How to determine if you have a Neutral Undertone Skin

Finding out if you have a neutral undertone skin complexion

By Madiha A.
How to determine if you have a Neutral Undertone Skin

Neutral Undertones: What are those?

Just like the freshness of fruit can be judged from its outer skin, human skin reflects the state of physical health. No matter what color it is, if it is healthy and fresh, nothing else matters.

From darkest to lightest hues, the color of human skin varies depending on genetics and exposure to sun or makeup if you look closely. 

Skin undertone distinguishes one skin color from another depending on the tone that reflects from the inside. The undertone remains same no matter how healthy or damaged your skin looks from outside.

Skin undertone distinguishes one skin color from another depending on the tone that reflects from the inside. The undertone remains same no matter how healthy or damaged your skin looks from outside.
Skin undertone can be classified into three types:

  • Warm – Yellow, peach and golden tones
  • Cool – Pink, red and blue tones
  • Neutral – A mixture of warm and cool tones

Neutral Undertone & How to Check it

Neutral undertone as mentioned above reflects a mixture of warm and cool undertones. People having neutral undertones have more or less same undertone as is their complexion. 

You must have noticed that certain dress colors or makeup shades look good on you no matter how much you dislike those colors and certain colors make you look down and exhausted no matter how much you love those colors. Colors may or may not look good on you due to your skin undertone. The colors that compliment your skin undertone will make you look glowing and fresh. 

People having neutral undertones are lucky as they can play around colors of both warm and cool undertones. There are few things that can tell you if you have neutral skin undertone: 

1. Check using White paper or white shirt

While looking in a mirror, hold a plain white paper against your skin and see how your skin looks in contrast to a white paper. If it appears grey or greenish then you have a neutral undertone. You even might not be able to decide between tones, as it’s neither on the yellow side nor on the pink; then you have a neutral undertone.

You can also check it by wearing a white shirt and see how your skin color looks against a white shirt.

2. Color of veins

Simply pull up your sleeve and see the color of veins on the inner side of your arm. If your veins look bluish green then you have neutral undertone. They might look olive in color or no color at all.

3. Which colors look best on you?

The colors of dresses and make up shades that look best on you can also tell you about your skin undertones. If a combination of warm and cool hues suits you best, you have a neutral undertone. People having neutral undertone can set a bigger wardrobe with dresses ranging from lighter to darker colors.   

4. Your Skin vs the Sun

What happens to your skin after spending a day out in the sun? Does it tan or burn? People with neutral undertones can experience both at times. The amount of melanin decides how your neutral undertone skin reacts if exposed to the sun. 

5. Jewelry Test

Try wearing silver and gold jewelry and see which looks best on you. If both look good on you then you surely have a neutral undertone as it compliments both types of jewelry. 

6. Makeup

People having either cool or warm undertone have limited choices when it comes to makeup. Your neutral undertone makes you lucky and offers a bigger color palette. From pinks to peaches to rich colors, you can try any and every color no matter what your skin color is, as it all depends on the undertone.

If you are still doubtful, the undertone chart below will help you understand what undertones mean and how they differ from each other. 

Skin Undertones Chart

Warm & Cool Undertones


Skin undertone chart will help you decide which colors are best for you and what to wear and what not to. It will also help you choose the right foundation, eye shades and lipsticks, the jewelry (golden or silver) and your next hair color (if you are planning to get one). 

Below is another chart that shows how three undertones differ from each other


Best Makeup and Foundation for Neutral Undertone Skin

By now you must have figured out your skin undertone. You might have seen some major makeup fails and some brilliant makeovers; they look the way because of their alignment with the undertone of the skin. Skin undertone must be taken under consideration while buying and applying makeup. 


Neutral undertones, once identified, are the easiest to maintain. Where people with warm and cool undertones will be struggling between limited foundation shades, neutral undertones can flaunt a combination of both. Peach is their main foundation color and they can play around this color in both warm and cool shades.


Almost every lipstick color looks good on a person having neutral undertone. If you have a dark complexion and neutral undertone; try berry color palette. If you have pale skin with neutral undertone; all dark and contrasting colors will look good on you. Coral palette is for those who have olive skin and undertone.

Eye shades

Neutral skin undertone allows you to be creative and have fun with colors. Earthy and metallic shades will enhance your eyes if you have pale skin. Colors from the families of pink, peach and bronze will look good on your medium skin tone. Darker shades and jewel tones are eyeshade choices for dark-skinned people.


Finding the best and most suited shade of blush can be achieved through trial and error. From lightest shades of pink to darkest brown and every color in between will look great on neutral undertones.

Best Clothes and Hair Color that goes well with people with Neutral Undertones

Clothes Best Suited for Neutral Undertones

Everyone wants to look their best while stepping out of their homes. Selecting an outfit that is not only event appropriate but also compliments your personality and skin tone is tricky. Where people with warm and cool skin undertones can play around certain limited colors, neutral undertones offer extreme ranges on both sides of scales. Depending on seasons, occasion and personal preference, they can opt for pink and purple or yellow and peach. 

Darker dress colors can be selected for dinners and night time events. For evenings or daytime events selecting subtle colors will be a wiser choice for people having neutral skin undertone. 

We can make it simpler by saying that if you have a dark complexion and neutral undertone; select lighter and subtle tones. Opt for pastels and neutral colors like peach, dusty pink, off-white, ivory. If your complexion is light and neutral undertone; wear colors from the darker side of scale including navy, jade, magenta, green, blue green etc.  

Hair Color Best Suited for Neutral Undertones

While talking about skin complexion and undertones, we should consider everything that can complement your personality and make you look glamorous. Hair is one of them.    

Unlike clothes that can be changed several times if you are not satisfied with color or style, hair color cannot be changed instantly. Once you have dyed your hair in certain color which you feel is not right for you, you have to undergo the whole process of using bleaches and dyes leaving your hair dull and damaged. Selecting hair color is the most difficult choice that one has to make because you can never be sure how that particular color will look against your skin tone. 

People having neutral undertones don’t have to worry much as they can pick any color from cool or warm tones and flaunt it like their own. From sun-kissed highlights to icy blondes and even nontraditional colors, you can pull off any hair color fabulously.

If you want to follow the trend, bronde, light & chocolate brown, nude & dark brown, toasted caramel and cherry brown are your colors.


There are more than 7 billion people on this planet each having unique physical features. They all can be divided into three categories of undertones and having neutral undertone makes you lucky since you have a bigger play area. You have more color choices when it comes to dresses, make up and jewelry selection.    
No matter what your complexion or undertone is, it all comes down to two things; comfort and personal choice. If you feel comfortable in a certain color or dress, whether or not it matches your skin undertone, you are good to go. Make every color, your color and wear it with confidence.