Makeup Gurus raved about these 8 Best Eye Makeup Brushes

Get your hands on these super popular eye makeup brushes

By Sophia R
Makeup Gurus raved about these 8 Best Eye Makeup Brushes

There is no professional or amateur makeup lover that does not know the importance and use of makeup products, obviously, the same thing has to happen with the tools used to apply those products. They have to be of great quality, and specific for each part of the eye look, in this case. That's why make-up brushes are for a make-up artist like knives and frying pans for a chef. They are your most precious tools as they will help you achieve the eye look you are aiming for.  


Of course, as with pretty much every single makeup related product, there are infinite options to chose from, and it can get quite overwhelming. How do you know which is the best when there are so much? How do you know what each brush is for? Well, don't stress, because here I am to tell you all the about eye makeup brushes that you need for a perfect eye look.

Types of Eye makeup brushes and their uses

There are hundreds of eye makeup brush types, and it can get seriously hard to know what they are all for or to choose which are the necessary ones. Sometimes, we find ourselves with a bunch of brushes in our counter and without knowing what to use them for. Don't worry, we got you covered, and we will show you everything you need to know about the use of your eye makeup brushes so you aren't so lost anymore: 

1. Eyeshadow Stamp Brush

This brush is ideal for stamping, as its name says it, eyeshadow onto your eyelid. As it is packed with compact bristles, it picks up the perfect amount of product to create the most pigmented outcome. Use it for glitter or metal eyeshadows on your eyelid, and voila; perfect! The best one out there: Spectrum's A07 brush.

A07 – Spectrum Collections US

2. Medium Eyeshadow Brush

This is the best eye shadow brush for my makeup beginners out there. Its slightly fanned shape makes it grab the perfect amount of product; not too little or too much, which is great as it will allow you to build on the product instead of committing fully to too much eyeshadow on the first stroke. Urban Decay has the most raved about medium eyeshadow brush in the market, check it out:

Urban Decay UD Pro Medium Eyeshadow Brush

3. Eye Contour Brush

This brush is a must-have. It is the one used for adding dimension and depth to the eyes, as you need to apply the darker colors to the socket line and outer corners with it so your makeup doesn't look flat. A makeup kit can't lack one, and Bobbi Brown has the best one for you. 

Eye Contour Brush |

4. Eye Blender Brush

If you want to have a blended eyeshadow, you need to have this brush in your collection. As its name says it, it is for blending the eye shadow out to not have any harsh lines or smudges. It gives the perfect, blow- out, soft finish that I bet you want for your look. This eye blender brush by E.l.f. is the one that all makeup gurus recommend. 

Fluffy Eye Blender Makeup Brush | e.l.f. Cosmetics- Cruelty Free

5. Flat Blending Brush

The flat blending brush is slightly similar to the blender brush, but it has more bristles that create a flat tip to blend out more specific parts of the eye. Use it when you need to smudge only a little bit of your eyeshadow. The Chrome Blending Eye Shadow Brush by NEW Cid Cosmetic is the best:

Chrome Blending Eye Shadow Brush | New CID Cosmetics

6. Cut Crease Brush

This smaller rounded flat brush is perfect for carving out killer cut creases, drawing precisely on the eye to later blend with a blending brush, or for to place eyeshadow on the inner corner. No extravagant eye look can be made without this brush. 

E62 Cut Crease Brush

7. Wing Eyeliner Brush

This brush is perfect for drawing the perfect eyeliner on your eyes, and wings are so much easier because of the length of the tip of this brush. Its tightly packed bristles work with gel, powder, and cream eyeliners. All beauty gurus love Zoeva's 317 Wing Liner Brush:


8. Angled Eyebrow Brush

Achieving a natural on fleek eyebrow is easy with this type of brush. Do not confuse it with the Wing Eyeliner Brush, as this one's tip is much shorter, which makes eyebrow products easier to apply. You can also use it to apply eyeshadow on teh lower lash line, and create a smoked out look.  Morphe has got the best one yet: 

E11 - ANGLED BROW – Morphe US

Best eye makeup brushes set

Brush sets are an amazing option when it comes to choosing the best eye makeup brushes. You pretty much get everything you need in one buy, and you can even save some bucks as most of them are value sets, which means you get a better price than buying them all at the same time. As there are many in the market, and it might be very hard to know which one is the best, we will show you our top 3 eye makeup brush sets. 

1. Matto 7-Piece Makeup Eyeshadow Brush Set

This eyeshadow brush set has everything you need if you are looking to make a very detailed eye shadow look as it includes the perfect brushes for getting every single thing perfectly done.  It includes an allover shader brush, an angled shading brush, a blending brush, a pencil brush, an eyebrow brush, a crease brush, and an eyeliner brush. Pretty much everything you need for that bomb eyeshadow look you desire for just $6.99 Matto Professional Makeup Eye Brush Set Eyeshadow Brushes 8-Piece(Black): Beauty

2. Sigma Beauty Extreme Color Payoff Kit

Sigma is one of the top makeup brands when it comes to brushes. This is why there might be no better quality brushes than the one this kit includes. This six-piece set contains a short shader brush, a pencil brush, a firm blender brush, a firm shader brush, a cream color brush, and a wide shader brush; pretty much everything you need to achieve a flawless eye look. Sigma Beauty Extreme Color Payoff Kit: Beauty

3. Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set

This Real Techniques eye brush set is as simple as it can get, including only the essential brushes for my makeup beginners or minimalists out there.  It includes a medium shadow brush, a  fine liner brush, a shading brush, a lash separator, and a brush cup to hold your brushes in your counter. You can't go wrong with it, 

Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Makeup Brush Set | Real Techniques

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How to use these eye makeup brushes for beginners

Now that we have made you a pro on eye makeup brushes, we are going to teach you how to actually put them to work. Follow these steps and you will end up with the most beautiful eye look ever:

1. Apply the transition shade

After having your eyelids prepped with an eye primer, the first step is applying the transition shade. Take your blender brush and medium eyeshadow brush, and a light shade and blend it into your eye socket with a "back and forth" circular motion until everything seems smooth.

2. Apply the main eyeshadow

Now it is time to apply the main eyeshadow of the look; the color you chose to be the main attraction of the whole thing. For this, grab the stamp brush or any of the flat ones we mentioned before, pack eyeshadow on it, and press it against your lid softly until you have got the desired amount of product. 

3. Apply the darker shade

To create depth and dimension on your eyes, you have to apply the darker shade of your choice to the outer corners of your eyes and blend it towards the crease. For this, use the eye contour brush. If you would like a more defined depth, use the cut crease brush or the flat blending brush instead. 

4. Brighten

With the flat blending brush and your fingers, apply a bright shimmery shade in your inner corners and brow bone. 

5. Pull it all together

To pull your eye look together, take the angled eyebrow brush with a dark shade you used on the look and apply it to your lower lash line until it looks blended and smooth. 

6. Eyeliner

With an eyeliner brush, take a gel, cream or powder liner and glide it gently across the upper lash line and the lid until you get the desired thickness of the line. If you want, you can even draw a wing on the outer corner of your eyes. 

How to clean eye makeup brushes properly

Makeup brushes are made to last longer than any other makeup product. Because of this, you got to take the proper care of them in order to get the best performance out of them. For this, you have to clean your brushes twice a month minimum, as they can get to hold many bacteria that won't be only bad for the brushes, but your face, too. We will show you in 4 easy steps how to clean your eye makeup brushes properly: 

Step 1

Go to your sink and wet the brushes' bristles with warm water. Make sure that the bristles are always pointing downwards, as this keeps water from getting inside the brush and loosening the bristles. 

Step 2

Get a little baby soap in the palm of your hands and move the brush with circular motions against it. 

Step 3

Rinse the soap out until the water from the brush is clear. 

Step 4

Dry the bristles with a towel and lay them downwards until the brushes are dry. 


Now that you are an expert on eye makeup brushes, go out there and create the most beautiful eye looks you can! Show off your newly acquired knowledge and take people's breaths away with your amazing eye makeup skills! It isn't that hard after all, isnt it? 

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