5 cute and interesting hair app you should download

Get trending, interesting hair colors inspo on these hair apps

By Aey
5 cute and interesting hair app you should download

Our phones are our world. They are the major source of all information we receive and all the information we disseminate. Whether its social media, news, finding things online, watching movies and shows, our phone is like the Holy Grail that we absolutely need to survive in this day and age.

We perceive the world through our phones and we perceive ourselves, our likes and dislikes, our individuality also through our phones. While there is a ton of information online which we can access through our phones, we also have the ability to get specific software’s for our daily use through the use of phone applications. One such application trend which is on the rise these days and is helping many individuals in defining themselves and their style is hair styling and coloring applications. These applications are available on Play Store and iOS for free and sometimes with a minimum fee, can help us decide our personal style. 

3 Good Reasons to Download Hair Apps

1. Decide your new look

One of the biggest advantages of downloading hair applications is that they help you decide your new look. Deciding on a new look or a hairstyle is never an easy task, especially for young girls and boys who are fashion conscious and trend savvy. For them, finding the right look is not just about looking good it is also about making a statement about their style. Hair applications can help these youngsters and adults decide on what new trends would look good on them whether it’s a certain hair color or a new hairstyle they want to try, these applications can give them an idea by using different filters on what will look good on their face structure, and with their skin tone. Therefore, these applications are a must try!  

2. Cost savings

Hair applications are a smart solution in this seemingly smart and fast-paced world. Gone are the days when people would go to hairdressers for long consultations to discuss what will look good or not on their hair. These days’ people can dye their hair at home without any help from the salon and different products are available in the market and online to do just that. Or some people just decide what they want beforehand and tell their hairdressers exactly what they are looking for since no one has time these days for long chats. This decision making is made easier with hair applications and can give people a pretty good idea on what color to opt for their hair. It also saves them money before all the experimenting begins. 

3. They are fun

Our consumerism today is entertainment and fun driven. We like things that can keep us engaged, are fun and well, available on our phone. Hair applications do just that and make our phone experience colorful and engaging. They are easy to use, they give us a chance to change our look and try new filters and share them with our friends. We can take funny and quirky pictures with different hairstyles and hair colors and post them on social media to get responses from our followers. We can even do a poll and see what people think would look good on us. Most of all these hair applications can give us the much-needed push that we need to change our hairstyle and color and which we might have been avoiding for a while. 

5 Best Interesting Hair Apps That Are Free For Android And For iOS

1. Hairstyle Magic Mirror (Lite)

Source : Google Play Store

Magic Mirror Demo, Hair styler
‎Hairstyle Magic Mirror Lite

This hair application, Hairstyle Magic Mirror Lite, allows you to experiment with your hair in different ways. It is very realistic looking which makes it better than other hair applications available in the market and the app store. All you have to do is take a picture from your camera or upload a picture of your face. The application will ask you to choose a hairstyle first and then choose a hair color. You can experiment with a couple of color options to see what is best suited for you. The only downside of this application is that only a few hair colors are available for free, the rest have to be purchased and can cost you some money. Nonetheless, if you want a change then the application is definitely worth a try. 

2. Hair Color Studio

Source: Google Play Store

Hair Color Studio

This is another very popular application on the app store to experiment with different hair color simulations. Once you have taken or uploaded your picture, you can choose a hair mask or a color and then edit your hairline and fine tune it accordingly. The application allows you to choose as well as suggests realistic hair simulations and some out of the box ones that you might want to experiment with in real life. You can choose a hair accessory to decorate your hair and add a little something extra to your hair. Various filters are also available on this application to make the experience fun and engaging for you. You can share the final done-up picture with your friends to get their feedback before you decide on changing your hair color. 

3. Hairstyle Makeover

Hairstyle Makeover

This is another popular application on the store for Android and iOS users. This app is all about hairstyles and how to get the hairstyle that you want. The app has a list of modern hairstyles which are trendy and fun and gives you a chance to try them all by yourself at home. With your avatar that will show you how the style would look on you, you can get the perfect hairstyle that is easy to make, fashionable and the latest style. Whether its braids or hair buns, this application will allow you to experiment and try all types of hairstyles.

4. Virtual Makeover


Virtual Makeover

This is another beauty and makeover application by Modiface which is particularly popular for its very realistic makeup and hairstyle suggestions. This application allows you to not only change your hairstyle but also lets you experiment with your makeup. You can choose very realistic looking makeup of your choice and taste to try on. Pair it with a nice hairstyle with your favorite hair color and complete your virtual transformation by adding a bit of accessory to the mix. Once you are done, you can always share the picture with your friends and family to get their feedback on your very realistic looking transformation. The application has the latest facial recognition algorithm which makes it better than most applications. Plus it has more than 2000 cosmetic shades and about 80 hairstyles and colors.

5. Style My Hair

Style My Hair

L’Oreal is a well-known name when it comes to hair care, beauty and is especially known for its professional hair colors. This 3D hair makeover application is developed by L’Oreal Paris to help you figure out your next look for the season. You can use this app by downloading it on the phone or you can even use it on their website. The application allows you to either use your own picture or a real-life model to experiment with hair transformations. You can cut your hair the way you want, style it as you want and then choose the color that you want to try. Apart from just choosing shades, you can also choose highlights and low lights for your hair, popular hair colors such as ombre and platinum blond can also be tried.

To sum it up

Experimenting with hair is always fun and now it’s become even easier to try out new looks with these fun and easy phone applications. Virtual transformations allow you to select and choose the style and hair color of your dreams without spending any extra money at the salon or the hairdresser. Hair applications are also fun to use. Their sole purpose is to help you decide what style and color look best on you. What’s more is that these applications are engaging, have fun filters and give you a chance to share your altered hair with your friends and family on social media. Now, who is getting those high votes on 2019 latest hair trend?