Brianna Hildebrand: Do You Know Who She Played In Deadpool?

The teen who played Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool

By Diana Nadim
Brianna Hildebrand: Do You Know Who She Played In Deadpool?

Who Is Brianna Hildebrand?

Are you obsessed with Tim Miler’s Deadpool movie? If you do, it is because you can’t get enough of actress Brianna Hildebrand-renowned for her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool.

Despite being faintly new in professional acting, Brianna Hildebrand is among the few trailblazers who found overnight blast in their first films. She is the bad-ass geek who prides in standing up to villains like Juggernaut.

But who is the real Brianna Hildebrand? Your superhero is an American actress born as Brianna Caitlin Hildebrand on August 14, 1996, in College Station, Texas. She is a third-born child and the only daughter to mother, Veronica Hildebrand, and father, Caleb Hildebrand- a car salesman.

And, how can she be looking so darn ecstatic? Well, credit her good features to her Irish, Mexican, British and German ethnicities.

The Texan actress was interested in dancing, music, and songwriting in her childhood. She even got a guitar at 12 and began writing and curating her songs.

She went to high school at A & M, consolidated high school. At 16, she took part in the competitions organized by the International Models and Talent Association (IMTA). And, she won the coveted prize that included the chance to study in LA.

She relocated to LA and switched passions to acting. She attended acting classes and auditioned for roles while staying in North Hollywood.  That’s how she birthed her acting career.

Her Acting Career And Rising Fame

Brianna’s dad left her in LA when it became too expensive for both of them. The father told her she could always go back home if it became too hard for her. Those words became her anchorage because she decided to make-do and not bow to them.

It wasn’t any easy for her to land big roles because she was new, a stranger in town, and with no background in the industry to back-up her dreams. However, she didn’t give up. Instead, she persistently auditioned for befitting roles she could get.

The sky smiled at her in 2014. She debuted her career with the cast as Jen in the web series- ‘Annie Undocumented; as Annie- the protagonist’s best friend. And in that year, the exceedingly acclaimed series won the “Best Web Series” at the New York TV Festival.

The fame and criticism she accrued in the web series gave her positive reviews. And in 2015, she played Julia in the movie ‘Prism,’ starring alongside Christy Romano. Her success got her in yet another short movie-‘The Voice Inside,’ where she cast as Grace in the same year.

But her peak would be on March 30, 2015, when she landed a role in the supernova hit-Deadpool.  She Played as the kickass superhero “Negasonic Teenage Warhead” –a cast that became people’s beloved.

The superhero movie was shot and filmed in Vancouver. It aired in February 2016 and made Brianna a celeb overnight. What made it more special for her was the fact that she was casting alongside her childhood crush, Ryan Ramon.

The comic movie was itself a blockbuster at the box office. What’s more is that her role and performance earned her a nomination for the “Teen Choice Award” in the category “Choice Awards: Breakout Movie.”

Her gift sold her out, and while in Vancouver, shooting Deadpool in 2016, she grabbed the role of ‘Sasha’ in the movie ‘First Girl I Loved.” She featured alongside co-stars Mateo Arias and Dylan Gelula. She played a Lesbian girl.

Brianna didn't stop there as in 2017, she went ahead and featured in horror series and movies. She acted in the horror-drama series, The Exorcist, as 'Verity'- lead cast. She also appeared in the horror movie 'Tragedy Girls' as ‘Sadie Cunningham.’

The hard worker she is won the ‘Best Actress Award’ in the comical horror category at the London Fright Fest and Brooklyn Horror Film Festival in the same year!

Later on, in 2018, she continues her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool 2. She played gay in the movie and became the first big-budget LGBTQ superhuman character to ever play in Marvel movies.

Her latest venture was in 2019, where she played ‘Elodie’ in the Netflix film, ‘Trinkets.’

12 Interesting Facts About Brianna Hildebrand

1. Wait Until You Hear Her Sing

You should listen to her video on Insta, where she is singing to Camilla Cabello's Havana. Girl, isn't she endowed with the voice of a heavenly Angel? And the best part of it all is that she's open to the possibilities of releasing an album someday. The world can't wait!

2. She Writes Too

She is a gifted songwriter who also loves journaling. She is always writing because it is therapy to her. Apart from that, it helps her connect with the characters she plays.

3. She’s Adores Roxane Gay

Brianna loves vocal individuals, but Roxane Gay in particular. She is obsessed with her and even says that she is her initial love. Roxane is renowned for being vocal about feminism, race, and sexuality.

4. She’s A Morning Person

Who loves waking up early in the morning but Brianna Caitlin Hildebrand! Well, although you all know that waking up early gives you a head start, you choose to sleep and work later. But for Brianna, it’s about the morning worm. She feels her strength in the mornings. You wish!

5. She’s Nice; She Only Wears A ‘Resting Bitch Face.’

She has this resting bitch-face that can send chilling vibes to anyone. And, her kickass attitude doesn’t make it easy either. For this reason, people get surprised by the fact that she even smiles. They think she is rude and unapproachable.

However, behind that straight face is a nice and cheerful soul that can stop for a selfie anytime.

6. She Met Her Soulmate On-Set

Brianna found love when she was acting in the film 'First Girl I Loved.' Her girlfriend, Jonneke Grisham, was the set decorator for the movie. The experience was so magical that it made Brianna come out publicly as a member of the LGBTQ community.

7. She’s Loves Converse

People own a closet full of various types of shoes to change into daily, so does Brianna. What’s different, however, is that Brianna is always in converse despite having a couple of changeovers. She has no problem replacing her favorite pair with the same kind over and over.

8. Her Music Playlist Is Goals

What can you say about a playlist with Beyonce, Cardi B, and Kehlani? It’s charged, right? For your information, the three are Brianna’s go-to artists, and she would listen to them anytime.

9. If She Could Choose, She Would Be Invisible

Bet, you'd take a while to pick the superpower you'd want.  Well, Brianna doesn't have to think it over because she'd choose invisibility. She wants to be invisible to be able to cut people in line!

10. She Wears Comfort

She chooses one-piece clothes over two-piece anytime. Unlike you with a closet full of pants and jumpers, Brianna lacks the patience for two-piece items.

For this reason, anything that runs from top-bottom like jumpsuits, are her favorite.

11. Net Worth

Although she has a handful of roles to her name, she is a whopping $1 million already. With her determination, this figure will grow.

12. She’s A Member Of The LGBTQ Community

Although Brianna hates labels, she has an exception for coming out as a proud gay. It is something she realized at an early age because she liked both men and women.

However, it was difficult for her to open up about it because she came from a religious family. Luckily, her family and fans support her.

What Brianna Is Currently Up To

If you loved Trinkets season 1, you will love Trinket’s season 2 more. And, the good part is that it’s already out because it came to Netflix in August 2020, and she is still playing.

Her talent is not only unmatched, but she is persistent and confident. She even asks her manager to find her a role of a male character? Yes, you heard correctly.

She is also available for hire as a speaker at corporate events.

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The Texas-born actress is bound to feature in several films soon. And, with her gift, devotion, and diligence, she will manage the pipeline of opportunities coming her way.