The Rise Of Fake Boobs: How To Identify If She Did A Boob Job

Against or for plastic? Find out how to identify a fake boob!

By Diana Nadim
The Rise Of Fake Boobs: How To Identify If She Did A Boob Job

Everything About Her Boobs - Fake or Real!

Everything about her boobs - fake or real! That’s not a strange topic that few women wouldn’t want to discuss. Can you identify fake or real boobs? Well, that’s great. Whether you’re able to tell the difference, more stuff is exciting for you here.

Most celebrities and models want that natural-looking cleavage boost. Today’s ordinary woman sees nothing good about the fake pair! Although in recent years, a more athletic look is in fashion over boob job, a few stars still prefer counterfeit boobs! But wait for a second!

What’s the big deal? The stars are no longer going for a full bust, but something else, which leaves people guessing! Read on to find more on this exciting piece.

At present, most women want a natural appearance for their bust. Now you know the reasons behind the move from large implants to smaller breast enlargements. Plastic surgeon Mr. Richards of Aurora Clinics confirms this to FEMAIL. Guess what? Their little secret is out!

Let’s move on. The next section would interest you. Read along and discover why they flavor fake boobs.

The Rise Of Fake Boobs: How To Identify If She Did A Boob Job

Long-time ago, few people could afford plastic surgery for their breasts. Today, research shows that more women are going for the knife! Why wear a fake bust, anyway! Check out some examples of a few famous people who of late look fuller in the chest.

These famous people admitted to having breast implants. They include Singer Britney Spears, Actress Lindsay Lohan, Businessperson Victoria Beckham, Model Kate Hudson, and Model Gisele Bundchen.

Others on this list are Actress Pamela Anderson, Supermodel Cindy Crawford, and Supermodel Tyra Banks. Not forgetting Actress Angelina Jolie, and Star Khloe Kardashian also wear fake boobs. The list is endless! Let’s hear from you, do you have more names to add? Great, drop them here!

Each year, hundreds of thousands of females go for surgery. However, it seems the solution is the same for all these women, but not the reason.

Why Women Go For Fake Boobs

1. Recent Weight Loss

When you lose weight, you get excess skin pockets near the tits and breast drooping. Many women who have reduced their size in past days prefer breast augmentation to boost their bust. That combines well with their smaller waistlines.

2. Small Size Tits

Natural tits come in all sizes and shapes, so do women! In some, `micromastia’ is a common cause of their underdeveloped mammary glands after puberty. However, others have small boobs because of genetics.

Popular bra size is medium. Small and big isn’t common, and thus, such women find it challenging to wearing low-cut tops or bikinis without bras. You may ask why it is so. This is because they feel embarrassed, and it’s difficult for them to get fitting outfits.

3. Youthful Looks

As you grow older, so does your bust! Aging makes one’s breasts lose volume, look saggy, and lose their elastic. This leaves them looking aged. You can’t fight gravity and win the war! Most women, whatever the age, go for breast implants for a youthful and curvy look.

4. Post Pregnancy

Breastfeeding moms fear sagging boobs. Therefore, most opt for surgery as a remedy. Why? This is because it’s a makeover to restore that structure after pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Now, this is one main reason for wearing a fake bust.

All these three processes can bring significant changes to your body, although breastfeeding causes much damage. A good example is breast droop, volume loss, and size reduction.

5. Mastectomy

Breast cancer is one deadly cause of death in the world today. However, with proper and prompt medical care, it’s possible to control and treat it. Mastectomy patients seek to undergo augmentation surgery to restructure their tits back to normal. This process helps the survivor heal emotionally.

6. Self-confidence and Self-esteem

Are you unhappy about your breast appearance? Then, without a doubt, it sucks to struggle with self-esteem and confidence. Normal size boobs play a significant part in femininity; therefore, any woman who isn’t happy with hers often feels insecure.

Overall, that’s why some women hide under fake boobs to gain confidence in their looks. You must wonder why it’s hard to notice someone with fake tits. Guess what; the following part will answer that for you.

How To Tell Real or Fake Breasts

Besides the surgery, not everyone will swing to show them off, except for a few obvious cases. Here's a list of six tips on how to smoke the fake out!

1. Too High

If set too high on the upper body and not around the armpits, then those are probably implants. It’s easy to spot them when one is wearing a bathing suit. There’s a difference with how a push-up bra appears on the bust. So, it can’t be the one!

2. Scars

Plastic surgeons have four parts in general, where they can access your bust with ease. These areas are under the tits, around the nipples or armpits, and above the belly button. So, when you see such a scar, then boom; there’s everything about her fake boob!

3. Looks Too Good!

Giant non-sagged tits during adolescence will always drop because of their less roundness nature, weight, and a flat top. Someone will opt for plastic breasts to prevent the droopy and saggy outcome.

4. They Are Too Close

Breasts are usually 2 or 3 inches apart from the middle. Except in this scenario, the implants make the gap narrow. It appears as though they touch each other, which looks false.

5. Pears vs. Cantaloupes

If you want to know the real breasts, then find pear and check the shape. Compared to melons, the breast is fuller at the bottom. Most artificial mammary glands have an even silicon distribution. So, watch out for this great tip

6. Slosh

It’s rare to slosh, unless at increased attitude. Silicone implants may produce a sloshing echo when the wearer moves. The cause of this is less fill in the implant, thus creating an air pocket. The good thing is it’s not loud enough for the public.

Bust The Truth

Overall, it’s not too late should you want to feel young and sexy. In fact, according to BAAPS, over 8,000 people did breast augmentation last year in the UK. Whether you hate or love them, your natural boob size is there to stay! For more insights, here’re some exciting stories on how women deal with their situations.

Be Proud of Your Breast: Story of a Mum and Pole Dancing

‘Pole dance enlarged my breasts’

Here is the story of a travel agent, Silvia Fontana, wife to Tom at 27 years. They live in London with their one-year-son. Silvia has REAL breasts!

“My tits are size 34 C and real and have always been happy about them,” says Silvia, a mom of one. After post-breastfeeding, she noticed they were smaller, not a full as she was before being pregnant. Nevertheless, whatever she sees in the mirror is a perfect match with her other body parts. At all times, her man is overjoyed with her figure before and after having a baby.

Pole dancing twice a week made a significant change to the muscles behind the breasts. This movement pulled up her boobs, leaving them bigger and fuller. She says doing a boob surgery is not her piece of cake!

Be Proud Of Your Breast: Love Your Fake or Real Boobs

‘There were days I longed for smaller boobs.’

Jessica Burdett is a 30-year-old recruitment consultant and lives Bournemouth. The two-year-old-girl mom has FAKE boobs!

“Bulling during my teenage period led to having my boobs enlarged at 21 years. I got $250 as a gift from my mom and took a loan of $4,000 for the boob job. I went from a small size 34 D to 34 E.”

She says she knew her desire and even cared for her seven days during recovery. At first, there was swelling, but once they settled, she began to value what the implants did. They changed from size G during pregnancy and back to size E after birth. The worse thing is after birth, her baby refused to latch.

Looking in the mirror, she says there’s the odd day when she wishes they were smaller. People react well when they realize her breast were enhanced, and that makes her feel more confident. After a decade, they are still perky, and she doesn’t regret her decision!

Well, you heard it! Everything about her boobs - fake or real! So, what’s your boob story? Are they real or fake? Let’s hear it!

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There you have it - all you need to know about plastic or natural breasts. Nothing makes it easy when you want to identify them than this piece. Should you wish to follow that path, the choice is yours. However, first, seek some medical help from an expert.