10 Korean Beauty Products Powered By Famous Celebrities

Celebrity-owned and endorsed Korean beauty products a try

By Kimmy
10 Korean Beauty Products Powered By Famous Celebrities

2019 Must have Korean Beauty Products That Are Owned Or Endorsed by Korean Celebrities

K-pop stars are always looking glamorous and radiant on stage, and you wonder how they keep their face so flawless. They just have the perfect skin, no pores, no wrinkles with sexy full lips and winky eyes. What's their secret?

Korean beauty products are well-loved. Every Korean celebrity is using them. They target your root problems and bring your skin back to life instantly. Korean beauty products are on the rise because they're very cost-friendly compared to most traditional American brands, which are quite expensive, especially to the younger audience. Yet, they provide splendid results, much to everyone's satisfaction.

Still not convinced to give Korean beauty products a try? You will surely be convinced after seeing your favorite celebrity using them!

1. Tattoo Lip Tint, Laneige - Lee Sung Kyung

Tattoo Lip Tint

Whether it is the talented weightlifter from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo or the professional neurosurgeon from The Doctors, Lee usually sparks off a grace of elegance that makes an impression. Now the Tattoo Lip Tint from Laneige is her new favorite.

This lipstick creates a tattoo-like, long-lasting color effect, you don't have to stress about reapplying over a meal as the color will stick to your lips like that gum on your shoe. Their "lip knife" applicator helps you put on the color easily and evenly.

2. Blue Energy Skin Toner, Laneige - Park Seo Joon

Blue Energy Skin Toner

Beauty products aren't just for girls. Guys care a lot about their appearance too and make an effort to look good. Best known for his part in the K-drama "Heal-Me, Kill-Me", the 30-year-old Park looks barely 23 because he uses Laneige's anti-aging toner.

The intense anti-aging toner moisturizes and soothes tired-looking skin instantly to restore the glow and make your skin healthy and clean. Working on your skin condition is not just a privilege for girls.

3. Super Vital Cream Rich, IOPE - Shin Min Ah


That kind, witty, goofy nine-tailed fox (from the top 5 K-drama of all time "My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox") is still looking the same as 10 years ago. Her secret to her forever youth is the IOPE super vital cream. This anti-aging formula contains antioxidants to fight against all the complex aging signs. The soft, creamy texture makes it easier for the skin to absorb the rich nutrients.

Shin is a hardcore fan of this super-rich cream. It gives her the most radiant, healthiest-looking skin and smoothes out the wrinkles.

4. MEN AIR CUSHION® SPF 50+ PA+++, IOPE - Jo Jung Suk

Men Air Cushion® SPF50+ PA+++

Jo is adored for his acting and his flawless skin, while IOPE probably can't help with the acting part, their air cushion for men definitely let Jo shine through the screen. This air cushion comes with SPF 50+, perfect for any outdoor activities you have in mind. Just bring this sunblock and you will have natural-looking clean skin and sunscreen all in one.

This air cushion covers up the unevenness in male skin and takes good care of the curved pores. No UV rays, just perfection.

5. Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk, Etude House - Kim Do Ah

This young, aspiring rapper under FENT is loving the Etude House lip gloss. Shiny and moisturizing, you can't really think of a reason why lip gloss is bad. This lip gloss is watery, yet sticky. You can feel your lips being rejuvenated and the color just locks in place on your lips for the whole day. It also gives volume to create the fuller lips you've been dying to have!

6. Matte Chic Lip Lacquer, Etude House - Red Velvet

Matte Chic Lip Lacquer

Red Velvet is recognized as one of the most popular K-Pop groups in the world by Time and Billboard. Their charisma is mesmerizing and soul-capturing. They're daring, bold and seductive. They achieve their looks with the help of Etude House's matte chic lip lacquer. The oil in this lip gloss locks in the color on your lips as it gets absorbed quickly. No smudging, no reapplying, just, the matter chick lip lacquer.

7. First Care Activating Serum EX, Sulwhasoo - Song Hye-kyo

First Care Activating Serum

For nearly two decades, Song has been the top actress in Korea, dominating the most-watched TV drama world. She doesn't age, she only becomes more elegance and more classy. Her hack to look as young as when she was 23 is this first care activating serum. The fragrance calms and nourishes your soul, while the gentle formula illuminates your skin. You're the reason you glow.

8. Vitamin B12 Double Hydrop Ampouler, Missha - Nana

Vitamin B12 Double Hydrop Ampouler

Once crowned "the most beautiful face" in the world, Nana is the singer from the hot girls' group After School. A licensed makeup artist herself, Nana used her professional judgment when she decided to be the new face for Missha since last year.

The double hydro up ampouler is completely free of all the toxic chemicals such as parabens. Missha does not put in toxic chemicals to fish for fast results. This ampouler is the first step in your skincare routine after washing your face. It's the base of your moisturization and it boosts hydration in your skin. Their dedication is how they gained the trust of Nana.

9. Cheer Water Cheek, Banila Co - Taeyeon

Cheer Water Cheek, RD01 Girlish Red

From Jessica to Taeyeon, Banila Co. seems to have a love for Girls Generation. Well, it's not hard to guess why, Girls Generation is famous for their dedication to their work, and their effort in doing the perfect makeup for each performance.

This polish-inspired girlish red brush suits all skin types. Just three dots from cheeks to your temple, you will give the cutest smile ever.

10. Spot Patch, VT CICA Care - Jimin


You know you need to get it when BTS says it's good. BTS is literally taking millions of girls by heart every second. BTS's Jimin is a fan of this spot patch that contains Centella Asiatica Extract, which soothes and calms skin and effectively heals wounds. Designed specifically for acne-prone skin.

This spot patch is probably the most affordable one out of all, selling for only $4.

Follow These Top 5 Korean Beauty Products Instagram To Be On Trend

1. Peach and Lily

Peach & Lily (@peachandlily)

Korean beauty consumers are the most demanding in the world. They do not settle for less. Fierce competition turns Korean beauty products the best. Peach & Lilly dares to be innovative while choosing gentle formulas and unique ingredients that won't irritate the skin. Peach & Lily often brings out new products to surprise their audience.

2. Skinfood

Source: http://Skinfood

스킨푸드 SKINFOOD (@skinfood_official)

All the fruity Korean beauty products are here! Dedicated their expertise in making the products as natural as possible, with the natural fruity scent. Skinfood is the healthy choice for your skin to breathe and recover.

3. Dear, Klaris

Simple, but enough (@klairs.global)

"Simple, but enough" is the motto Klaris upholds. No alcohol, artificial colorants or parabens. Klaris makes their products absolutely natural, away from any artificial harm. Your skin is kissed by nature, rinsed by little drops of heaven. You will fall in love with their products.

4. 3CE

3CE Official Instagram (@3ce_official)

Their whitening products are their best-sellers. Nourishing and moisturizing, their lotion keeps pimples at bay while whitening your skin, giving it a natural shine. If you're a fan of Sephora, you'd be no stranger to this brand.

5. Dr.Jart+

Dr.Jart+ Global (@drjart)

As mentioned, Korean beauty brands are the strongest because they don't settle for less. Living the Korean spirit, Dr.Jart+ never stops until they achieve what they set out for. Having their own labs to conduct an experiment to create the best, innovative products, Dr.Jart+ is result-driven. They don't try out different combinations to see what they can achieve, they set a target on what they will achieve and they don't stop until they get what they want. This is the kind of spirit that makes Korean beauty brands standing out among all brands in the world.

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Hooked on Korean beauty products now? As you should. Everyone around the world is using them. You can see how powerful Korean beauty products are when you see most Korean celebrities are only using Korean products. That's something really hard to achieve for celebrities in most other countries, to only use beauty products from their country.

Don't be shy. You may be a newbie to the Korean beauty world before this article, but not anymore, now you know at least which brands to go to and what products to try out. So why are you still sitting here? Get up on your butt and get your first Korean beauty product today!