12 Tips on How To Apply Makeup on Eyes, Lips, Face

Learn how to apply makeup with these quick and easy steps

By Angelieh D. R.
12 Tips on How To Apply Makeup on Eyes, Lips, Face

Step by Step on how to apply makeup for beginners correctly

Even professionals started as makeup newbies.

Do you consider yourself a makeup newbie? Are you concerned and confused if you are doing your makeup the right way? There is no more need to fret. Not everyone starts off as a makeup guru, and of course, you have to begin somewhere. 

If you are completely new or just starting out in learning how to "put your face on" in the morning, then this guide is for you. Here is a list of basic steps and tips that could help you improve in your make-up skills:

How to apply makeup on face

1. Clean and moisturize your face

Wash your face before putting on makeup.

Like an artist that is starting off to create a work of art, it will not work well if you do not have a clean canvass. Makeup, after all, is meant to enhance the natural beauty and features of your face. It will serve you well to have a daily skin care routine that would take care of oiliness, acne, and facial scars. 

Before putting on the first layer of your makeup, make sure that your face has been washed. In the morning, you can use a low PH cleanser to lessen the risk of drying your skin and losing its natural moisture. However, if your skin really is under the naturally dry type, you can put on a thin layer of a light brand (meaning it is easily absorbed by your skin) of moisturizer. 

2. Apply your primer and foundation

Apply the primer first before the foundation.

After taking a few minutes to let the skin of your face absorb the nutrients from the moisturizer, you can now begin to apply the first layer of make-up which is the primer. The primer can often be found in lotion or cream form and its purpose is to help your make-up stay on longer, especially if you have long work shifts or if you are planning to party all night. You can apply the primer evenly using your hands, a brush or a make-up sponge. 

After putting on the primer, you can already put on your foundation. Beforehand, you should have chosen a foundation that is suitable for your skin color. Most gurus will tell you to consider your skin tone as a reference: warm versus cool tones. If you do not know how to do this, you can always ask cosmetic representatives in the stores to assist you.

Foundation comes in liquid and powder format. Liquid foundation is suitable for all skin types and is preferred by the majority of make-up enthusiasts. However, if you have oily skin, then a foundation in powder form might be more suitable to you. 

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3. Concealer: your best friend for problem areas

Concealers can be bought in a 'stick' form.

If you are worried about pimple marks, acne and eye bags, then consider buying a concealer in the same shade as your foundation. Concealer is another cosmetic product aimed at providing perfect coverage to help you hide your skin imperfections. They are available in liquid, cream and stick form. 

To apply the concealer, just dab a small amount of the product over each of your problem areas and blend properly. If the redness or darkness still shows, you can add more concealer to your satisfaction. 

How to apply makeup for eyes

4. Achieve that perfect brow

Grooming is the key to perfect brows.

First and foremost, the basis of a perfect brow would be proper grooming. As you have noticed in the popular videos of famous makeup artists, they have perfectly shaped eyebrows. You can choose to learn popular grooming methods such as using tweezers or razors and threading but you can always go for the easier but priced option by having someone professional do your eyebrow shaping for you. 

After achieving groomed eyebrows, you can now use your eyebrow pencil, paint or powder to neatly fill in your brows. The ideal color should match your hair color but can be a shade or two lighter. If you are a beginner, it would be advisable to just follow the natural shape of your eyebrows.

5. Put on a flattering shade of eyeshadow

Evening eyeshadow can be more adventurous.

One of the best techniques for putting on your eyeshadow is to choose first the right shade that would be flattering to your eye color. For example, brown-eyed girls look best with earth and blue-toned eyeshadows. While blue-eyed ladies will find shades of blue and gold flattering.

You can also base your eyeshadow color for the type of activity that you would do. For work and general morning activities, earth tones and neutral colors are ideal. However, an evening look will give you more freedom by letting you experiment with darker and brighter shades of color. 

Choose and blend three eyeshadow colors as a start.

In applying eyeshadow for a beginner, you generally need three colors: a neutral shade and two other shades which are lighter and darker than the original neutral shade. An example would be brown, tan and dark brown.

Apply first the lightest shade, the tan one, all over your eyelids up to the brow bone. You can then put in the neutral shade all over your eyelid but not passing your crease or the folded skin of your eye. Ideally, the darkest color is placed and blended well in between the other two in your crease as follows the natural shape of your eye. 

6. Master the art of the eyeliner and the mascara

Complete your eye makeup with eyeliner and mascara.

The last step in doing eye makeup is putting on the eyeliner and the mascara. The eyeliner comes in pencil, ink pen and gel pot format. There are various kinds of eyeliner styles depending on your eye-shape and the make-up look that you are going for. However, as a beginner, you may want to practice doing the regular cat-eye first. 

After the eyeliner, you can choose to put on fake eyelashes first if you prefer more noticeable lashes. But for your everyday look, you can just put on mascara directly to your eyelashes. If you do not want to the mascara to ruin your eyeshadow, you can put in a small card or piece of paper behind your lashes so that you can apply the product neatly. 

How to apply makeup on lips

7. Take time to prep your lips

Use a lip balm to moisturize dry lips.

Like when you were prepping your face before putting on your make-up, you can also opt to prepare your lips as well. To clean out or remove dead skin cells on your lip, you can make use of a lip scrub for gentle exfoliation. In addition, if you have dry lips that are prone to cracking, you can put on a colorless lip balm to moisturize them first before putting on the other lip products. 

8. Consider using a lip liner

Since you are a beginner, and especially if you are using a bold-colored lipstick, you may want to consider using a lip liner to outline your lips. You can also choose to use the lip liner as a first coat by lining your whole lip before applying your lipstick. Lip liners should be the close or the same color as your intended lipstick shade. 

9. Putting on the right shade and kind of lipstick

Red means bold and courageous.

Before you can even think of putting on your lipstick, you need to choose first the most flattering lipstick shade for you. Like with the foundations, make-up gurus would have you consider the tone of your skin. If you are not sure about this, you could simply try out colors that look pleasing to you and try them out to find the shade that suits you best. 

Your lipstick shade could also be affected by the style and color of your clothes. It can be influenced as well by the kind of personality that you want to express. Stereotypically, the red spectrum is commonly associate to bold and confident women; nude shades are for girl-next-door types; while varieties of pink connote feminine and innocent. 

Layer your lipstick evenly.

After choosing the right lipstick shade, you can just apply and layer it evenly on your exfoliated and moisturized lips. Just be mindful of matte lipsticks that have a thick consistency. Those kinds of lipsticks need just one coat that is applied perfectly, any additional layer will make it look chalky. 

How to apply makeup on cheeks

10. Know your face shape

Your face shape will serve as a guide to putting on your blush.

The purpose of putting on your blush is to give you a natural glow. They come in powder, liquid and cream form. However, aside from choosing the correct blush brush, you might also want to consider your face shape before putting on your blush. Different face shapes dictate the best areas of your face to highlight with your blush.

For example, for long, oblong faces, the ideal area is along the area of the cheekbone where the brush is moved upwards and outwards. On the other hand, for round faces, the blush area is the part lower than the cheek bones.

11. Choosing the right shade of blush

Skin color, lipstick shade and makeup style can help you decide on your blush color.

The shade of your blush should be flattering to your skin tone. For natural make-up looks, lighter skin means a lighter shade of blush and darker skin naturally needs a darker shade of blush. However, this may change depending on the kind of make-up style that you want to portray for the time of day or occasion. 

The general rule is that the right shade of blush should complement the lipstick that you are wearing. So it follows that pink blushes are for pink lipsticks; red, coral or orange for the red family of lipsticks; and a brown blush for dark lipstick colors like brown and wine. 

12. A simple blush vs. contouring

Contouring is done with bronzers and highlighters.

For simple, no fuss, and everyday make-up looks, a hint of blush is all you need to give you that needed glow. However, just in case you are wondering, there is an advanced make-up strategy called contouring. Just to introduce this technique, it is a way of using make-up to create the illusion of that perfect V-shaped face. It uses bronzers and highlighters to hide away and emphasize your facial features.

How to apply makeup like a Professional

With practice, you can be a do great makeup in no time.

It is not impossible for you to reach the level of the popular make-up gurus and aficionados, but it would take a lot of time and practice to do so. You can invest some of your time and effort to learning more about finding the best make-up look for your features and face shape. In addition, when you have already mastered some of the basics mentioned here, you can already move on to more advanced techniques like creative eyeshadow styles and contouring. 


Find the right makeup style for you.

Every lady has to begin somewhere, especially with learning about applying make-up. Most of the time, for you to find the look that is best for you, your personality and fashion style, it will take many trials and practice to get it right. You just have to be patient and learn things a little at a time. You never know, in no time, you might be the next make-up artist sensation out there or you know, you can just wow everyone every day with your perfectly made-up face. 

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