College Girl Outfit Ideas to Start Your 2018 Summer Fashion

Want to be the most stylish girl on your college campus? Follow these ideas to get your outfits ready for the fall semester.

By Daina
College Girl Outfit Ideas to Start Your 2018 Summer Fashion

College Outfits for Girls

Summer just began, but just like high school, it will be over before you know it, and college will begin. College is a time for new experiences, new learning, and new style choices. Step out of your comfort zone that you stayed in throughout high school and step into confidence and fashion-forward decisions.


You may want the cute boy in your Psych 101 class to notice you. Or you may want to make new friends. Or you may want to impress your professor who will be choosing internship students by the end of the first week. Or you may want to focus on yourself and better your lifestyle. Your fashion will determine what you want out of your college experience.


College is an unforgettable experience for girls, so make sure you are also wearing unforgettable outfits leading into the fall semester! In order to look like the fashion guru of campus, follow this guide for tips and ideas to start your summer off so you are a fashion expert by the fall.

The Comfortable and Stylish Outfit

The idea that you either dress comfortably or dress stylish is absurd. You can do both! In order to become the style queen of your college campus, girls need not sacrifice their own comfort. In fact, you need as much comfort as you can get since you sit in a lecture hall all day!

I love that this girl paired sporty attire and a casual baseball cap with ballet flats. It is like egg noodles and barbecue don't think they are going to go well together, but there's something about it that is enticing and works. 

The sporty pants balance out the cute, girly tank and belt; the comfy, oversized sweater; and the white sneakers that could go either sporty or stylish. The gray and white hues also balance each other out, not needing any kind of color or other shade. This is one of my favorite college outfits! Every time you look at this, you find something else to love.

The striped shorts and the tucked-in tank makes this bomber jacket more girly. The color scheme is also perfect for the summer and can be reused for Labor Day and any other day leading into the fall semester. The colors can either be taken as patriotism or a nautical theme. The outfit looks right out of a Tommy Hilfiger magazine. 

This college girl has it right! High-waisted beach pants with a cute white top looks comfy yet stylish. The neutral colors make this look toned down, but the accents on the pants and the shirt keep this outfit the perfect one for any college girl! She pairs the outfit with simple flip flops, keeping the focus on her clothes. 

Be a Versatile Girl in College

In college, there are many different audiences you are dressing for—your professors who may become your advisor and connection to an internship or a job, your peers while hanging out in the quad, the cute guy at the frat party. You want to look cute no matter who you are around, so outfits that are versatile are key.


In the fall, it is not quite layering season, so that option is out. How else can you create a versatile outfit? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

A cute, patterned button up is a perfect option for a versatile outfit. When you are in class, keep the blouse buttoned. When you are hanging out with your friends, tie the blouse as shown in this pic. At parties, pair this with a crop top and keep the blouse unbuttoned. The jean shorts in this outfit are a perfect touch!


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Here is another example of a button up. The white shirt matches the white shoes, creating a satisfying balance in this outfit from the top to the bottom. Add a statement piece and you’ll be ready to party over Labor Day weekend on your college campus!


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Is there anything more versatile than the little black dress? The LBD has appeared in fashion throughout the decades, and it continues as a fashion staple. In this pic, this gorgeous girl chose a plaid button down and boots to make the dress act as a casual outfit for walking the city. Take off the button down and you have a professional look for class. Switch out the boots for some strappy heels and you have the perfect girly outfit for party night. If you had to remember one thing to bring to college, bring a LBD!

Sometimes, you don't have time to change from the day time look to the night time look. In these cases, you would need to find an outfit that works as both a professional outfit and a party outfit.

A nice top, a pair of jeans, low heels, and a statement bag is what you would need for an outfit that can transform from a professional look to a party look. This is perfect for day and night!

Music Festival Ready Outfits

Summer is for music festivals like Coachella. Try these tips and ideas out this summer, and in the fall when you get to college, the looks will make you look chill and a girl who can hang.

This outfit is perfect for a musical festival, and would be perfect for a stylish college outfit. The sunglasses and the neutral-colored crossbody bag are great accessories that make this outfit ready for the summer festivities and college classes.

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These white shorts with a tucked-in button up have a beachy, music festival feel to them. This looks straight out of the shots from Coachella! Pair this outfit with shades and a floppy hat and this outfit would be perfect for the summer before college, and a great weekend outfit for the fall semester. 

Blazer Girl of College Campus

When you enter college, you want your outfits to make the statement, “I mean business.” So why not let your outfit actually say that with these blazer outfits. Blazer outfits also do not need to destroy the idea of curves, they do not need to be boring, and they do not need to look like a 60-year old school teacher’s clothes. Be a fashion-forward girl with these looks on campus. Ready to give a great first impression in the fall? Take tips and ideas from these girls!

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Shoulder pads came back, and they are better than ever! Rather than make a girl look boxy and square, the shoulder pads emphasize the small waist. This pantsuit outfit also does not let business mask the girly shape, as the quarter-sleeves and tied center show off this girl’s shape. I can picture this outfit with a pair of pointed black pumps. 

I’m good love, enjoy 😘

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This outfit is business! The white pants paired with the black blazer and Burberry-style blouse looks like the definition of professional. This girl looks ready for the work force, even if she is just going to class. This is what professors like to see when they select students for internships and job recommendations!

Casual Girl Outfits for College

You are not expected to look dressed up all the time in college. After all, you live there. You should be able ot be comfortable in your own living space. These outfits are great ideas for loungewear (literally, outfits to wear in your dorm lounge). Unless you are in a yoga class, and unless you want to be the girl in college that looks lazy and unkempt, I would leave these tips for the dorm and avoid wearing these to class.

There’s no better loungewear than clothes that speak for themselves, this one actually saying “lounge”. This cute matching casual outfit is perfect for a night in the dorm and hanging with your girls (or boys wink)

Just as well, nothing says “boss” of campus more than pants that literally say “boss”! This loose crop top adds flair to the look which is perfect for a lazy Sunday in the college dorm!

Athletic Outfits for the College Gym

To avoid gaining the Freshman 15 in college that would destroy your summer bod, make sure you have outfits for working out too! Just because you are working out and getting all sweaty does not mean you can’t look girly and cute! These ideas make working out look fun!

These pink Nike leggings are amazing! I have a water bottle that would match it perfectly, which would complete a workout outfit that would get an A in fashion. Get your college bod ready by trying this outfit out during this summer and continuing to be #fit while in college.

This mermaid athletic set is so cute! Many girls dream of being a mermaid since being young. This workout outfit would be perfect for the gym and can be a conversation starter while working out at the campus gym! Great way to meet new people while being fun and interesting!

My shirt says “Gym Junkie” but I think it should totally say “Home Gym Junkie!” . Why? Well, if I’m honest, I HATE going to the gym. 🤦🏻‍♀️ . It’s ironic actually. Back in high school, I used to skip school to go to the gym. Along with bulimia, at the time I also had a problem with obsessively working out. Typically twice a day. I felt like if I missed a day, I would balloon. I felt the need to go to the gym CONSTANTLY but I hated going to the gym SO MUCH! . Even though I was part of a “no judgement zone,” I felt like I was being judged while I was there. I would see a few people staring from time to time. I was uncomfortable. I felt like I was always looking over my shoulder and I HATED always thinking that I didn’t know what I was doing. So, how do you stop feeling like that? You stop going altogether.🤷🏻‍♀️ . I didn’t even think working out at home was a thing or that it worked unless you had tons of money for a room dedicated strictly for the purpose of being a home gym complete with weights and machines.🏋🏻‍♀️ . Now, I am an avid HOME GYM JUNKIE!😍 I love working out in the comfort of my own home! It’s changed my perspective on fitness in general! I no longer fear how I look while working out. I don’t have to worry about confusing machines. I don’t have to sit in my car for ten minutes working up the courage to just walk into the gym. . But the #1 reason why I LOVE working out at home is because there’s only about a 30 second commute...from my bedroom to my living room that is! Because let’s be honest, a giant part of my reason NOT to go to the gym was either not having time to go or just being too lazy to go anywhere! . It’s so convenient and IT ACTUALLY WORKS!! Put in work➡️ get matter WHERE you decide to workout!👊🏻💥 . Does the old me sound like you? Are you avoiding the gym because you HATE it or just don’t want to commute? . Drop an 💪🏼 below and I’ll fill you in on my at-home fitness program that works JUST like Netflix! I’ll also let you in on my secret to successful at-home weightloss tools! No more excuses, no more fears! Just motivation, dedication, and SUCCESS!😍♥️🙌🏻🌺

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All of us girls are working on ourselves in one way or another. Athletic wear and the gym is not just for skinny people, and the ads that show up when you type in “Workout Outfits” are not very diverse in their choice of models. I love that this girl is confident to wear a shirt that reads “Gym Junkie”, because I know many plus size girls who would feel people would question if they actually go to the gym. Remember, you don’t know where people are in their journey.


This is a great tip going into college, as you are meeting many new people and will enter their lives in the middle of whatever journey they are on. Be mindful of that when you are making friends.

Girly Sundresses to Wear in College

Fall is not the end for the sundress season! Get started this summer with these cute sundress ideas that transfer well to the college setting. Rather than entering college looking uptight and nervous, you’ll appear free and chill.

This denim dress has everything—ruffles, tied belt, off-the-shoulder look, and a vintage denim look! This summer dress would be perfect for the college campus. Pair this dress with some wedges or sandals for the “I wish it was still summer” look.

The dusty rose color goes well with the army green sleeveless jacket. This is a perfect fall look, which can also start off your summer. Pair this outfit with neutral colored strappy heels to make the look even more girly.

This boho sundress is great for a summer day, but it will do well in the college setting. It’s girly and cute, but gives off the hippie girl vibe! The accessories paired with the dress provide the same vibe, which makes this outfit the perfect right-out-of-summer look.

Funky and Fresh Outfits for Girls

The great thing about college is you can experiment with your fashion choices and as long as you wear it with style and confidence, your outfit looks amazing. Be the whimsical and fun girl with these outfit ideas!

For example, if I said to pair a hoodie with a tutu and sneakers, you’d think I was crazy. However, looking at this fashion blogger’s outfit, you’d think she was a model. The tutu gives this outfit a fresh look, and almost dresses up the hoodie, rather than making it look frumpy or bulky.

This striped overall/jumpsuit looks ambiguous, but there’s no denying this is a super cute look for college. I can imagine myself sitting in these while in class or in the dining hall. The vertical stripes will also do a great job slimming and lengthening your legs!

Accessories Are Key

Statement pieces can transform jeans and a t-shirt to make any girl a style queen. They are also often versatile—they are stylish, but they are also useful! Check out these tips for the different statement pieces to add to your college outfit.


Scarves keep your neck warm, but girls also wear scarves to serve as a fashion pièce de résistance.

This red scarf looks comfy and cozy, and it is a great statement piece for a simple outfit. This college outfit is perfectly versatile while stylish. To make scarves into a summer look, pair a simple t-shirt with a lighter scarf.


A statement bag needs to be fashionable, but useful (after all, you need somewhere to store your books and school supplies!). Statement bags are best bought in neutral colors, so they can go with every outfit. However, brightly colored bags with neutral colored outfits also provide a pop to your style.

You can get a stylish backpack, or get a statement bag such as the one pictured. How cute is it to get a bag of your home state for when you are at your home away from home! The size works for the purpose of the bag, to carry all class supplies back and forth from the dorm. You also tie together outfits perfectly with these statement pieces.


You don’t need to wear a chunky necklace or gaudy earrings to have a statement piece of jewelry. Toss your little girl chunky bead necklaces and trade them in for thin, long chains.

For example, check out this gorgeous girl. Ripped jeans and a white t-shirt are plain and would normally be boring. However, this girl paired these two staples with a thin, long, red necklace. It’s plain, but it adds color to the outfit and transforms the white t-shirt.


A girl’s shoes determine the feel of an outfit. Heels? Dressed up. Flats? Dressy-casual. Sneaks? Casual. Slippers? I am still asleep, get me a coffee before trying to talk to me.

This girl includes both a statement necklace and statement shoes, a good tip to allow the eyes to go from top to bottom, allowing your admirers to soak it all in. I love the rocker and grunge feel to these shoes!


Start your summer out right and allow your fall semester in college to be just as stylish. Use these style tips to be known as the fashionista girl on campus.

Do wear white before AND after Labor Day.

These white pants are paired with the blue and white striped tube top makes for the perfect summer outfit, but would also be perfect for college campus sunny days. I will give you permission to wear white after Labor Day if you pair it with neutral accessories like this outfit! White works with navy blue, pale pinks, and burgundy (which is the perfect fall color!).

Do dress to impress.

Remember that college isn’t just about drinking, partying, and socializing. College is hard work and when you first walk through the door to each class, you should be making the impression on the faculty that you are there to learn, not to waste their time. This will get you further with advising relationships and with opportunities your college professors may be able to provide you. Be the girl who looks like she wants to get a good job.

Do wear denim jackets.

A denim jacket transforms a summer dress to a girl who ready for her fall semester. The example above shows how you can take a summer dress into the fall weather. Add a denim jacket and pair the outfit with booties. You may also choose to wear knee-high boots if the weather permits.

Denim jackets are vintage and college campus approved!


For every “do” in fashion, there’s always a “don’t”. You do not want to go to class in an outfit that is a fashion faux pas. Make a good first impression by making sure you are following my tips and NOT doing these.

Don’t wear heels if you can’t walk in them.

The worst thing in college is to be rushing to your next class and you get stuck behind someone trying to be stylish with cute girly heels, but they are going half the speed of a normal person because they don’t know how to walk in them.

To avoid this being you, start wearing your heels now during the summer. Wear them to the grocery store, on errands, for a walk to the coffee shop, and out at night. Get used to wearing them before donning your girly shoes in college.

Don’t show too much skin.

Sure, the white blazer looks professional. The jeans make the outfit relatable and casual. But do not go to class with a see-through or low cut top (I would even steer away from crop tops). Peers will think poorly of you. Professors and other faculty will question your motives for college. You will not be taken seriously, even if you are serious.


The argument in high school that girls should be able to show skin and not have it be sexualized is put to rest in college. It’s time to grow up and be professional. Show up to class as you would show up to work. You should not be showing too much skin. Respect yourself and consider yourself as a professional. After all, college is just training for the professional world.

Don’t lose your shape.

Don’t lose your girly and flirty curves with your outfit. Even tucking in a shirt may appear boxy (see above). Mix loose clothes with tight clothes, and if you are going to wear these culottes (which are naturally boxy), pair them with a crop top to show off your shape and thin, strappy heels to give yourself height and make the outfit look less heavy and bulky.

Style 101

College is stressful, busy, and hectic. But it is also fun, adventurous, and a new beginning. Make sure your new beginning is one that is in style. Follow my tips and consider the ideas presented to change your summer wardrobe to prepare yourself going into the fall semester. Be the girl other girls go to for fashion advice, not the one other girls question where you learned your style from.

Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence. You are in college, which is the transition from high school into the real world. Act like you belong in this world, and you’re halfway there.



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