30 Different Types Of Haircuts And Hairstyles That Make You Look Fabulous

Different Hair styles come and go each season, but some haircuts and styles never seem to go out of fashion and they will always continue to look great on the women who wear them.

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30 Different Types Of Haircuts And Hairstyles That Make You Look Fabulous

Different Haircuts And Styles That Make You Look Fabulous!

Let's face it, no matter who we are or how old we are, there is no better feeling than walking down the street with a feeling that 'I LOOK GOOD'. It gives us a silent confidence and a bounce in our step. We are all different, unique individuals with different tastes, each with our own style. This is why we have put together 30 different haircuts and styles to choose from that will make you feel and look fabulous

I'm the star of the show. I should have a decent haircut.

David James Elliott

Different styles

1. Long Hair

There are lots of styles you can have with long hair.

With long hair its easy to have a lot of fun because there are so many different ways to style your hair. There are so many that it's difficult to keep track of just how many there really are.


Layers make long hair easy to manage and eliminate the irritating longer strands that get in the way. If you want to rock your long hair without a single pin, get some straight-cut or layered bangs. This is a flattering hairstyle, that is also trendy, effortless-looking and convenient. Long layers in longer hair will also make the hair look thicker.


The sexy long shaggy hair style is a great way to deal with very thick hair. The levels of shaggy layers are stretched out. The shaggy look is particularly popular in spring and summer as most women prefer effortless and natural-looking hairstyles. Long shags are the best options if you want to look stylish and sport your long loose locks. Shags are equally flattering for long thick hair and fine hair too. Adding volume or removing excessive bulk is an easy task for a good shag haircut.


If you have fine hair don't worry, you just need to know how to style it. Thin strands can be fine in density or skinny in width. Both cases lead to a lack of volume and a limp look but don't despair because there are ways to enhance the volume of your thin hair. Choppy layers accentuated with very subtle highlights work really well for thinner hair. They create the desirable texture and boost the body of your hairstyle, even if you do not do any particular styling. ( We recommended blow-drying with a round brush while lifting the hair at the roots.)

2. Short Hair

Sometimes daring to cut your hair short can be scary just in case you don't quite like it. But remember hair grows back so if you have been dying to try a short hairstyle then be brave and go for it. You never know, you may rock it!

There are quite a few celebrities sporting short hair, and I must say they look fabulous!

Short and choppy

Short hairstyles that are short and choppy haircuts create such a sassy eye-catching look, while being low-maintenance.

A short hairstyle for round faces.

Short haircuts for round faces help slim a feature that makes many women self-conscious. There are many short cuts that can help you look even more fabulous.

The important thing is picking the best short hairstyles for your faces shape and your hair type.

3. Mid Length Hair

Mid length hair creates a relaxed vibe

Medium hair might be considered 'safe' by some, and yes, it's not really what you consider as dramatic as some of the hairstyles you may see on here but you can still have so much fun with mid length hair. Some of you favorite celebrities rock some awesome mid length hairstyles.

An effortlessly stunning look

"I didn't want to go out, but my hair looked too good to stay home."

Mid Length Waves

Mid length hair with soft, movable beach waves creates a chic and casual look.

A shoulder-grazing haircut with bangs is perfect for anyone looking to emphasize volume. This look is relaxed enough for casual settings but can also be chic enough for evenings out.

4. Bangs/fringe


Any age can work bangs, or a fringe as it's called in some parts of the world.

Bangs with long hair and layers is a pretty hairstyle that is flattering on all faces. The long layers add lightness to the style and the bangs soften the hair around the cheekbones. With highlights in all the right places, this style can really shine.


Curtain Bangs are a style which have become popular. With a centre parting.


Bangs also accent the cheekbones and they make the eyes pop, too.

The length of the rest of the hair can be cut to the collarbones or longer to show off those bangs. Adding a little hair dye with a cool looking color can add some fun to your style.


These work great on more mature faces, although they look great on a younger face too.

5. Curly Hair

Curly hairstyles and haircuts are sometimes inimitable, but at the same time, they are romantic. They are also an awesome look, whether they are natural curls, a curly shag haircut, styled messy, permed or chic updos for naturally curly hair.

Natural long curly hair

A natural long curly hairstyle is beautiful and full of life. It takes quite a bit more T.L.C but is well worth it for this sexy fabulous look.

Layers in shoulder length curly hair

Layers can be used on medium length curly hair to generate volume at the roots. A few extra layers around your face will give a softer and more flattering look.

Short and curly

These short curly bouncy hairstyle are some of the most standout styles there are.

Short, Curly with a Vibrant Color

People like having curly hair, because it shows off their spunky personality. A curly hairstyle, natural or made-up, while adding vibrant colors always attracts the onlookers with this striking look.

Curls: With Bangs

There are lots of different kinds of bangs out there to choose from. Whether you are looking for bangs to frame your face or you just want something different, it is important to choose the kind of bangs that really work for your face and go with your curls.

The Loose Curl

The loose curls is glamorous yet simple, and they can make anything you’re wearing seem just a little more chic.

6. Wavy Hair Styles

Wavy texture are among the top current picks in women’s hairstyles. Wavy hair is perceived as a very feminine feature, that’s why most of us love to rock those romantic wavy looks.

Soft and Wavy

Sexy Beach waves

The beach wave is such a fabulous look for the summer and it's so easy to maintain which is what we want when we are in and out of the water and lazing around on the beach. This is such a stunning look!

7. Streight Hair

Straight hair can be a classy look because it is a timeless look. Some of our biggest actresses make straight hair look beautiful and it really compliments their style.

Straight hair has so many wonderful styling opportunities. People with straight-hair have multiple choices of hairstyles for different lengths of hair.

The beauty of straight hair is that you can have a lot of fun with it. You can do all sorts of cool, funky styles or you can curl it up, do a messy styles with waves or stick to the beauty of the classy straight look.

8. Shaggy Hair

The shaggy styles and haircut says strength, confidence and fun. It can work at any age and texture to exude the same feelings.

Sexy Short Shaggy Hair

Shaggy with choppy layers will add volume to thin hair. It will also draw attention to all of the right areas of the face. The layers add a brightness to the face in a shaggy hair style.

Modern Day Shag Hairtstyle

The modern day shag is everything you could ever want in a new 'do'. It's effortlessly cool and can easily be styled for any occasion.

The shaggy style haircut says strength, confidence and fun. It can work at any age. Shaggy with choppy layers will add volume to thin hair and it will also draw attention to all of the right areas of the face.

The layers add a brightness to the face in this shaggy hair style. This can be a fun style and the shortness of the cut shows all the right angles of the face, too.

9. One Length Hair

Visibly shows from the interior to the exterior the same length all over.

A classical one length haircut, creating glossy hair with a sharp defined edge.

10. Bob Hair Cut

There Are Many Different Styles Of The Bob

A blunt bob looks like you just chopped off your long hair and it looks fabulous. There are no fancy layers, no split ends at all and it looks absolutely stunning.

A cool looking bob with bangs.

A-Line Bob

The A-Line Bob is known for being layered, short in the back, and long in the front, both sides are cut equal.

Stacked bob with bangs is long in the front and stacked high in the back. It is a mod style that takes off the years.

The curly bob is perfect for showing off a fun personality. The hair is cut to show off the chin and jawline. and the curls add lots of volume.

Life is too short to have boring hair!


11. Colors

Colors are so much fun, and all the trend right now. You can pretty much get any color of hair dye you want so there are no limits to how much fun you can have.

Out There Colors

Most funky colors are only semi permanent so you can change change your color regularly if you would like to. Have lots of fun experimenting with a different hair dye every few months.

By Hair Stylist and color specialist Ty Mabe

Pravana And Pulp Riot Colors

Pravana lasts 4-6 weeks, while Pulp Riot lasts for 6-8 weeks but it all depends on how much you wash your hair. It's best to use Sulfate free shampoo/conditioner to protect your hair and keep the colors looking vibrant and fabulous!

By Hair Stylist and color specialist Ty Mabe

By Hair Stylist and color specialist Ty Mabe

Natural Colors

For a full and solid permanent standard color, many color specialist use Redken for a lasting and more vibrant look.

Why Do We Change Our Hair Color?

Sometimes we feel that our natural hair color doesn't fit our personality, so we choose to change it to a color that does, and why not? The way we present ourselves to the world can say a lot about our personalities so most of us ask, “What is the best hair color for me?” Hair color can really become a reflection of who we are, and it's often a sign of our identity.

What Color Screams, "YOU?"

Sometime it is just time for a change, or we just feel like we need to bring some life back to our hair. When our lives begin feel a little dull and mundane, a bit of color can make us feel like a whole new woman.

Sometimes we just want to dye our hair for no other reason than other than the fact that it looks cool. Why not be different? Why not stand out? Why not have some fun?

12. Layered Hair

Long Layers

Long layered hairstyles look fantastic even if they are quite simple. A layered haircut adds volume and movement and allows for flexibility when styling.

Short Layers

Short layered hairstyles are really in style right now in the beauty industry. Layers on short hair enhance texture and they add volume to cropped locks, adding that extra amount of sass to your hairstyle that looks fabulous at any age.

Blunt Layers

Choppy Layers

Choppy jagged ends and a multiple layers give one a lively look. This cut boasts a fun disconnected layer with an unkempt touch and a fabulous feel of movement.

13. All natural Hair

“The term natural hair is defined as relaxer-free hair". It looks and feels beautiful and free, and it's so easy to manage.

This style looks so healthy, shiny and full of life! There is no getting around it, the all natural look is just fabulous!

14 .Rounded Haircuts

For an awesome, cool look for a round face, is this awesome rounded bob. It looks edgy and very stylish.

A round shape haircut in the back is a great way to get a new long hairstyle without sacrificing length. You can even add in some U shaped layers to get even more lift and body. The curve can range from gentle to dramatic.

15. Lob Haircut

A shoulder-length hairstyle for women, much like a long bob, hence the name.

Angled Lob

Deep-Parted Waves

Graduated Lob

16.. Face-Framing Haircuts

There are a lot of variations on hairstyles for face framing.

This hairstyles needs face framing layers which work best on medium-length to long hair. This is a style that contrasts the top with the sides. The hair is left long on the top with long layers shaping the face. This creates a vibrant distinction between the top and sides.

17. Angled Haircuts

Angled haircuts are the most versatile of all haircuts. You can wear it straight or wavy, style it up or even do a half up hairstyle.

Angled hairstyles boast beautiful shapes.

18. Sideswept Hair

Side-swept hairstyles are very flattering, and they instantly amp up your overall sexiness. If you’re looking for a romantic and seductive date-night hairstyle, Try out the side-swept hairstyle.

19. The Afro

A style of natural African hair that has been grown out without any straightening or ironing, and combed regularly with special afro picks.

20. Asymmetric cut

A haircut where the hair is longer on one side. This hairstyle is interesting and eye catching.

This asymmetric cut is bold but says confidence and fun!

21. Big Hair

Any hairstyle with large volume looks fabulous! Gives texture when blown out or "teased" into a large size. The increased volume is often maintained with the use of hairspray or other styling products that offer hold.

22. Cropped Hair

A short hairstyle in which the hair is cut very close to the head, with the hair left long enough to either touch or go past the fringe.

23. Feather cut

Feather cut hairstyles work particularly well with medium hair and they also work well with lots of soft layers for a loose, free flowing and a less structured look.

24, The Mullet

Hair that is short in front and long in the back. Often described as "Business in the front, party in the back".

25. Bowl cut

The thought of a bowl cut may make you want to run for the hills, but some of the biggest names in entertainment are rocking this very edgy look and showing us how incredibly chic it can be. The cute boyish cut includes long, shaggy layers up top with a dramatic buzzed bottom that starts just above the ear. When the hair is straightened and worn slightly tousled it’s completely awesome.

The bowl haircut been worn by some of the fashion’s biggest risk-takers like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.

This hairstyle is very low maintenance but it is also totally liberating as it reveals your face to the world. You can make the statement that you have nothing to hide and everything to gain when you wear your hair this way.

26. Buzz cut

A hairstyle really can transform our face! A buzz cut takes away any shape from the face. You may not realize how much your hair adds definition and can soften your facial features, so it is a very bold move to dare to try this fabulous and boyish style but it seems that more and more celebrities go for this look all the time.

27. Crew cut

A crew cut or G.I. haircut is a type of haircut in which the hair on the top of the head is cut relatively short. The hair on the sides and back of the head is usually tapered short or buzzed.

28. Dreadlocks

The hair is 'dreadlocked' into individual sections using one of several methods, usually either backcombing, braiding, hand rolling, or locking in the roots. Dreadlocks can vary in size, tightness, and length. Dreadlocks are associated most closely with Rastafarians, but can be worn by anyone for a different eye catching look.

29. Hime Cut

The hime cut is a hairstyle that consists of long straight hair that reaches at least below the shoulder blades with part of it cut to about shoulder-length with bangs/fringe that reaches the eyebrows. The “hime cut” is a very popular hairstyle which originated in Japan.

The word “hime” in Japanese means princess, which is why this hair cut is also known as the princess style.

30. Lots of Fun hair styles

There are so many different fun styles you can do with your hair, depending on the length. Wheter it's braids, buns, bunches, cornrows, a crown braid, a finger wave, fishtail hair, a french twist, a ponytail, an Up Do, there is a hairstyle out there that is meant for you!

Check this heart hairstyle out!

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So there it is.... 30 different haircuts and styles, with different twists on some of them, to make you look FABULOUS!