10 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Still Look Gorgeous

See which celebrities are still glowing without applying makeup

By Sophia R
10 Celebrities Without Makeup Who Still Look Gorgeous

Makeup is the most used tool to hide imperfections and enhance our looks in incredible ways. Seriously, makeup can make you look like a completely different person. We all know that celebrities are experts when it comes to this, and most of the time, it is shocking to see them without any makeup on. They are always styled to perfection, but they do seem to bare makeup for a day or two. That is not necessarily negative, as we will show you how these celebrities look super hot without a hint of makeup, showing their beautiful and glowy selves. 

Showing their clean and makeup-less face was a complete taboo for celebrities some years ago. Now, with the help of social media, they have been posting this side of themselves to show their human and personable side, and the natural beauty that we all have.  After all, they are humans just like us and we shouldn't forget that. Keep reading and see what i'm talking about. 

Hottest photos of female celebrities without makeup in 2019

It seems that female celebrities are flawlessly dressed and have perfect makeup all day every day, but, come on, nobody really can be that high maintenance. There are times when the skin needs a break, and these celebrities seem to take them, and actually want to share these moments with their followers. You would think that they won't look as pretty without makeup and that it is all fake, but truth be told, they actually look even better. See it for yourself here:

1. Kylie Jenner

@kyliejenner via Instagram

How can we not mention Kylie Jenner? She is basically everywhere, and she didn't stay behind on the no makeup game. Even though she is basically known for her makeup brand and for having a flawless makeup game what seems like everyday, she bares it all, too. The 21-year-old businesswoman posted this picture of her beautiful bare face on her Instagram profile. In it, her skin looks perfectly sunkissed by freckles covering her clear face. Yes, she might have a little redness and a pimple here and there, but who doesn't? She still looks beautiful, and she might as well never put makeup on looking this good without it. 

2. Salma Hayek

@salmahayek via Instagram

Salma Hayek is 52. Yes, you read that right: 52 years old. Not many mature women have the luck to have such a beautiful skin in these years of their lives. Normally, for people this age, wrinkles and dark spots are a huge problem. Nonetheless, it seems that Salma was blessed with very good skin quality, and she has got everything under control. It is actually quite admirable. It might be because of her skin tone, which is medium deep, as they say, these skin tones don't age as much compared to fairer skin. What a lucky girl!

3. Jennifer Lopez

@jlo via Instagram

Alright, I know this might seem like a sick joke, and you wont believe it is real, but I swear this is Jennifer Lopez at her 49th birthday in a beach vacation/ celebration. I am shock, too. What a woman! First, let's acknowledge the evident; her body. Seriously, who has a body like that at that age! Look at those abs man! Then, her skin also looks flawless as she just went out of the pool with basically no wrinkles or spots whatsoever. She basically has it all. We need her secret, and her trainer, too!

4. Eva Longoria

@evalongoria via Instagram

Eva Longoria is another medium deep skin queen that looks beautiful without makeup on. In this picture, despite the fact that she seems tired as she is in the last stage of her pregnancy, she looks gorgeous. She actually gave birth to her son 4 days after the picture was taken. For those out there who don't know, pregnancy is exhausting, and that can easily show off in your face. The effect should be 10 times worse if you are pregnant at her age. She is 44, alright? We all wish to look this good at 44; basically, wrinkle- less and with little minimal spots. Can somebody tell us what is her night cream? 

5. Penelope Cruz

@penelopecruzoficial via Instagram

Penelope Cruz is a dream in all of her aspects. The 44-year-old Spanish actress posted this picture looking fresh and fine in her beach trip without any makeup on, and we can't deny she looks hot. Again, she has a medium deep skin tone, which makes the skin age slowlier, and look this good always. She even looks so young and fun, you could never guess she is 44, or could you? Yeah, I knew you couldn't. Oh Lord let us look this good at that age!

6. Christina Aguilera

@xtina / Instagram

Magazine covers usually involve a high maintenance look with full-on makeup, but Christina Aguilera proved us wrong in her Paper Magazine cover. The closeup image shows the 38-year-old singer without a drop of makeup and looking as beautiful as ever.  It is actually quite shocking that a person this white has a skin so beautiful and undamaged. To be honest, it is even hard to recognize her; I know you would have had a problem saying who it was before I told you it was Christina Aguilera. I dare to say that she looks better this way. See it for yourself, doesn't she look spectacular? 

Hottest photos of male celebrities without makeup in 2019

Oh, you thought this was only about our female celebrities out there? That men didn't wear makeup, too?  Well, you thought wrong. In the celebrity world, you will be shook to learn that many men use makeup to hide their insecurities or create a different signature look, too. Just as women, they have to bare it from time to time, you know, nobody can keep up with that look forever. When they do, we capture it, and they actually look beautiful and shockinlglu different without it as well, and we will show you what we are talking about right here:

1. Marilyn Manson

@marilynmanson / Instagram


Marilyn Manson, the 50-year-old artist, is recognized by his over the top use of makeup in a kind of goth- rock way. It is kind of freaky, to be honest, but he has been showing his face bare lately, leaving behind the extremely white face and extremely lined eyes. In this picture, Marilyn actually looks like a man more than the usual freaky appearance he portrays. It is so different, and he is actually nice looking for his age. It is shocking, right? Bet you couldn't even recognize him. 

2. Rupaul

@rupaulofficial / Instagram

Rupaul, the 58 years-old drag queen, is barely recognizable without makeup, but he actually looks fine for his age. Characterized by the high maintenance full-on makeup look all drags have, he has bared it all for this occasion, and we aren't really complaining. Yes, sure, his skin is a little damage, but who's wouldn't by the age of 58 and after using so much makeup as he usually does? We must congratulate him.

3. Boy George

@boygeorgeofficial via Instagram

In this picture posted on his Instagram account, the 57 years old singer has shown us his face without his signature over the top eye look, and all we can say is: Wow! Wow! Wow! He doesn't just look so different, but he looks good! Age hasn't done him that bad at all. As you have probably learned in this article, whiter skin ages worse than darker skin, which means that white people will probably have more wrinkles and spots than those who are darker. For such a light-skinned man, it is actually a surprise that he has such a healthy skin.  We would like to see him like this more often, it suits him!

4. Johnny Depp

@johnnydeppaccountofficial / Instagram

Johnny Depp is basically known because of his extreme makeup transformations in movies. For almost all of his roles through the years, he has been made a completely different person in every single one of them. The 55-year-old actor has been a heartbreaker since the beginning of his career, as he is very handsome, and that hasn't changed one bit. In this picture, Johnny is shown naturally gorgeous. Of course, he has some acne marks and wrinkles, but it is impossible to have none at that age. Look at him! 


After seeing the beauty these celebrities have even when they are not wearing makeup, we can kind of trust them more, am I right? We can feel that they are human, just like us, and that we can all look pretty without makeup or filters. I know you are as shaken as I am about seeing these high maintenance people bare it all, and I know this might feel freeing for them. Nobody can keep up with a flawless image 24/7 every day fo the year, and the skin needs to breathe regardless of what you do for a living. After all, they look just as beautiful as they do with makeup on, and no one can't deny it. 

Try it for yourself! Drop that brush, foundation, eyeshadows and go for the fresh natural glow once in a while.  We know you got it, and we know you can rock it too my friend!