Ryan Reynolds Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The 'Deadpool' Actor

Get to know more about Ryan Reynolds who is an actor currently starring in 'The Deadpool.' The actor, who is married to Blake Lively has also starred in 'The Proposal,' and 'Green Lantern.' Below are facts about him that you need to know, including his overall net worth.

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Ryan Reynolds Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About The 'Deadpool' Actor

Ryan Reynolds: 'Deadpool' actor and hilarious star

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'Deadpool 2' is around the corner and we can’t help being excited about going to the theater to see it. The attention automatically diverts fans to the cast, one of them being handsome, Hollywood actor, Ryan Reynolds. He plays the main role in the film but you won’t be see much of his gorgeous face because Deadpool wears a mask for the most of the movie. The actor has even started marketing the movie to charities, by auctioning of his pink suit to fight breast cancer. Outside of acting, Ryan Reynolds is rather hilarious at times especially when it comes to rumors surrounding his marriage to actress Blake Lively. Not only is Reynolds an actor but he's also a film producer and a screenwriter. In fact, he even helped write 'Deadpool 2.' Fans love everything about Ryan Reynolds but what was like before he rose to fame? How did he get to be so handsome? 41-year-old Ryan Reynolds was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. His father, James Chester Reynolds, worked as a food wholesaler and his mother was a retail salesperson. He was raised in a humble household and he lived an average life. His family is Irish and he grew up a Catholic. Reynolds attended Kitsilano Secondary School in his hometown of Vancouver, and he graduated from high school in 1994. He then attened Kwantlen Polytechnic University which is also in Vancouver but he dropped out before graduation in order to pursue his acting career. Two of Reynolds’ brothers work as police officers in British Columbia, one of them is even a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Department. His career began in 1991 when he starred in the Canadian soap opera 'Hillside.' Since then, Reynolds has starred in different movies and TV shows such as 'Deadpool 2,' 'Detective Pikachu,' 'Deadpool,' 'Green Lantern,' 'The Proposal,' and 'The Hitman’s Bodyguard.'

Ryan Reynolds responding to Blake Lively split rumors

Ryan Reynolds stated that there is one person he will never split up with and that woman is his mother. The actor was responding to rumors making rounds on social media that he was splitting up with his wife Blake Lively, with whom he has two daughters. Concerning the rumors, Reynolds decided to respond with a joke about his mom, Tammy Reynolds. Someone tweeted that Reynolds joined both his wife and his mom on the red carpet after addressing the split rumors, and he responded to the tweet by writing that he will never split with his mother regardless of how much she smoked jazz cabbage with her rollerblading friends. The report that Reynolds and his wife were still together included a photo of him with both his mother and his wife on the red carpet for the premiere of 'A Quiet Place' in New York. The trio looked happy with smiles all over their faces at the screening of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt’s new horror film. That wasn’t the first time Reynolds clapped back at such rumors when last month he responded to a report that he was struggling to spend quality time with his wife. The actor wrote that he wished he could have his privacy. Blake Lively is not afraid to joke with her husband online, in fact, there was a time Reynolds teased on his Instagram that he was using E-Harmony on Valentine’s Day. Lively jokingly asked her husband how to download it because she was lonely because the dating site, 'Ashley Madison' had recently closed for business. Lively and Reynolds tied the knot in 2012 in South Carolina, a year after Reynolds divorced his first wife, Scarlett Johansson whom he married in 2008. The couple has two daughters, James who is 3, and Ines, who is 18 months old.

His mom stole the show

Reynolds’ mom, Tammy gave herself the moment of a lifetime when she recently stole the show from her son. Reynolds, along with his wife and mother recently posed were on the red carpet at the AMC Lincoln Square Theatre where they had gone to grace the premiere of the horror film, 'A Quiet Place.' Tammy Reynolds looked like the "Queen of the Carpet" when she wore a sporty black jacket, a Burberry scarf and black and white sneakers. Blake Lively went a little formal rocking a sexy dress with a plunging leather neckline completing it with a skirt bottom. To make the look stand out, she wore sky-high stilettos and her hair was worn in an epic braid. Ryan Reynolds dressed like the gentleman that he is in a navy blue suit and some thick-framed glasses as he posed with the two leading ladies in his life. His other two leading ladies, his daughters, were not present at the event. The couple and Reynolds' mother were out supporting their friends, actress Emily Blunt and actor John Krasinski who starred in the film 'The Quiet Place.' The two couples were spotted together during a screening of 'Final Portrait' last month to support their friend Stanley Tucci. Tucci is the husband of Emily’s sister and Blake’s close friend, Felicity Blunt. That couple is expecting their second child.

Auctioning off his pink 'Deadpool' suit

'Deadpool 2,' 'Detective Pikachu,' 'Deadpool,' 'Green Lantern,' 'The Proposal,' and 'The Hitman’s Bodyguard, actor, is auctioning off the pink suit he wore in Deadpool. The actor shared a video of him wearing a new outfit to announce the Omaze campaign, meant to fight breast cancer. The bright pink version of the 'Deadpool' costume was being auctioned off by the actor to raise money in the fight against the deadly disease. In a special message from 'Deadpool' himself, Reynolds stated that the pink suit was for everyone around the world to see that he had a big heart. Participants could donate any amount from $10 to $5,000 to the cause and with their donation they had the chance to win the pink suit. Reynolds also said that any donation over $1,000 would get other gifts such as a signed movie poster, a personalized voicemail message recorded by Reynolds in 'Deadpool’s' character voice and a signed movie poster. As for the one who will win the suit, the actor offered a couple of options including adding it to their S&M collection or nailing it to a post to scare off children, the elderly and even the birds in the backyard. He added that in the fight against breast cancer, everyone could be a hero regardless of whether or not they wore a cape or they possessed superpowers.

Facts to know about the actor and his net worth

He failed drama class

This could be a testimony that your grades in school don’t determine your success in life. Ryan Reynolds is one of the greatest actors in Hollywood right now, and everyone loves him. With all the talent that Reynolds has, you would expect that he received all “A’s” in his drama class, but the truth is that Reynolds failed his drama class. The 'Deadpool 2,' 'Detective Pikachu,' 'Deadpool,' 'Green Lantern,' 'The Proposal,' and 'The Hitman’s Bodyguard' actor has proved every time that he is phenomenal at what he does even though he failed to prove it in class. This gives all of us who have ever failed a class hope that we can still be somebody in life!

Reynolds and his wife had a secret wedding

Before their big day, the private nuptials were kept quiet and for the occasion, a DJ was hired to be on hand to spin tracks. A specially-made cake was transported from Virginia tp where the wedding was happening, the same exact spot where 'The Notebook' was filmed. The wedding, of course, was kept top secrect. To make the special day more memorable, there was a three-song wedding performance by Florence Welch who is Lively’s friend. Welch is from the Indie rock band, 'Florence and The Machine.' During her performance, the bottom of Lively’s gown was damaged after it was accidentally set on fire. Lively spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how Reynolds put the big day mishap into proper perspective.

Ryan Reynolds is afraid of flying

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Reynolds proved that gorgeous and talented actors who even play the roles of supermen in movies are humans of the camera. The actor revealed that he is afraid of flying. Reynolds said that it was justified to feel that way, but he would prefer to drive from city to city rather than book a flight unless it’s necessary. His fear of being airborne came when he was with his friends skydiving. It was a scary experience for the actor after his main parachute malfunctioned and sent him plummeting through the air that he almost lost consciousness due to fear. Luckily, Ryan Reynolds never got any serious injuries, but it scared the hell out of him.

Reynolds met his wife while working on the film 'Green Lantern'

In 2010, Reynolds and Lively were shooting 'The Green Lantern,' a DC movie and that’s where they met. At the time, Lively was dating someone else and Reynolds was married to Scarlett Johansson. The two lovebirds were first seen together at San Diego Comi-Con, however, the outing was meant for promoting the movie 'The Green Lantern.' The film didn't do so well at the box office and it never made a gross income past its budget. The same year, Lively presented Reynolds with the Most Anticipated Movie Award during the Spike TV’s Scream Awards ceremony that was held at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.


The 'Deadpoo'l actor is so committed to acting that he once developed claustrophobia due to one of the roles that he played. When filming 'Buried,' the actor had to be locked up for several hours every day. As the film continued to film, the coffin that Reynolds was using was filled with more sand and sand every day. As the sand grew deeper, this gave him less room to both move as well as breathe. The performance had long-term effects to Reynolds and to this day he tries to stay away from closed spaces.

His net worth

According to 'Celebrity Net Worth,' Ryan Reynolds has a net worth of $72 million dollars. He has made his net worth from roles in movies and television shows such as 'Deadpool 2,' 'Detective Pikachu,' 'Deadpool,' 'Green Lantern,' 'The Proposal,' and 'The Hitman’s Bodyguard.'

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The world can’t get enough of Ryan Reynolds as wait patiently for the release of 'Deadpool 2.' There are more movies from the actor that we should expect in the very near future.