6 Ways To Make Saggy Boobs Go Back To Their Youthful Days

Upset about your saggy boobs? Take charge with these ways!

By Diana Nadim
6 Ways To Make Saggy Boobs Go Back To Their Youthful Days

Wait... Why Are My Boobs Becoming Saggy?

Think about this - Saggy breasts don't stop at the bra! Why? Boobs sag over time naturally, and there's little one can do about it. All women experience this change as they get older.

As a woman, you must know what breasts are. Breasts or boobs are a pair of mammary glands. They protrude from the front of the chest in adolescence and adult (females) humans or other mammals. Young babies get milk from their moms through these organs. 

One question that many women ask do bras prevent breast sagging? Yes, and No could answer that. However, a bra will hold up for shape and give you good posture, but will not prevent further sagging.

Here are great ways to deal with this normal physical situation in a healthier way. Let's jump in. First, are you interested in knowing why your boobs look like deflated balloons? Well, listen to this!

First, what’re you doing now that triggers breast sagging? You guessed it right! Back to your question, “why are my boobs becoming saggy?” Well, here are the things you perform every day that can cause it.

1. Lack of Vitamin C and B

If you don’t drink orange juice, then expect shapeless bust. Vitamins B and C help develop collagen and supportive elastic tissues in the breast tissue. So, think about it and not as the only way to get rid of that nasty cold.

2. Use of Breast Pumps

Artificial breast pumps are a quick way to collect breast milk for a mom who has a crazy hectic diary. However, use it when necessary but not daily. All not lost; you need to be cautious of these tricky habits. 

3. Lost Weight Fast

Another primary reason for breasts drop is the hurry to reduce baby weight within a short period. However, as Dr. Grotting, President of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, says. The trick is to put on a fitting bra every day before you start the exercises.

4. Daily Long Runs

Are you a marathoner? Then, you may not like this news! Your breasts can bog down during running and later sag. To counter the problem, find a well-fitted sports bra. Alternate your sports activity, so that your boobs can have some rest.

5. Smoking

Most women don’t shy away from smoking. So, what does tobacco do to your tits? This awful habit may ruin your health. One main one is destroying the skin around the breasts by causing sagging. You may ruin your health by causing damage and stretched boobs.

The point here is; the practice is not worth it! So, there you have it now.

Whichever of these causes your current situation, it's not too late to stop the trend. Make a wise decision now before your boobs sink further. Here is something that can guide you should you want to prevent more damage.

Prevention: For Those With Perky Boobs Now

Teens fear to lose that youthful appearance should their perky boobs drop!

However, worry less since this article has excellent lessons when it comes to breast sagging. Here’re a few prevention measures for those with perky boobs now.

1. Exercises

Keep that youthful figure by doing enough exercise. If possible, do it daily. The body remains young and healthy if only it’s fit. Jogging, swimming, walking, running, and rope skipping are some of the aerobic exercises. Your mind will not only relax but also feel healthy and mood lifted.

2. Wearing well-fitting bras

As earlier mentioned, wear a suitable sports bra for exercise. During your workout, the breast bounces between 4 and 15 cm. The movement strains tissues, connecting your breasts to your chest. Therefore, find the right size and quality to hold your boobs in place.

A proper bra has these qualities:

  • Breasts should fill the cups thus, no room for them to fall out


  • Firm under-wire that doesn't move around during the activity.


  • The under-wire should be underneath your boobs without pressing the tissue.


  • Its shoulder straps shouldn't be too tight or slide off the arms.


  • The band size should be the same all around the body.

3. Strengthening your chest muscles

First, try lightweight lifting. Many women may consider it a masculine sport. However, for you to prevent your perky boob from hanging, then you need to try it out. Mammary glands don’t have muscles, so strengthen the chest muscles with weight lifting. For positive results, do this twice a week.

Second, push-ups are also excellent for strengthening the arms and back muscles, not the only chest. Start the motion by bending your knees as you rise and not keeping the legs straight. For those with already sagged boobs, keep reading for there's more. The next section may be just what you're searching for.

6 Ways To Reverse Saggy Boobs

Boobs are pretty things on females, but as old age begins, they too give way. Every woman wants to have permanent perky boobs, sadly that's impossible.

You’ll notice that boobs vary from one person to another. Sagging may take a long period for some, but for others, it takes a shorter time to begin the embarrassment. Shape, color, and size are a few traits that you inherit from genes. What gene did you take over?

Below are healthy ways to reverse saggy boobs.

It’s hard to restore the original shape and size, but you can use different ways to reverse the change. Some of those ways include natural remedies, cream products, or grab an appropriate bra.

1. Nutrition and Proper Diet

Aim to feed on a balanced diet to nourish your skin and prolong your lifespan. Optimal weight maintenance is best for someone who wants to turn around her tits. Overweight puts pressure on the skin tissues and may add extra breast load if not controlled.

2. Drink Water

Ensure you observe this healthy tip. Stay hydrated by taking a glass of clean water every moment possible. One thing that most people don’t know is that water strengthens breast tissues. So, if you want to reverse those sagged breasts, then consider drinking enough water daily.

3. Exercise

Bench press, arm curls, swimming, push-ups are some popular movements that slow the sagging process. Choose one to two of these daily for a better outcome.

4. Posture and Fitting Bra

Whether you stand or sit, your posture is essential. Stay away from lousy poses both day and night. Why is this so? It helps in reducing more tension and pressure on them. What a simple natural remedy you have there!

The best sports bra is one that is not too tight or too loose on your chest and bust. Follow the above qualities of a good bra and select something just right for you! This inner garment help keep boobs hold together as you move up and down. Such rapid movements will cause `breast ptosis.’

5. Aloe Vera

This plant has properties that tighten the skin the natural way. It has antioxidants that prevent damage because of free radicals and thus help get rid of those hanging boobs! 

Find 10 minutes of your free time and massage the tits gently in circular motions. Let it sit for another 10 minutes and rinse it off using cold water. For desired results, repeat four times a week.

6. Creams

In the market today, you’ll come across hundreds of these product creams. Only a few will give you the expected results. Before purchasing any product, take a glance at the ingredients, apart from the pros and cons.

For those who wish to replace surgery, read this. The best alternative is the use of creams!

A few common ones include:


Learning To Accept Your Current Boob State

One significant cause in most women today is menopause. Once one attains a certain age, you can’t control hormonal change. Research shows breast tissues age faster than any other part of the body. That’s shocking!

So, don’t let those droopy and sagged tits stand between you and your healthy lifestyle. Learn to love yourself and remember - Saggy breasts don’t stop at the bra! Learning to accept your current boob state will give you peace of mind, a healthier bust, and body comfort.

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Ask yourself what you’re doing to prevent further breast droop. There’re many ways to stop that, but with a clear and informed mind, nothing is impossible. First, seek professional help before attempting to do any of these activities. 

Now, let’s hear from you. What’s your take on saggy breasts don’t stop at the bra? Share your views here on how to keep that mammilla at its perkiest!