10 Ways to Do Makeup for Men that’s Quick and Easy

Grooming and natural looking makeup for men that is easy to do

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10 Ways to Do Makeup for Men that’s Quick and Easy

Makeup is for women alone is now an outdated statement, as men all over the world are embracing grooming tips and makeup products to mask and conceal the various patches and blemishes and look drop-dead gorgeous. So you can either stand in the corner, laugh at the men and feel left out and lonely, or join the brigade to don on the makeup and get ready for the hottest parties in town. So, are you in? Well then check out the quick and easy tricks of makeup for men right now.

Grooming and Natural Looking Makeup for Men that is Easy to do

Makeup for men begins with a few fundamentals. With the advancement of the beauty-conscious era, men are getting more and more involved with makeup and cosmetics. They are dancing to the groovy beats of the beauty world and coughing up of hundreds of dollars to look the very best at work, college, parties, etc.

Fortunately for men, they don't have to drive themselves nuts with eye shadow, lipsticks, bronzers, blushes, liners, and the like. Nor do they have to sweat about extra closet space for hoarding more products. Makeup for men is only concerned with the artistic way of putting on concealer and foundation and following through with a simple skin care regimen. Check out the fascinating tips for makeup for men and learn them right now.

1. Determine your skin type

Determination of the skin tone and nature is the first and most essential step towards proper grooming.

Your skin may be dry, oily, a combination of the two, or regular. There is an extensive range of cosmetics that are available for every skin type. So, choose the product carefully; otherwise, the results might get botched.

2. Pay attention to your skin tone

There are different types of colors of concealers and foundations according to the skin complexion. Do a spot of careful swatching to make sure that the foundation you choose complements your skin tone. You do not want your face to appear a couple of shades lighter than your throat (a common and pathetic makeup mistake!). Select a foundation whose color closely resembles your skin complexion, and you are good to go.

The Trend of Applying Makeup for Men

What had once been a subject of ridicule, has now become one of the most significant trends in the world. Makeup for men is now rage across the globe with millions of men donning on subtle and flawless foundations, primers, concealers, and even highlighters.

Men are now looking into the mirror and feeling gorgeous and confident, and with the society becoming more feminist and crushing gender binaries, men have risen and have an occasional dose of moisturizer to full-blown makeup. The turning tables were further revolutionized when Tom Ford to Coco Chanel launched lines of male cosmetics products to boost the trend hundred of toners, powders, face mists, and more.

Even an all-natural and daily look for a day at work involves the use of eleven different makeup products for men. You might think that all the makeup will end in making you look like a Hollywood star ready to bang the red carpet, but when it comes to makeup for men, subtlety is the forte.

With teenage boys, in front of the webcam and computer, making makeup for men tutorial videos, it is quite evident that the raging trend has taken over the planet and justly so.

Grooming Tips for Men

It is essential to appear well-groomed and stylish. People might tell you about Gandhiji traveling the world in a loincloth, and they will even say how being beautiful from inside is all that matters. But let's face, you cannot just turn up at your glamorous corporate office looking like a slob. Times have changed, and you have to mold your style and appearance with the changing times, or else you might just get left behind. So, check out the grooming tips and makeup for men tricks right here.

1. Let's start with the hair, shall we? A shock of messy hair looks fine for rock stars, but you need to trim that to an approachable shape right now. Get a hair cut once in every month, and do regular oiling, gelling, and shampooing, to ward off unsightly dandruff.

2. Moving on to the eyebrows, you only need two of them if you have got an extra spot of eyebrow like a bridge between the two, thread that off! And if your eyebrows happen to be a bit too bushy, you might consider threading at least once in a month.

3. Let's get to the nose now. Trim your nose hair and make sure that not a single strand sticks out of the nostrils. It is imperative to keep your nose squeaky clean, so carry tissues and handkerchiefs in your pocket if you catch a cold.

4. If there is one thing that is the most crucial part of the grooming session, then that is the beard. Invest in an electric razor and good quality beard cosmetics. Keep your beard fashionably trimmed, because a jungle of hair on the cheeks and chin does not look good no matter how romantic it may seem. You need not cleanly shaven either if your face is not the type. Try out different styles and settle for the one that looks good on your face.

5. Carry breath mints to keep your breath fresh and crisp.

6. Rinse your face every morning and exfoliate it every night, to get rid of dirt and dead cells and make your face clean and bright.

7. Wear clean and ironed clothes and don’t forget to apply a few sprays of deodorant to mask the foul stench of sweat.

8. Don’t forget to clean off the ear hair. Hypertrichosis is so not cool.

9. Keep your fingernails and toenails clipped and filed all the time. Long and dirty nails look disgusting and unsanitary.

10. Use a little bit of oil control powder if you are prone to sweating. Stay well-groomed and confident, and watch the world change around you.

Men Makeup Kits to Use and Look Natural

When it comes to makeup for men, a little can go a long way in hiding the blemishes and accentuating the facial features. Slap on a small amount of foundation to conceal the bumps and sharpen the contours.
  • Bid goodbye to the pimples, acne, and dark circles with a concealer that matches your skin tone.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil to highlight your eyes and forehead. The key to getting a natural look with makeup is to blend the foundation nicely so that the color does not look out of place.

Check out the makeup for men kits given below that are highly recommended by beauty professionals.

Recommended makeup kits for normal skin

The Makeup For Men 101 Kit

Men's Makeup Starter Kit - Makeup for Men - MËNAJI

The Makeup For Men 101 Kit is one of the most fantastic fashion kits for men. The package includes two stellar makeup products of Menaji which are HDPV Anti-Shine Powder and Urban Camouflage, a non-chemical concealer which is undetectable on the skin. 

  • The Urban Camouflage covers spots, prevents the onset of pimple breakouts, conceals redness, dark circles, and hair scars. Whether you are going to work or getting dolled up for a party, the Urban Camouflage is the best for your skin tone, complexion, and texture.
  • The HDPV Anti-Shine Powder is so naturally hued that no-one will ever notice it on your skin. It blends in with your skin tone and masks the pimples and blemishes on the face. The powder is especially great for hiding wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation patches on the skin.

Recommended makeup kits for acne

Men hate acne breakout just as women do. So here is a recommended acne makeup kit for men that is excellent in masking the evil bumps on the face.

The Gym Kit

The Gym Kit

The Gym Kit comes as a package of the most iconic Menaji cosmetic products crafted for men. The package includes a face and body scrub, lip agent of SPF 15, and ClearShave 3-in-1 formula. 

  • The face and body scrub helps to get rid of the dirt, oil, excess sebum, and dead skin cells from the face and unclog the pores, which prevents and cures acne with its blend of ginseng, azulene, kelp, jojoba, and lime peel extracts.
  • The lip agent of SPF 15 enriches the lips with vitamin E, jojoba, macadamia, and sunflower oils and protects the lips from the UV rays of the sun.
  • The ClearShave 3-in-1 formula gives you a sophisticated shave with shaped beards, sculpted mustaches, and stylish sideburns without the use of water.

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There is a socially constructed concept that men who use makeup products lack masculinity, but it is high time to demolish such a dumb and sexist idea and take part in the raging tornado of makeup for men. Indulge your appearance with top quality makeup products and don’t feel reluctant to pop into the local salon whenever you can to get ready and get going.