10 Things On What Makes A Man Attractive in Reality

Get the woman's POV on becoming an attractive man!

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10 Things On What Makes A Man Attractive in Reality

The Characteristics of a Man that Makes a Woman Swoon

Do you like that idea? Women swooning all over you? If that hasn't happened yet, maybe you're wondering what would it take or what characteristics you need to have or achieve to let the swooning begin. Well, that's a very subjective topic because when it comes to men attractiveness there's not a "one mold fits all". Many men ask themselves this question, What women find attractive in men? They go to great lengths to try everything that may work, like building their bodies at the gym, learning new languages or skills, learning to cook, getting in touch with their softer and emotional side... and the list can go on.

Are you one of those? We can imagine that you have followed the advice of well-meaning friends or family and you have read many tips and tricks to achieve those traits that'll make you irresistible to women. That's a good start but it will also help you to stick around and keep reading because there are some traits or characteristics (backed by researchers) that women find attractive in men. And don't worry they're not all about the looks, women looking for lasting relationships favor personality over whether you look like Chris Hemsworth or Idris Elba.

Guys, pay attention because this is what women find attractive.


Women may take a second look at men who're physically attractive when they are looking for a fling, but if what they're looking for is a long term relationship, then they find approachability a very attractive trait.


This may seem like a given but women prefer a giver way over a taker. If you're a vain person who's only thinking about yourself and what makes you happy then you will strike out because selflessness will always win as well as generosity.


According to a survey, kindness is a very attractive trait and for some women a turn on. Why women find kindness so attractive? Well, when women find a man who is kind they know instinctively that they can trust him. All good things come to those who are kind, right? Try it, it's such a great trait.

A good storyteller

A guy who drones on and on trying to tell a story and never get to a point could be so boring. A bad storyteller is not attractive guys, it's rather unpleasant. Attractiveness is also influenced by how good a storyteller you are, according to a study conducted in 2016. Storytelling is an art and guys with that ability are more attractive to women because they perceive them as men with a higher social status capable of influencing others and attaining more resources. 

A good sense of humor

Women will always prefer a guy who can make them laugh, not by being a clown all the time but by having a good sense of humor. Humor is still such an attractive characteristic, and it's not just about having a good laugh. Women find humor attractive in men because they view it as an indicator of intelligence and creativity, according to a study that involved 200 female and 200 male university students.


Again, being unselfish and acting that way in regards to others will put you at the top of the list in attractive-o-meter. 

What Makes a Man Attractive to a Woman Emotionally

Before we get into the emotional characteristics you need to have or show to get women's attention, let's clarify what is emotional attraction. There's is a difference between an emotional attraction and a physical attraction. They are two very different situations, for example, have you met someone that you felt really close too but you couldn't imagine kissing her or being intimate with? or how about meeting someone that you could definitely imagine kissing and being intimate but that feeling of closeness wasn't there? That's the difference.

Emotional attraction goes beyond the physical one. It means that women are attracted to your mind and spirit, they find kinship there. Emotional attraction combined with a physical attraction is what it takes to have a meaningful relationship. That being said, here are some traits that make a man attractive to a woman emotionally.

1. Vulnerability

There's nothing more sexy to women than men that open up and share. Don't play it safe and just talk about your career or what you like to do on the weekend or about your dog, get a little bit dipper. It can be scary to bare your soul, but in the long term, it would be worth it. Be honest about yourself, that is really attractive.

2. Be Present

There's nothing sexier than knowing that the person you're with is enjoying being with you, it makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. So just enjoy being in the present, stop thinking about the future, don't overthink things. Relax and enjoy the moment, women like that.

3. Undivided attention

Being present and totally attuned to what she is saying is very powerful, so you need to put away all kinds of distractions and show her you're totally into what she's communicating and sharing. When you give them your undivided attention, you're telling them that you care and are very interested in all she has to say. And this is a great listening exercise, it'll help you ask the right questions so you can keep the conversation flowing and that's how you build an emotional connection. 

What Makes A Man Attractive to a Woman Sexually

So, is there a secret on how to be sexually attractive to women? When it comes to sexual attractiveness, the secret lies in your personality traits. Women find these traits or characteristics very attractive, so keep reading and pay attention. 

4. Confidence

Confidence is sexy and a real turn on. Confidence in the way you express yourself, in the way you look at her, in your actions, in your life outlook, and in what you want to achieve. Confidence takes time to achieve but once you get there, show it because women really dig confident men.

5. Inteligence

We are naturally attracted to people with brains according to a study. There's this popular culture notion of a sapiosexual (an individual who finds high levels of intelligence (IQ) the most sexually attractive characteristic in a person) emerging and according to this study, to some women, it's a real turn-on. 

6. Again, a good sense of humor

Yes, there's nothing more attractive than knowing that the guy you're with always has a positive attitude, even when things aren't peachy. That's when having a good sense of humor enters the scene, having an optimistic outlook on life all the time may not be realistic but if you apply a little bit of good humor, things can go smoothly and that is always attractive. The ability to make her laugh at the right moment is much appreciated.

What Makes a Man Attractive to a Woman Physically

When attracting women, looks are important and choices may vary but there are some things that can make you physically attractive to women in general. Take a look.

7. The older you look the better

This is what the psychologists called "The George Clooney Effect". And yes, when it comes to looks, Clooney is way high on the hot-o-meter, but what this study concluded is that women tend to find men who look older more attractive because women place greater emphasis on whether the men they have their eye on can be good providers. 

8. A light beard

A light and well-groomed beard is a very attractive physical characteristic. Some women are turned on by heavy stubbles too. That's what a study conducted in 2013 said, and the reason for women preferring bearded men is that facial hair has a correlation with maturity and masculinity and some women really like that.

9. Wearing glasses

Yes, glasses! Why? Well, for a long time glasses have been a part of the "nerd uniform" but boy has those times changed. It took a while for the mainstream to catch on but now thanks to shows like "The Big Bang Theory" and "Silicon Valley" being called a nerd is really a compliment. Wearing glasses can make you very attractive to women, they give the perception of intelligence and that's also attractive.

10. Wearing red

In a study conducted in 2010, with participants from Germany, China, England, and the US, women were asked to rate the attractiveness of a man base on what they were wearing. A color photo was shown to them of men wearing green and red shirts. The conclusion was that women were most attracted to men wearing a red shirt. Next time you're shopping, throw something red and wear it, see how many women look in your direction.wink

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There is no "secret" as to what makes men attractive to women. There are many characteristics that can make a woman swoon over you. To sum it up, be confident, pay attention to her, be kind and make her laugh and maybe wear a little bit of red.