Master These Easy Eye Makeup Suited For Any Occasion

Gorgeous easy eye makeup and looks that even beginners can master

By Sophia R
Master These Easy Eye Makeup Suited For Any Occasion

You might think that eye makeup consists in only applying different shadows and products in the eyes, but that is not true at all. Truth is eye makeup is an art that, if done in the right way, it is capable of transforming a look completely, and in that way make us look 10 times better. 

When it comes to eye makeup, the technique is the key. That is why we will tell you everything you need to know about the actual application process for eye makeup. After this post, we assure you that will be completely ready to kill it on your eye makeup game. Here you will find the correct application of eye products, best secrets and eye makeup tricks, the right color combinations, and many more things that will make your eye makeup the best out there.

Before starting, you always have to take into consideration these 3 essential aspects:

  1. Your clothing color, as well as your skin, eyes, and hair colors.
  2. Occasion: night, day, casual, glam
  3. Your eye shape
 Once you know this, you are ready to get started with this amazing guide to mastering eye makeup. Let's begin!

Introduction to eye makeup

Alright, let me give you a brief introduction to eye makeup. I will tell you every technical thing you need to have and to know before actually getting started with the magic. Let's go: 


No beautiful eye makeup can be done without the best materials and products. Remember, always choose the best quality ones for the best results. You will basically need: 

  1. Eyeliner ( gel, khol, pencil, liquid) 
  2. Eyelash curler
  3. Mascara
  4. Eyeshadows
  5. Eye Primer
  6. Brushes
Once you got them, you are ready to begin with the action. 

A Closer Look: Eyeshadow

Eyes are considered to be the most important part of the face, the one that calls the attention the most. Precisely, eyeshadow has the function to pop and enhance the eyes as they are the main focus when it comes to eye makeup, reason why it is important to know about them in order to get the best results.

First, the eyeshadow colors have to be chosen depending on the occasion, according to the colors of your outfit to create a perfect harmony. You can combine up to many colors, as there are no rules when it comes to makeup. But, if you are a beginner, we recommend you go light handed until you go the hang of it.

Generally, you have to pick a color that is close to your skin tone, two that are from the same range, an intermediate color and a dark one. Pick the finishes you will be working with: shimmer, matte, or glossy eyeshadows. From here, you can basically head into any direction. Be creative and let your mind take control when it comes to eyeshadow but being careful of not overdoing it. 

From this point on, all you got to learn is technique and the actual application process, which will be explained later.

Eye makeup looks and ideas

Eye makeup looks are infinite, as there are millions of colors, combinations, and finishes you can achieve with them. Seriously, there is no end to creating different looks with it. As it can get hard to actually choose what to do with such a big range of options, we will give you some eye makeup looks and ideas you can also rock! Use these as inspo, and see where they take you. 

1. Natural warm smokey eye

@Denitslava via Instagram

This first eye look is for my natural makeup lovers. This warm-toned brown smokey eye is just perfect; with the balance of warm shades, just the right amount of shimmer, and a beautiful eyeliner, you will look beautiful. If you don't do the eyeliner wing, it is perfect for not so elegant occasions where you still want to look pulled together and glam without overdoing it. If you do leave the eyeliner on, this eye makeup look can suit more serious or formal occasions, or for night events and parties. Two in one!

2. Dark matte smokey eye

I have another smokey look for my dark makeup lovers out there. This dark matte smokey eye is ideal for night occasions, as it is very powerful and formal. Your eyes will become this deep mysterious fantasy that will attract a lot of people to you, as you are going to look at hot as ever. You can make it a little more interesting and glam by adding a shimmery silver or champagne shadow to your lid. Plus, we will link the tutorial for this look later. You are going to love it!

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3. Pink eyeshadow look

Pink and red eyeshadows are a huge thing right now; everyone seems to be wearing them, as they look so beautiful and flattering on a lot of people. This pink makeup look fits pretty much every occasion, but it looks especially good at the day in places like brunches, weddings, etc in Summer or Spring time. You can't go wrong with this type of look. Find the tutorial down below!

4. Pop of blue eye look

This one here is for all of you who are looking to change your eye makeup a tad without going to any extremes. With this Sutil pop of color, you will feel refreshed and new, maybe even riskier. In this case, they use the color blue as the main focus, but you can use the same technique with any other color you wish. Dare to try something new and spice things up a bit!

4. Colorful eye makeup look

Now, this is an all the way colorful eye makeup look for my riskier friends. If you are looking to make a colorful eyeshadow without looking crazy, take this look and color combos as inspo. Can it even get cooler? I mean, look at that blue eyeliner in the waterline. I am kinda obsessed tbh. 

Easy Eye Makeup for beginners

Every single one of us has been a beginner when it comes to makeup. If this is your case now, don't worry, we will give you a step by step guide on how to do this easy eye makeup. Stay tuned!

This easy eye makeup look is for those days you need to look casually put together. It is so natural that it suits pretty much any occasion that can fill up your day, and you can even wear it to run silly errands like going to the store, picking your kids up at school, or anything like that.

1. Base

Start by prepping your eyelid with an eye primer. Then, put some light eyeshadow on all of the eye, as the first picture shows.

2. Transition shade

Grab a light brown color with a blending brush and apply it across your crease until it is completely blended.

3. Liner

With an angled brush, apply a dark brown shade as close as possible to the upper lash line in the shape of eyeliner. You can create a wing if you wish to.

4. Lower lash line

With the same brush and same shade, swipe it close to the lower lash line and connect it to the top liner you did before.

5. Brighten

Take a pencil brush and a light shimmery shade and place it in your inner corners and brow bones.

6. More liner

Take a black eyeliner and glide it across your upper lash line in a fine line.

Now, what is best about this look is that you can basically take it anywhere you want from here; whilst you get more experienced in makeup, you can add things to it like shimmery eyeshadow on the lid, black eyeliner on the lash line, some black eyeshadow on the crease, or even colors. It is so versatile that playing with it will be the best way to learn. 

Tutorials for easy eye makeup

We all learn through visuals, and one of the advantages we have today is that we can find any type of tutorial on Youtube. If you wish to learn in an easier and faster way how to do the best eye makeup looks, take a look on these easy eye makeup tutorials from the best beauty gurus out there.


I am 100% sure that you will become the best at eye makeup after reading this article. I mean, how could you not when we have given you the best tools, techniques and tips on how to become a pro. Seriously, you will look amazing in these beautiful eye looks we have shown you here. Don't even dare to not try them out. Get off your phone, tablet, or computer and start practicing on you eye makeup now!

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