait is that these people have a feminine charm in them. Even the men having arched eyebrows are close to their feminine side and are sensitive, caring and reliable. Apart from the regular arched eyebrows, there are high arched eyebrows as well. High arched eyebrows are quite round and are high up on your face, height is what makes them noticeable. People with these eyebrows are overdramatic and entertaining.

These were the characteristics that face readers once used to read someone but today, eyebrows grooming and shaping are as in trend as haircuts, make-up and other grooming activities are. I’m not sure how true such depiction of eye-brow shapes is but today, everybody is shaping them the way they want. It is safe to say that even an eye-brow reader expert, if there is such a thing, cannot judge your personality based on your eyebrow since there is no way to tell if someone is rocking their natural eyebrow shape or has tweaked it but one can surely say that you can use such shapes to give off a vibe you want i.e. go for a round think eyebrow if you want to look sweet and innocent or sharp edgy one for a hot and sexy look.

Arched Eyebrows vs Straight Eyebrows

Straight eyebrows are entirely straight and have an upward diagonal line starting from the inside of the eye. Unlike arched eyebrows, straight eyebrows do not have any curves and are entirely straight. People having straight eyebrows are quite serious in nature and also make a serious first impression. Even though these people have a kind side but the eyebrows make them look quite serious and strict. Another difference between straight and arched eyebrows is that people with straight eyebrows have masculine qualities, whereas people with arched eyebrows have feminine qualities. People with straight eyebrows are stubborn and masculine in nature. Even the women having straight eyebrows have masculine qualities. They are highly resourceful and self-esteemed.

How to get the perfect arched eyebrows based on your face shape

Eyebrows for round shaped face

A round face has a curved structure with a soft chin, wide cheekbones, and chubby cheeks. If you have round eyebrows on a round face, it will make your face look even rounder but if you have straight eyebrows, it will make your face look smaller. The best eyebrow shape for a round face is an arched eyebrow. Arched eyebrows will give the face a soft look. Make sure to create a little height at the tails to create a look of a longer face.

Eyebrows for a rectangle shaped face

A rectangle face means that your face is longer and less wide. The forehead, jawline, and cheeks will all have the same width in a rectangular shaped face. For this type of face, arched eyebrows are not recommended as they will make the face look even longer than it actually is. The best tip for a rectangle shaped face is to drop the idea of arched eyebrow and opt for straight eyebrow as straight eyebrow will not add any extra length to the face. However, you may opt to have a high arched eyebrow but for that, the front of the brow should be kept lower in order to give it a natural look. If you add length at the end of the brow, while keeping the brows apart, it will make your forehead look wider. Hence straight eyebrows will look best on this shaped face.

Eyebrows for a square-shaped face

Square shaped face is quite similar to a round shaped face. The only difference is that it will have strong angles as compared to soft curves. The sides of the face will be straight having an angular jawline and less edgy or sharp chin. For the type of face, the best-shaped eyebrow would be a softly rounded eyebrow. The brows should neither be too angular nor too flat. If the eyebrows are too angular, they will contradict the original shape of the face giving an artificial look. A high arched eyebrow can also compliment this face type.

Eyebrows for a heart-shaped face

In a heart-shaped face, the chin is pointed and narrow and the forehead is the widest part of the face. The cheekbones aren't too curvy or chubby. In this type of face structure, it is important to have eyebrows which can make the forehead look smaller and the chin can also be made to look less sharp as compared to it originally. The best eyebrow for a heart-shaped face will be a regular arched eyebrow as it will make the forehead look shorter. A straight eyebrow will make the forehead look even bigger whereas rounded eyebrows will make the chin look sharper emphasizing on the lines of the heart shape. Hence the regular arched shape will compliment this shaped face. However, the brows should be kept shorter and closer together for a perfect look.

Eyebrows for an oval shaped face

An oval-shaped face has a wide forehead but not as wide as in the heart-shaped face. The chin is soft and less sharp whereas the cheeks are a little curvy. This is a perfectly shaped face that can complement a number of different shapes of the eyebrows. However, a slightly arched eyebrow will complement the face the most. The eyebrows shouldn't be cut too short and the eyebrow should begin at the edge of the nose. However, care must be taken and eyebrows should not be made too angular. It should give the face a soft look.

Tips to get the perfect shaped arched eyebrows for your face

You can have perfectly arched eyebrows for any shape of the face by using tweezers. To reduce the pain, use ice cubes or a wet cloth to soothe the pain. To start, you can take an eyebrow pencil and draw the shape on your face. By doing this, you will be able to pull out the extra hair. Another very useful tip is to let the eyebrow grow out before you shape it. This way, you’ll have much more room to work with. Make sure to draw the eyebrow perfectly and also avoid over-tweezing the eyebrow. If you over tweeze it, instead of looking prettier it will only look bad. If you have a round face, go for a high arched eyebrow but if your face is oval or heart-shaped, with a sharp nose and other sharp features, then go for a softer arch as you do not want your eyebrow to look too artificial.

Here are 6 tips on drawing the perfect Arched Eyebrows:

  1. The first step to get a perfectly shaped eyebrow is to locate your starting points. Flip the tweezers upside down and place it in a vertical position at the edge of the nose.
  2. Now using an eye pencil, draw a line vertically to help you find your starting point. Also, check the space between the eyebrow and the nose to demonstrate the starting point.
  3. After marking the starting points, mark the endpoints. Now pluck the unnecessary hair at the ends. Shape your arch perfectly using an eyebrow pencil. Draw a line exactly below the eyebrow, and pluck any unnecessary hair below the line you have drawn.
  4. In this way, you will get rid of the extra hair giving your eyebrows a perfect shape as desired.
  5. In the end, use ice cubes to get rid of the redness and the pain.
  6. You can also get your eyebrows threaded if you aren't too good with the tweezers yourself.

Tutorials on how to get started

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Eyebrows might not seem to be an important feature, however, an eyebrow has the ability to enhance your facial features. If you have a perfect eyebrow, your facial features will automatically look prettier. There are different eyebrow shapes for different shaped faces. There is more than one type of shape of the face, namely: round shaped face, square-shaped face, rectangular shaped face, heart-shaped face, and an oval-shaped face. For all shapes, you need to have eyebrows that can complement your face. Eyebrows are of more than one type as well. There are arched shaped eyebrows, straight eyebrows, round eyebrows, angled peak eyebrows, and structured eyebrows. Arched eyebrows usually go will most of the faces. However, care must be taken while getting a perfectly arched eyebrow. It should not look too artificial.