Cult-beauty cosmetic brands trending right now

Cult-beauty cosmetic brands which works and are IG worthy

By Hana O.
Cult-beauty cosmetic brands trending right now

2018 Beauty cosmetic brands which are Instagram worthy

Today’s millennials and Gen-Z shoppers are all about Instagram. All the latest trends can be discovered there. With gorgeous imagery and vast room for self-expression, it is understandable why 96% of beauty brands are using the social media platform.


It not just about form and function. Beauty brands could definitely see that a great part of their sales derives from social media sites compared to offline sites, which is why even Instagram has come up with the Shopping Feature, to provide a friendlier and direct shopping experience if you viewed something you like on the grid.

Each beauty brand’s Instagram account is as diverse as the whole platform itself. Their strategy, style and tone are crucial in gaining a steady pool of followers who in turn will become loyal customers.


The following is a list of 10 beauty brands that stand out when it comes to managing an Instagram account. They are doing it with so much glam that studying their accounts is worth it.


P.S. The ranking system is highly subjective and does not wish to come into discrepancies with other preferences. We will be doing a countdown this time beginning from 10!

10. Bare Minerals

Source: @bareminerals/ Instagram

Who doesn’t like makeup tutorials, or more specifically makeup emergency videos? Bare Minerals is popular for their quick fix videos such as completing a look when you are running late for a date or other scenarios when looking fabulous in under a minute is mandatory. These real-life situations create such an appeal to everyone making Bare Mineral’s Instagram worth following, figuratively and literally. 

9. Too Faced

Source: @toofaced/ Instagram

With over 11.6 million followers, next up is a serious makeup brand that knows how to have fun. Too Faced strategy is successful in building up the hype for an upcoming product thus stacking in the demand. This beauty brand is a master at teaser posts, doing so in advance and steadily building interest until the date of release. Once the product is out, Too Faced will then blast out a series of posts with product-specific hashtags that highlights each new item. There is no danger of redundancy or message fatigue because each new post is customized and unique.


Aside from sneak peeks, Too Faced followers also get to enjoy special offers and giveaways that the company loves doing. 

8. Chanel Beauty

Source: Instagram

Relatively new in the Instagram race is Chanel Beauty. Currently being followed by 1.4 million people, this beauty brand’s account shouts a bold and minimalist style. Some of their recent releases feature a first-person introduction of the product to the public which gives it a very unique approach. Simple statements and bold photographs work for Chanel. 

7. Benefit

Source: @benefitcosmetics/ Instagram

Benefit’s boss strategy is audience interaction. They engage with their followers by asking them questions, inviting current followers to tag and share and continuing to expose the brand to new audiences. One way they ensure interaction is 'regramming'. They share other posts with their products, properly tag the Instagrammer and indicate the Benefit product in each picture. This approach definitely covers a lot of key areas in one post.

6. Maybelline

Source: @maybelline/ Instagram

Instagram stories are Maybelline’s specialty. They have stories for makeup tips and tricks, reviews and product releases. Another common theme with this beauty brand’s strategy is a closeup on women’s faces showcasing the products. Scrolling down Maybelline’s account, I’ve got to admit, it works. Seeing women from different races, with different complexions, it is pleasing and convincing to any eye. Maybelline’s Instagram account is portraying a very down-to-earth vibe that anyone can relate to. 

5. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Source: @anastasiabeverlyhills/ Instagram

Eyebrows. One of the most important aspects of any look are the brows. Anastasia Beverly Hills knows that and is successfully using that to their advantage. Their account is full of video tutorials, which are mostly reposted, teaching everyone how to get the perfect brows on fleek. This approach is highly effective because they don’t have to hire professionals or models to market their products. By 'regramming', everyone can learn specific techniques from people who have tried and tested the skill of perfecting the eyebrows. Every girl knows that the brows can make or break a look. 

4. Glossier

Source: @glossier/ Instagram

Have you ever had a teddy bear? Something so fun and squishy? That’s basically Glossier’s Instagram account. It is so friendly and fun that you can’t help but interact with the brand. Just-for-fun and chic posts, a lot of 'regrams', and making sure to showcase that Glossier pink in almost everything is making the name Glossier cross everyone’s newsfeed. The theme of the account is so light and bright that you just can’t help but give it a virtual hug. 

3. Sephora

Source: @sephora/ Instagram

 With over 16 million followers, the next on the list is Sephora. So why is Sephora winning in the Instagram game? Well, based on their account, color and coverage is their forte. Sephora is everything about beauty, from makeup to skincare; and they have products that range from budget-friendliness to luxury. They act as a middleman and gather all the latest products from different brands and connect them with customers.

A splash of color is what followers are to expect from this beauty brand giant. It is like Sephora exploited every hue from the rainbow then dumped a bucket-full of glitter and bling. In addition to this, product discounts and promos are common to this Instagram account which is another way to keep followers and customers loyal to Sephora. 

2. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Source: @fentybeauty/ Instagram

Rihanna definitely heard the struggles of women of darker complexion when finding the right makeup that compliments their skin type and did something about it. Hence, Fenty Beauty was born. It is exciting times in the beauty industry as deeper-skin-toned women are more represented in a place usually reserved for paler skin. And the Instagram account of this brand is making sure that it continues in this direction. 

Culture, race and complexion, no matter what differences there might be, Fenty Beauty’s Instagram account makes sure that there is one thing in common among those ladies: beauty. Real life reviews and stories showing how ecstatic the women are after trying on the products are posted in the account which only boosts the popularity of the brand.

1. MAC Cosmetics

Source: @maccosmetics/ Instagram

Coming in first place is none other than MAC Cosmetics. While the other Instagram accounts on the list go for a fun and chic look, MAC has successfully trademarked its style to be of class and luxurious glam. MAC is a professional in what it does and they make sure that everyone knows it by being committed to posting only the best in their account. Another characteristic that MAC has that makes it the boss is a loyal fanbase. With hashtags like #MACArtistChallenge or #MyArtistCommunity, MAC celebrates the makeup artist community and effectively showcases its products to be of high professional quality. The company is also very vocal in supporting advocacies like an AIDS and HIV Fund.

With over 20.3 million followers, I guess it is time to hit that follow button.

Korean brands that won people over with its minimalist packaging

It is a fact that Korean beauty brands are making huge waves in the beauty industry across the globe not only because of decently priced products but also because they are highly effective. Korean products are also known for their minimalist design and packaging making them even more appealing to the public.

You can be sure that there are plenty of good Korean products and there will be more to come, but for the meantime, let’s take a look at some of these trending brands.

1. Huxley

A contemporary Korean beauty brand that boasts of ingredients sourced from Morocco. The base of its products is organic Sahara cactus oil which is hand-selected and cold-pressed to maximize effectivity. Huxley specializes in anti-aging products that are rich in nourishment and anti-oxidants.

Huxley Anti-Gravity Cream

Price: $48.00

Huxley Anti-Gravity Cream

Perfect for all skin types, this anti-oxidant rich cream will smoothen rough and dull skin. Huxley uses only safe and certified-organic ingredients. More than half of this cream is made with its special ingredient: Sahara cactus oil which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Polatam

Polatam goes down to the basics with its products in its skincare lineup. They specialize in masks and creams that revives the skin and reverses aging. The products are usually packaged in light pastel shades or white, making it very soft on the eyes and therefore soft on the face.

Polatam Pure Cream Mask Firming Radiance

Price: $7.00

Polatam Pure Cream Mask Firming Radiance

This rich and milky essence is packed with Korean oak tree sap extract that is full of natural minerals to hydrate and brighten the skin. Milk protein extract, licorice, dandelion and rose extracts are also included in the mask to help repair and smoothen the skin. The product is soft, thin, breathable and hypoallergenic.

3. Blosson Jeju

Products from this brand are derived from simple and unique blends of the purest natural plant oils like camellia seed oil. Botanical extracts from Jeju are also tapped in order to create a skin care brand that can restore the natural vitality and radiance of the skin. The packaging is in a simple yet chic bottle in pink and white.

Pink Camellia Soombi Essence Serum

Price: $58.24

Pink Camellia Soombi Essence Serum

A super lightweight essence serum that is also rich in anti-oxidants and leaves the skin smooth, youthful and radiant. One drop is enough to cover large areas of the face making it a very economical purchase.


From Instagram tips and tricks to simple packaging, there are so many ways to make a certain beauty brand click with the market. Whether you are planning to launch your own product or looking at the latest trends in the beauty industry, we here at PandaGossips hoped we got to satisfy your curiosity by looping you in with the latest trends in what’s in and what’s out.