What Are The Matching Makeup Tones For Warm Undertones?

The best makeup tones to work on people with warm undertones

By eronsalexander
What Are The Matching Makeup Tones For Warm Undertones?

Understanding warm Undertone Skin

Source: https://www.colorescience.com

When analyzing skin undertones, many people make the mistake of assuming that what is being talked about is the tone of their skin but how wrong they are. Your skin tone is different from your skin’ undertone hence they mean different things. The undertone of your skin is the color beneath the surface of your skin. As a matter of fact, two people may have the same skin color but different undertones. Attempting to use the same fashion material colors used by someone you know who has the same skin tone may leave you disappointed with the final result you’re looking for. For clarity of purpose, undertones are broken down into 3 categories.

  1. Cool Undertones
  2. Warm Undertones  
  3. Neutral Undertones

Understanding undertones will help you determine the colors that work best for you.

If you do not know how to check for your skin undertone, here are some few tricks to use to know which category you fall into.  

1. Vein Examination

One way of doing it is to carefully examine your veins by checking your wrist. If your veins appear blue, you most likely have a cool undertone but if it appears green, your skin undertone is a warm one. 

2. Old Jewelry Trick

You can also use the jewelry trick method to find out. Imagine for a moment the colors that fit you best. Warm undertoned women look really good on gold. 

3. Eye & Hair Color

Another way to verify your undertone is by analyzing your hair and eye color. Colors that suit your eye and hair color will fit your skin’s appearance as well.  Warm toned women often have brown, amber, hazel or black hair. 

4. Sun’s Effects

Under the sun, if your skin turns golden brown you are definitely warm toned.

Best Lipstick Colors for Warm Undertone Skin

Often times, we go shopping for lipsticks not knowing which color suits us. Even fashionistas and beauty experts don’t find it easy picking the right lipstick color. If you are feeling confused when you go shopping for lipsticks, knowing your undertone is a good way to start. For ladies with warm skin undertones, the best lipstick colors will be warm shades. Picking a color that makes your skin tan into a bright golden hue will be perfect for you. As a general rule, colors that go well with warm skin undertones are yellow, golden and peach.

Here are some very cool lipsticks you can go for if your skin has a warm undertone. 

1. Lipsense Apple Cider

LipSense - SeneGence International

Lipsense series has a protective barrier that keeps the gloss waterproof and is easy to apply. Lipsense Apple Cider is a perfect lipstick choice if you have a warm skin undertone.

2.Maybelline ColorSensational Vivid Matte Liquid in Orange Shot

Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick - Maybelline

This lipstick has a warm orange undertone that provides the perfect shade for your skin color. The intense color will bring out the warm tone and emphasize the glowing skin tone you have!

3. Gerard Cosmetics Hydra - Matte Liquid Lipstick

Amazon.com : Gerard Cosmetics Nude Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipstick : Beauty

This liquid matte lipstick is a medium lipstick with a rosy brown color specifically made for warm undertones. The Hydra Matte makes you super gorgeous and chic when you wear it.

Best Foundation to work on warm undertone skin

Just like with your lipstick, you should endeavor to make a statement with the foundations you use when you step out for business or for pleasure. You can’t afford to make a mistake when picking the best foundation for your warm undertone. You should get it right with your lipstick, foundation and everything else for that perfect outlook.

Here are some very good foundation cosmetics that fit warm undertones.

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base

Amazon.com: jane iredale PurePressed Base SPF 20 Mineral Foundation Refill, Radiant: Jane Iredale: Luxury Beauty

Pure pressed base by Jane Iredale is a weightless matte foundation containing very powerful anti-oxidants such as pomegranates and pine bark extracts for extra UV protection. It has the same color shade as your skin and makes it even better.

Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation by Smashbox

Amazon.com: Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation, 1 oz 0.2 (Very Fair With Warm, Peachy Undertone): Beauty

Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation is a high performance liquid foundation that provides a perfect skin tone without blocking your skin’s pores. What’s more? It can last for about 24 hours if you don’t wash the paste off. Made from breathable polymers, it feels comfortable on your skin.

Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation

Amazon.com : Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation, No. 1N1 Creme, 1 Ounce : Beauty

Laura Mercier is a natural Mosaic made from the most luminous organic ingredients. It gives your skin a unique candlelit glow day and night. Laura Mercier has calibrated radiant Pearl Mica embedded in a medium formula that mimics the glow of lighted candles when applied on the face.

Best Hair Colors for People with Warm Undertone Skin

Concerning hair color, you should only pick colors that compliment and brings out the best in your skin. Using the right colors makes a whole lot of difference which is why you should be careful when picking hair colors. You don’t have to be a trained beautician to make the right choice all the time as you can follow this simple step by step process to identify the best hair colors for your warm skin undertone based on whether you are have more autumn color or summer color charactistics.

Autumn Color Characteristics

Eye color

Hazel green eyes with golden flecks or golden brown eyes (Your eyes tend to have a jewel green color that leans towards a brown, green, hazel or golden brown eyes).

Skin Tone

Your skin glows (You tan easily under the sun or your skin appears pale. 

Hair Color

Your natural hair color has a rich or dark brown color. Blondes generally don’t have autumn characteristics.

Colors with a red undertone or an orange base will work just fine. Other colors in this category include:

  • Rich Auburns
  • Milk Chocolate or Chocolate Brown
  • Copper
  • Caramel
  • Golden Browns
  • Warm and Beige Blonde

Colors you should avoid

Platinum Blonde, Ash Brown and hair with blue, violet or green undertones.

Summer Color Characteristics

Eye Color

Summer warm undertone women have very flexible eye colors. They generally have hazel eyes but can also possess other eye colors.


You tan very easily under sunlight. Your skin is golden and may appear bronze with a rich skin tone.

Colors with an orange or yellow base work well on summer warm undertone skins. Other colors under this category includes:

  • Rich golden blonde
  • Champagne blonde
  • Honey colors
  • Butter and Honey Platinum
  • Toffee
  • Light caramel brown
  • Generally lighter colors.

Colors you should Avoid

Ashy colors, Blue and green base- Deep black.

General Colors that look good with warm undertone Skin

When considering clothing and fashion accessories, you should also make sure you go with colors that fit your skin best. Honey, Coral, Olive and Cream colors will look good on you. You may also try Orchid, Moss and even Violet Red for greater effect. If you want to go with neutral colors, you can go for Cappuccino, mushroom gray, taupe or cream colors.

Stay away from Icy blue colors, amethyst or sapphire because they make your skin look pale or grayish.

Colors are part of our everyday lives and how we use them matters a lot. Colors transform our appearance in so many different ways and if used rightly, we can make the ultimate fashion statement anytime you step out of your home. Understanding the three different types of undertones will always place you in good stead when choosing colors. Being a woman with a warm undertone skin, you should always stick to colors that blend well with your skin not the opposite. Warmer colors like orange and green bases works well for warm undertone skins. Red violet also makes sense if worn rightly.

Sometimes, you may decide to use neutral colors. Neutral undertones are a mixture of cool and warm undertones. Neutrals such as creamy and gray colors fit women with warm undertones and so does taupe and blonde colors. Using a perfect mix of colors for greater effects is also a smart way to project your fashion sense in a not so aggressive way. The more you understand how colors project your image and personality, the better you will be at picking the right colors. No one ever gets it right 100 over 100 but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect and with time, you will become better at picking colors.