50 Amazing Cover Up Tattoos That Will Shock You

There are literally thousands of cute cover tattoo designs for females who are looking to change their look by covering old tattoos. Here are 30 ideas for you:

By Auntrone89
50 Amazing Cover Up Tattoos That Will Shock You

50 amazing cover up tattoos for females

It goes without saying that there’re plenty of reasons a female would want to cover up an old tattoo or tattoos. So, without further ado, here is 50 cool cover up tattoo ideas designed for arms. Wrists, legs as well as other parts of the female body:

1. The skull, flower, and roses cover tattoos

Feel free to cover your old, unattractive or regrettable tattoos with the skull, flower and roses designs. These designs are not only cute but stand out as well. 

2. Additional quote cover tattoos

Sometimes adding to old tattoos does a much better covering up than completely scrapping them. Feel free to use some humor while at it.

3. The oceanic view cover up tattoos

You can always count on the incredibly beautiful oceanic view tattoo design to cover up any old and undesirable tattoo on your wrist, shoulder, leg, etc.

4. The dagger & rose cover up tattoos

The dagger & rose tattoo ideas are not only perfect for covering up old tattoos on the chest, back or arm but can also make a woman look extremely badass.

5. The “flooded by sea” cover up tattoos

The “flooded by sea” tattoo designs are not only cool but also come bearing a plethora of personalized meanings.

6. Covering old tramp stamp tattoos with flowers

Needless to say, there’re plenty of floral cover up tattoo ideas a female can use to cover up old, most likely regrettable “tramp stamp” tattoo on her tailbone when she was younger or in love – or both.

7. Covering old tattoos by adding funny comparisons

Instead of completely scrapping off that old tattoo on your arm or wrist, you can opt to be a tad creative and humorous and make a funny comparison especially if it’s about boyfriends.

8. The glowing skull cover up tattoos

Females who use the glowing skull tattoos to cover up old tattoos will always look badass – period!

9. El Día de los Muertos girl cover up tattoo designs

El Día de los Muertos girl is, without a doubt, among the most perfect cover up tattoo ideas for the simple fact that El Día de los Muertos girls look badass.

10. The floral & quote cover-up tattoos for females

If you don’t like the old, sketchy tattoos on your wrist, shoulder or leg, then covering it up with some beautiful flowers and meaningful quotes wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

11. The skull, crossbones & crow cover up tattoos

You can never go wrong with the colorful, plausibly badass skull, crossbones & crow tattoo design either on your chest, arm or back.

12. Cover up your old tattoos using beautiful feather designs

When all is said and done, feather tattoo ideas either on the arm, wrist or neck will never go out of style. And that’s what makes them perfect for covering up old tattoos.

13. The flaming skull cover up tattoos

Any female rocking a flaming skull has most probably been through hell and came out the other side unscathed. And that’s why it makes the list of the top badass cover up tattoo ideas.

14. Tribal cover up tattoos

Tribal tattoos are not only beautiful and unique but they also carry a plausible but hard-to-describe air of mystery. And that’s exactly what it makes a perfect cover up design.

15. Shadow cover-up tattoos for females

Sometimes upgrading an old tattoo on your chest or wrist by adding a few details such as shadowing or coloring to the design might end up covering it up perfectly.

16. The “pride of lions” cover up tattoo designs

“Pride of lions” tattoo ideas is perfect for covering old tattoos because, apart from looking extremely beautiful, they often symbolize strength in unity.

17. The hourglass cover up tattoos

Hourglass tattoos are amazing when it comes to covering up old tattoos especially on the arms and/or legs. Thankfully, the hourglass tattoo designs will always look perfect on both males and females.

18. The “creepy house” cover up tattoos

Well, no one ever said that a cover-up tattoo has to bear personal meaning for it to be beautiful, hence the creepy house cover-up tattoo design.

19. The colorful parrot cover up tattoo designs

You can always count on a beautiful and colorful parrot tattoo to accentuate a girl’s beauty automatically. And that’s why the colorful parrot tattoo ideas happen to be a popular cover up tattoo designs among the females.

20. Cover up an old tattoo using random coloring and additions

Apart from simply adding color to an old, boring tattoo, you can opt to add cute and creative additions and random colors in a bid to bring the masterpiece to life.

21. The beautiful snake cover up tattoos

All stereotypes and myths aside, snakes happen to be extremely beautiful creatures as they are gracious. And so are the females who use them as cover tattoos.

22. The flaming feather cover up tattoos

The good thing about using feather tattoos as your choice for covering up an old tattoo is that you can have it tweaked to whatever personalized form you want and still look breathtaking.

23. Sprucing up old tattoos as a way of covering them up

Sometimes sprucing up an old tattoo is all the covering up that needs to be done. But first, you’ll have to find a good tattoo artist to do the job.

24. The samurai cover up tattoo design

You can always get a detailed samurai cover up tattoo over your old, meaningless one especially if unfortunate circumstances have not only sharpened but made you strong and adaptive.

25. The vampire skull cover up tattoos

Another badass cover up tattoo design is none other than the vampire skull tattoo design. Once again, you’ll have to seek the services of an accomplished tattooist to work on this piece because the devil is always in the details of this one – pun intended.

26. The dragon cover up tattoos

Apart from being extremely beautiful, a dragon is also a symbol of strength.

27. The detailed lotus cover up tattoos

The lotus tattoo has a plethora of spiritual meanings hence making it a perfect cover up tattoo idea.

28. The rosary cover up tattoo

The rosary tattoo designs are perfect for covering up small, unwanted tattoos.

29. The bunny rabbit cover up tattoo

Bunny rabbit tattoos are ideal for covering up old tattoos simply because bunnies are undeniably cute.

30. The Jesus portrait cover up tattoos

31. The beautiful landscape cover up tattoos

You can have the beautiful landscape cover up tattoos to not only show your love mother nature but to also cover up an old tattoo or tattoos.

32. Memory tattoo cover ups

If you lost a loved one, you can always cover up an old tattoo with their portrait.

33. The foo dog cover up tattoos

Foo dogs are cute and cuddly and that alone makes them perfect for covering up any old, unwanted tattoo.

34. The dragonfly cover up tattoos

Dragonfly tattoos have a lot of spiritual meanings and are therefore perfect for covering up old tattoos as long as they are small.

35. The monocle dinosaur tattoos

You can get the monocle dinosaur tattoo because it’s beautiful and at the same time unique.

36. The “VOID” stamp over the old tattoo

To cut the long story short, nothing says “dead to me” better than a “VOID” cover up tattoo.

37. Cat tattoos

This tattoo is strictly reserved for cat lovers.

38. The Samoan Maori cover up tattoos

The simple Samoan Maori designs reek with beauty.

39. The cherub cover up tattoos

Cherubs make a cute cover up tattoos because they are cute, chubby and adorable.

40. The Joker cover up tattoos

This particular cover up tattoo idea is awesome especially if you love the Joker’s character.

41. The evolution cover ups

Instead of getting a totally different cover up tattoo, you can simply get a better version of the old one.

42. The emoji cover up tattoos

Get an emoji cover-up tattoo that reflects your personality and enjoy it for eternity.

43. Chameleon cover up tattoos

Chameleons are cool which means they can translate to cool cover up tattoo designs.

44. A white dove cover up tattoo

White doves symbolize purity hence making a beautiful and meaningful cover up tattoos.

45.Colorful lunar moon cover up tattoos

You can never go wrong with lunar moon cover up tattoos – period.

46. Hometown landmark cover up tattoo designs

AWESOME – is that one word that perfectly disrobes getting a landmark cover up tattoo to represent your hometown.

47. Using different fonts for the same old tattoos

Redoing an old tattoo is a cute way of covering up it up without any loss of sentimental value.

48. The “love to hate” transformation

Transforming your ex’s face tattoo into a demon skull is fun – not that I have ever tried doing it.

49. The unicorn tattoos

Unicorns make a cool cover up tattoos simply because unicorns are graceful, mythical and therefore very special.

50. The king of the crowd

This cover up tattoo is made up of a roaring lion wearing a golden crown.


Always remember that cover up tattoos are supposed to be fun and beautiful and not the other way around. You’ll also be expected to seek the services of an extremely talented and experienced tattooist simply because you want the new piece on your wrist, chest, shoulder or arm done correctly. Last but not least, always remember to take as much time as you need in order to find the most fitting tattoo design to use as a cover up for your old piece.