20 Popular Bag Brands People are Carrying on the Street

What are the popular bag brands millennials are donning?

By AcaciaJ
20 Popular Bag Brands People are Carrying on the Street

20 Popular Bag Brands People are Carrying on the Street

What are the Popular Bag Brands the Millennials are Donning

Millennials prefer something simple but stylish when it comes to popular bag brands. Handbags that can be dressed up or down and carried for any and every occasion. 

Both subtle and bold are best in the world of Millennial handbags. Whether large eye-catching totes or cute small crossbodies, there’s something for everyone. While not all millennials prefer logo, many do and here are some faves among the 21st century fashionistas. 

A list of 2019 popular bag brands

This year has been an amazing year for fashion altogether. Many great names have turned heads and inspired fashionistas all over the world like years prior. Even names that are somewhat new to the world of the runway have had great results and made their stylish marks. 

1. Moschino

Love Moschino logo shoulder bag with scarf

Moschino has always been adored by countless in the fashion world for it’s unique, fun, and fresh take on clothes and accessories alike. Fast forward to today Moschino still continues to, among others, dominate the world of fashion with new trends. 

Millennials are a part of those who admire this brand for their variety in styles that are both perfect for when you’re clocked in or after hours. 

2. Loewe

Gate Mini Bag Dark Lagoon/Emerald - LOEWE

One of the newer fresh-faced brands Loewe is ideal for millennials and OG’s of the fashion world alike. It’s perfect for those who like to stand out in the crowd as well as those who don’t mind being a little mix of conservative and modish. Loewe’s gorgeous handbags have certainly made their mark in 2019 and beyond. 

3. Fendi

Black leather bag - KAN U | Fendi

One of the originals in the world of exquisite handbags and sophisticated apparel, 2019 is no exception for Fendi. Like every year Fendi has stepped it up a notch with their 2019 handbag collection which features beautiful stripes, bold colors and soft hues. 

4. Chloe

See by Chloe Women's Hopper Hobo

While the brand has been around since the early 1950’s, it’s sophisticated and ladylike handbags are quite the looker for today’s millennials. They are perfect handbags for today’s stylish generation especially those who prefer a classically modern look. 

5. Balenciaga

Balenciaga Womens 5724111FE1N6406 Red Shoulder Bag

One  trend that continues to trend upward, is the athletic/leisure trend. Also known as athleisure, millennials are all for this trend as it crosse between sporty and chic. It’s no surprise that Balenciaga is on the list of hottest bag brands of 2019 especially with their athletic and stylish fanny packs. 

As if you could ever go wrong with a Louis Vuitton now with a few recent behind-the-scenes changes, Louis Vuitton is capturing Millennials’ attention even more. 

While this luxurious brand has always been loved for it’s classic designs new collaborations have brought even more eye popping designs, colors and appeal for the young millennial trendsetters of today. 

6. Longchamp

Longchamp LePliage Gray Club Tote

Colors can never go out of style and the fabulous Longchamp brand is here to make sure of it! The 2019 collection is more than a game changer filled with colorful retro patterns and designs. While any generation of fashion aficionados would fall for these handbags, millennials are guaranteed to be on the lookout 

7. Coach

COACH Jacquard Sutton Crossbody

An instant classic among women of all generations, especially of those a part of the current fashion generation of millennials. Since 2013 Coach continues to gain more and more popularity among today’s millennials and it’s easy to see why. 

Luxury Bags with logos

8. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Hnadbag

Luxury bags with logos will simply, while always fabulous, continue to evolve. Versace, Balmain, and Prada, to name a few are all high end bags that have evolved this year and made even louder trendier statements than before. Let’s take a look at a few others that have made headway in 2019. 

9. L'Academie

Millennial fashionistas absolutely adore the retro trends of today hence brands like L'Academie bringing it back with their mid-sized bags. The '90s were indeed an amazing decade in fashion and L'Academie celebrates the era with justice. With eccentric patterns on uniquely shaped handbags, millennials have gone wild for this brands 2019 collection and it's very easy to see why.

10. Barney's New York

Another trend that has come back around or maybe never quite left are straw bags. A straw bag is a handbag made from straw and Barney's New York has done a fabulous job with designing amazing straw bags. Of course, millennials have taken notice this year and have been nothing short of fabulously pleased!

11. Gucci

Gucci Black Shoulder Bag

.Gucci is and always has been admired but fashion lovers of every generation. It doesn't matter how young or old and of course, that includes millennials. This years collection features pastels, bold brights, and of course the classic Gucci pattern. 

12. Prada

Among the many designer brands, Prada is certainly a household name and continues to live up to its design expectations. Prada's 2019 handbag collection is breathtaking, to say the least, and as a whole, are ideal for literally any occasion. The 2019 collection is especially perfect for millennials making their way onto the workforce and want to dominate while taking their style above and beyond. 

13. Staud

Staud Madeline Leather Shoulder Bag

Staud is another brand that has had an amazing year this year in 2019. The nostalgic and retro trend can be seen across various designs and brands. Staud has an interesting twist on their 2019 handbag collection that has both a modern, artistic and retro feel to them. Another brand that has touched the stylish hearts of millennials. 

14. Michael Kors

Michael Kors is loved by countless for his legendary styles in accessories, clothing, and handbags. The Michael Kors line never disappoints and of course, millennials could also agree. The 2019 Michael Kors handbag collection was filled with simplistically complex and bold, colorful designs. Another collection under the Michael Kors brand that continues to inspire millennials and their fashionably bold worlds. 

Michael Kors Women's Ciara

15. Christian Dior

This multifaceted brand still continues to surprise and has also stolen the stylish hearts of countless millennials. The refreshingly sweet yet daring designs are perfect for any and all lifestyles especially that of young millennials making striking impressions with their styles. 

16. Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta Hobo Blue Leather Bag

Bottega Veneta embodies classic styles in its designs that surely turn the heads of millennials and anyone interested in standing out in the style crowd. This year we saw a peak in 90's fashion which makes this brand even more desirable for millennials. 

Some of their handbags from their 2019 collections featured purses that made a slightly retro feel with various textures and designs. It's certainly safe to say Bottega Veneta will have more than enough for millennials in their 2020 collection as well. 

17. Mulberry

Like millennials, Mulberry's 2019 handbag collection is fun, fresh, and glamour-chic. This year's collection featured lots of artistic and modish styles pleasing to the eye and perfect for a variety of styles. These especially striking styles are asolute and ideal among the millennial crowd. 

18. Yves Saint Laurent

YSL Leather Large Clutch Bag

It goes without saying that millennials are crazy for Yves Saint Laurent, as since on social media platforms like Instagram where several influencers rock the infamous YSL handbags. The name is household and so is the logo. Millennials are rocking YSL more and more soon to be into 2020.

19. Tory Burch

Tory Burch Chain Wallet Shoulder Crossbody Bag

Tory Burch is worn and admired by many in the world of style and is perfect for any woman of any lifestyle. Whether a night on a town, casual Friday or just an average fabulous day at work Tory Burch is rocked by millennials of all ages and fashion types. 

20. Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Multicolor Clutch

Christian Louboutin is well known for dominating the world of designer heels and his handbags are no different. Each year the designs become more and more fierce, making their attraction to millennials almost inevitable. It's obvious to see why the Louboutin names continue to make headlines in the fashion world, continuing to expand among millennials. 

So Which Bag Should You Be Carrying?

The world of fashion is an evergrowing industry that continues to blossom as time goes on. With the continuous evolution of concepts and designs, there truly are styles tailored for every individual and their unique tastes. 

While it's no secret each of these brands is beyond fabulous and luxurious, often times this may mean the price tag will reflect jus that. However, the great thing about brand handbags is they can often be affordable. It's more than possible to fashionably flaunt within budget especially if you're simply looking to splurge every now and then. Thankfully there are a variety of styles and price ranges for any and every fashionista passionate about their look. 

But maybe the price isn't such a challenge as it is to choose which handbag suits your style best. So many colors, styles, patterns, and designs to choose from can blur the lines between a seasonal fashion statement and a convenient stylish everyday accessory. Need a little help deciding what type of handbag is best for you? Take this fun handbag quiz to find out!

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This year has seen countless beautiful patterns and color filled ideas all created in the shape of contemporary, modish, and chic handbags. The designs donned this year are a perfect introduction to what next year will bring for millennials and all women in the world of fashion alike.