Tips And Guide On How To Care For Combination Skin

Skincare routine and guide on looking after combination skin

Tips And Guide On How To Care For Combination Skin

The Meaning of Combination Skin Type

Are you experiencing dry and oily parts on your face skin? Then you are absolutely having a combination skin. It is typically characterized by a mixture of oily parts and a dry area along the different areas of your skin.

Dry areas include: Jaw area, alongside the hairline and cheeks which usually appear to be slightly dry compared to the other parts of your face.

Oily areas include: These areas appear to be slightly oily than normal, the T zone - your nose, forehead, and chin.

How to Determine if You Have Combination Skin?

As many people may tend to confuse combination skin with other skin problems, here are the most common symptoms to help you identify if you belong to combination skin type: 

1. Shiny skin

Individuals with combination skin do have unbalanced shiny skin, meaning some parts are dry while other parts are shiny.  The shine is more dominant within the T-Zone.

2. Flaky patches

This is another symptom that is common within many women with combination skin. Flaky patches are results to dry skin; it generally refers to skin peeling. Some might argue that this may be caused by other agents and that definitely is true, but if you have both the shiny skin across T-Zone and flaky patches on the other side of your face then its definitely combination skin. 

3. Larger pores

If you are having oily patches, you may have noticed that pore within this area seems to be a bit larger than normal. This is caused by sebaceous gland producing excess sebum, which in turn blocks the pores forcing them to enlarge.

4. Blackheads and Whiteheads

This condition is caused by oily skin. Having excess sebum on your skin causes the oil might get trapped within the pores which combines with dead skins cells and any other debris causing a plug. When the plug is exposed to air it leads to blackhead and when sealed it causes whitehead.

Causes of Combination Skin

One of the main cause of combination skin is inherited from your parents. If your parents struggled with the oily skin around T-zone and dry skin, then you will be tasked to deal with it as well. Oily, dry, combination skin and sensitive skin conditions are mostly inherited, these conditions are a genetically coded to a sebaceous gland that leads to the above conditions occurring on your skin with a slight change in their functions or structure.

Besides being inherited there are environmental factors that may lead to combination skin. The topmost causative factor regarding environmental factors is the use of harsh products on your skin. Using products that have dry ingredients might trigger combination skin. This is due to the fact that the product used might have interfered with sebaceous glands healthy performance. Abstain from using products that might affect your skin structure since it may cause a permanent disorder on your skin.

Routine and Care Measures for Combination Skin


Most people struggle to manage combination skin, this is simply because it requires a proper delicate in order to maintain their skin in the right condition without affecting the healthy parts of the skin. The following are effective skin routine that should be practised on a daily basis:

1. Skin Protection

You should be able to protect your skin from sunburn (damage) by applying oil or using a moisturizer daily. Apply it on your neck, neckline and face. Never skip SPF. 

2. Cleanse

Clean your face using a cleanser engineered for combination skin when removing your oil, makeup and grime. When cleaning your face, you should begin with a gentle cleanser to ensure that you din strip your face which will leave your skin feeling uncomfortable.

3. Scrap or Flake

Remove the dead layers of skin by using a moisturizer that contains hydroxyl acids which also helps by ensuring dry skins does not flake.  Exfoliation is an important key aspect to protect your skin at night, by allowing your skin to soak after scraping away dirt and dead skin.

4. Moisturize Your Skin

You will need to have an oil-free moisturizer that works on combination skin. You might even need to use two different moisturizers for both dry and oily parts of your skin, apply a more emollient moisturizer over the dry areas and the lightest weight but effective formulas on the oily side. The key to managing combination skin is knowing how to layer your skincare effectively.

Set a morning routine with a day cream and a hydrating one for the night. Place emphasis that you will need to work on both the dry and oily aspect of your face, nothing too heavy that creates clogged pores and not allowing the face to breathe under the layers of moisturizers. 

Products Suitable for Combination Skin

In order to prevent or to care for combination skin one should choose the right products to apply on his or her face. To easily managed combination ski, you should avoid using products that contain drying alcohols, petrochemical and overly caustic essential oils.

The products below are some of the suitable products for combination skin;

1. Clinique Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser

Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser | Clinique

It is most suitable for removing sunscreen and makeup within a short period without stripping all the oil from your skin. It has a creamy texture and also contains comforting botanicals that are best fit for combination skin.

2. Murad Balancing Moisturizer

Balancing Moisturizer | Murad Skin Care Products

This is one of the best daytime moisturizers that is highly recommended to people with combination skin. It is a lightweight lotion that contains sunscreen for sun protection and keeps your skin moisturized or hydrated. It is important in preventing blackheads and has an exquisite subtle scent.

3. Seaweed Oil Clarifying Toner

Skincare | Seaweed Oil-Balancing Toner - The Body Shop

Seaweed oil balancing toner is an alcohol-free toner that enables you to easily recuperate and rebalance your skin. It is suitable for combination skin - it is a mineral reach, extracted from cucumber and algae and is an alcohol-free product.



Ayurvedic Facial Scrub is one of the products that will help you exfoliate your skin without drying your cheeks while absorbing excess oil on across the T_zone hence balancing your skin. This product achieves this by making sure the dry parts allows moisturizers to work perfectly by scrubbing the dead skin cells layer, also by clearing the pores on the oily parts through absorption of excess oil. Try this exfoliator for better and healthy results ruslts 

5. REN Clarifying Toning Lotion

Ren Clarifying Tonic Lotion, 5.1 Fluid Ounce

This is also a recommended product for quality results when dealing with combination skin problems. REN Clarifying toner helps in keeping the pores clear and tight across the T-zone. It achieves these through exfoliating enzymes in this product.

6. Erno Laszlo Anti Blemish Beta Purifying Mask

Erno Laszlo Anti Blemish Beta Purifying Mask, 3.3 fl. oz.

This product helps to exfoliate, moisturize, tone and blemish-prone skin. It enables the reduction of whiteheads and blackheads with the aid of salicylic acid, the acid also absorbs excess oil in the skin hence brightening the skin. you can invest in this product since it is a results-driven products with an effective combination of antibacterial ingredients.

7. Aromatherapy Associates Mattifying Skin Serum

Aromatherapy Associates Mattifying Skin Serum

If you want to keep your shiny and dry skin at bay this is the product for you. It has an ability of producing oil to compensate the oil lost in dry parts of the skin at the same time it tries to prevents over-production of oil in the oily parts of the skin (T-Zone). Besides of all that it treasures your beauty and keeps your skin look gorgeous you desire.

8. Decleor Aroma Purete Masque

DECLÉOR Aroma Pureté 2 In 1 Purifying and Oxygenating Mask (50ml)

When applying Decleor Aroma Purete Masque you will have to leave the mask for up-to ten minutes for it to purify, mortify and tighten the pores around the T-Zone. This product is perfect multi-tasker when it comes to rebalancing oily complexions on your skin and exfoliator which is important in removing dead skin cells.    


To be able to take good care of combination skin, you will need to know it well so as to choose the best care routine to use. Also knowing what triggers it will help you manage it easily. The above tips and guide on how to take care of combination skin regarding the causes, care routine and product suitable for combination skin are enough you to keep your day going on as great as possible.