The best hair color for fall and winter 2018- 2019

Get ready for that fall/winter look with these best hair colors

By Aey
The best hair color for fall and winter 2018- 2019

The arrival of winter is a chance to revamp your look and what better way to achieve that than to change your hair color and mix things up. Picking the perfect hair color for winter is just like picking the perfect wardrobe to cozy up in the cold and dry weather. Since this is the age of individuality, adding a bit of yourself and your personal style in picking your hair color is important. Moreover, knowing what looks best for your skin tone is also an important thing to consider when choosing the perfect hair color this winter. 

The trend of Fall/Winter 2018-2019

The trend for the fall 2018 and 2019 is all about diversity! Warm colors such as browns, warm blondes, and warm reds will give some warmth to the cold winter this season. However, it’s not just about the warm colors but also the vibrant colors this winter. Neons are all the rage in Hollywood and especially big with all music divas who seem to be reveling in their bright hair and are bringing some life and color in the dull hues of winter. Here are some hair colors to try this winter that will definitely complement your skin tone. 

Best hair color for fair skin

Knowing what suits your complexion is key to getting the perfect hair color. People with lighter skin tone must first identify their undertones to choose the ideal hair color.

1. Yellow undertones

If your skin is fair with a yellowish and peach undertone then blonde is your go-to color. Any color with a golden sheen will look good on you and even light undertones of red might blend well with the golden sheen. It is best to avoid ashen tones for this skin type.

2. Rosy undertones

People with a rosy undertone and light skin will also look good in blondes and platinum. Ash blonds will definitely look good with rosy skin hues. Darker base shades might dull the complexion and therefore should be avoided.

3. Bluish undertones

Those with very fair and icy skin with bluish and green undertones should avoid blondes though. For this skin shade, the best hair colors are dark colors such as blacks and browns that complement the greenish tinge in the skin by making it glow. Even colors such as mahogany with purplish and red tinges will complement this skin tone and will bring some life to the dark base hair color.

4. Bronze undertones

Fair skin with a bronze undertone will always look good in coppery and chestnut tones. People with this skin tone will also look good in brown and red undertones in their hair.

Best hair color for dark skin

When choosing hair color, always remember that some will work better than others depending on your skin tone and undertones. For people with darker skin tones, the hair color trend keeps on changing from dark to bright and light. All colors can make you stand out with your dark skin tone.

1. Light brown skin

For people with light brown skin, a complimentary light brown shade will accentuate the skin tone and will brighten up the face. Caramel blondes and ombre hair shades will also look good with light brown skin. Not only will they brighten up the eyes but will also give a great texture to your hair.

2. Medium brown skin

People with medium brown skin tones have a range of hair color options to choose from yet it is best that they opt for dark colors as it will help highlight their features and will provide a good frame to their face. Lowlights or highlights with a dark base color will look really good on this skin tone. The best colors to add to your dark hair are mahogany, reds and chestnut tones.

3. Dark brown skin

For people with dark brown skin, the best thing to make your skin pop and to make your personality shine is to add a splash of bright color. Whether it’s a bright vibrant purple or shades of neon that you experiment with, all colors will make you stand out and will look great this winter.

Best hair color for gray hair

Gray hair is a pain for all and especially if you are a young woman, premature graying can be a hit to your self-esteem and can actually make you look older than you are. Dying your hair is the best option to deal with gray hair and while a lot of options are available in the market to self-dye your hair you can always opt for a professional to dye your hair as it will give you the best results and will also give you an idea on what hair color will suit you best and what colors are relatively easier to maintain.

Dye the gray

A lot of women opt for streaks or highlights to cover the gray hair. The color options such as ombre, blond or chestnut streaks are usually popular as they not only cover the gray but also blend in well with the grays when new roots come out. Another easy fix for gray hair is to choose a hair dye which matches your natural hair color. While you might have to touch up your roots every 20 to 30 days, this is a low maintenance, easy and manageable fix for gray hair especially if you have a busy work schedule.

Best hair color for blue eyes

Blue eyes are one of the rarest colors in the world. It is also the most striking color when it comes to eye colors and to recognize what hair color will look best with blue eyes you must factor in your skin tone as well. Usually warm and natural browns complement blue eyes but a bold and electric color can always make your blue eyes pop, it all depends on personal preference, skin tone, and your age. While younger girls and teenagers with blue eyes can rock an electric blue or blood red to bring out the blue in their eyes, older women may want to opt for something more somber.

Knowing your tone

Women with warm skin tones and blue eyes should consider sticking to warm browns and warm blondes as it will not only complement their eyes but also their skin tone. Women with a much cooler skin tone and blue eyes might want to consider ashen tones in browns and blondes. They will also look good in platinum, shades of blue and lavender. For an olive skin tone and blue eyes, the best colors include shades of mahogany, dark browns, hazelnut and even bright colors such as green and purple will complement your blue eyes.

Best hair color for green eyes

Green is one of the most beautiful eye colors in the world and choosing the right hair color to bring out the color in your eyes is therefore very important as it will either dull down or brighten up your complexion and eyes. One of the things that you must do while choosing the right hair color shade that goes with your eye color is to identify the undertone in your green eyes. If you have hazel undertones then a warmer hair color will suit you better. If you have a cool and bluish undertone to your green eyes then a cooler color will make your eyes stand out.

Knowing your tone

Your skin tone also plays an important role in determining the right hair color. People with cool and pale skin and green eyes are likely to look good in platinum, ash and strawberry shades. Burgundy and purplish shades will also complement this combination of skin tone and eyes. For a warm skin tone and green eyes, blondes are your best friend. A nice golden hue to your hair will accentuate the green in your eyes. You might want to try champagne and caramel colors to get the perfect Barbie look.


Choosing the perfect hair color is all about knowing your skin tone and then deciding on an ideal shade that will bring out your complexion. Eye color also plays an important role in determining the perfect hair shade and should not be ignored when choosing a hair dye. It is always best to consult a professional hairdresser before dying your hair because the wrong hair dye can not only make you look sallow and washed-out but may also dull down your facial features and can make you seem older than you are.