Why Do I Have Dark Nipples and 5 Ways to Lighten Them?

Find out the reasons for dark nipples and learn to lighten them

By Madiha A.
Why Do I Have Dark Nipples and 5 Ways to Lighten Them?

Nipple Colors: The difference in colors and why?

Does it matter? Why do we need to know about nipple colors and reasons behind why these colors vary? The answer to this question is simple; the curiosity to find out why certain body parts are differently colored and why these colors vary from person to person. 
Just like skin colors, nipple colors can vary and it is related to the color of skin.   Besides skin color, there are several other factors why the nipples are of a certain color. Since most people are conscious about their body image and want to relate to the majority, searching for ways to alter certain body parts or their color is quite natural. If the color is consistent and has not changed drastically, there is no need to worry. 

The dark circle of skin around the nipple is called areolae and its color can change with the changing hormone levels in the body. The color of areolae can vary from pink to dark brown and even black. This color is usually lighter or paler in people with light-colored skin and darker in people with dark-colored skin. Another reason for the nipple color to be a bit darker than skin color may be to make it more visible for the infant during breastfeeding.

Reasons Behind Paler Nipples

Over the years, nipples may change in their size, texture, and color and there can be several reasons behind it. Here are a few reasons why your nipple has turned paler or lighter in color:

1. Pregnancy and Lactation

The size, color, and texture of nipples change drastically during pregnancy and lactation. The colors of the nipple become darker during pregnancy and lighter during lactation.

2. Menopause

The nipples become smaller and paler after menopause and it is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. 

3. Hormones

Changes in hormone levels can have several effects on the human body. From mood changes to sleep-related issues and change in nipple color; hormones imbalance can present itself in several forms. 

4. Oral Contraceptives

The pale nipple can be a side effect of contraceptive medication. 

5. Breast Augmentation Surgery

Any surgical procedure carried out to change the shape, size or fullness of the breast can be a possible cause of paler nipples after the surgery.

6: Lumpectomy

The treatment of any kind of breast cancer can cause discoloration of the nipple. If your nipples have changed color and there is no other accompanying symptom, mere discoloration is perfectly normal and there is nothing to worry about.

Should you lighten your nipple color?

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A positive body image boosts confidence. A person can only have a good perception of his physical self if he sees himself as a perfect person. Thinking yourself inferior in terms of body color or shape isn’t good for mental wellbeing. If you think a certain body part or color of it makes you feel bad, you have a right to change it if you can.

The nipple is not a visible part of the body and can be only seen by others if you go naked in front of them; which you obviously won’t besides your partner. If you feel ashamed in front of your partner and think that the dark color of your nipple is setting your partner off; you can try and lighten it up. 

8 Natural Ways to Lighten your Nipple Color

Your skin is exposed to several kinds of environmental hazards and may change its color and texture over time. The nipple is the part of your body that is not exposed so there isn’t a debate about its changing color due to exposure to the environment. There are several factors mentioned above that can change the appearance of the nipple. If your nipple is of a darker tone and you want to lighten it; here are 8 natural ways to do so.

1. Almonds and Milk

Almond and milk are naturally moisturizing. They help retain moisture and keep the skin from dehydrating. You can make a paste by soaking almonds overnight in milk and make a smooth paste. Apply this paste onto your nipples and leave it for an hour for the best results. Wash it off with water and repeat the procedure daily for a visible difference. The best thing about natural ingredients is that they don’t have any harmful side effects.

2. Orange/Lemon Juice

The fruits that are good sources of vitamin C can help lighten skin color magically. Orange and lemon can do wonders when it comes to lightening skin color and making it look fresh and glowing. Soak a lemon in slightly warm water for 10-15 minutes and cut it in half. De-seed the lemon and rub it gently on the nipple for 5-10 minutes. You can apply lemon and orange juice as well and leave it for a good 30 minutes. Wash it off and apply a good moisturizer afterward.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has proven to be very beneficial in skin lightening and making it look brighter. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to lighten your nipple color, coconut oil would do the job perfectly. Apply a little bit of coconut oil on each nipple and let it absorb in the skin. It not only lightens the skin color but it also moisturizes the nipples and keeps them safe from dryness and cracking. It may take around a month or two but it will show its magic if you continue to use it persistently.  

4. Oatmeal, Curd and Tomato Juice

The acidic properties of tomato juice and curd act as bleach to lighten the color of the nipples. Oatmeal and curd help in softening the skin. Mix all three ingredients and apply the mixture on the nipples. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash with slightly warm water. 

5. Mulberry 

Mulberry is a rich source of vitamins and minerals which help revitalize the skin. Mulberry extract if applied to dark nipples help lighten the color and make them look fresh and pink.

6. Yogurt, Lime Juice, and Honey

The antioxidant properties of yogurt combined with acidic property of lemon juice with a hint of honey can turn those dark-colored nipples into rosy pink shades for you to flaunt them without any hesitation. Mix all three and apply them to nipples for half an hour and wash with water afterward.

7. Cucumber, Avocado, Orange, Honey, and Milk

You must have seen these words on various beauty products. The cooling property of cucumber, antioxidant properties of avocado, vitamin C present in orange and moisturizing qualities of honey and milk if combined can result in a magical ointment that will not only hydrate the nipples but will lighten their color as well.
Blend the fruits and add milk and honey to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste daily and see visible results in a few days.

8. Licorice Extract

Licorice extract was found to be very beneficial for dark circles, discoloration of the skin and age-related spots. If applied to dark nipples, licorice extract can help lighten the color boil the powder form of the extract in water for 10 minutes and apply it on nipples. You can add honey or lemon for added benefits. 

Safety Precautions

Whether you are using branded products or home remedies, everything you apply on your skin can have side effects. Depending on your skin type, buy products that are made specifically for your skin type. It is very important to go through the ingredients of the products and buy products that are organic and chemical-free. The same goes for home remedies; anything used in abundance and without care can have a negative impact. Here are a few safety precautions for using ingredients from home for lightening your nipple color.

•    Make sure that you are using the right balance and combination of the ingredients. Certain ingredients don’t go well with each other so be sure that you have selected the right ingredients and in the right quantities.

•    No matter how concerned you are and want to lighten your nipples overnight, take it slow. Do not overexpose your nipples to rubbing and scrubbing as it can damage the skin and make them even drier. 

•    Any home remedy you found on the internet may or may not work for you. Try the solution on a smaller patch of skin first and see how your skin reacts. In case of irritation, wash your skin instantly with cold water and see a doctor if necessary. 

•    Never try a remedy more times than recommended. If a certain solution is recommended once a day, using it more than once will not help magically transform your nipples. 

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Every woman wants a perfect body in terms of shape and color. Since nipple isn’t an exposed part so women mostly are not concerned about the appearance of this particular body part. For those, on the other hand, who have darker nipples and want them to turn lighter or a shade of pink; this article provides information about color variation and their reasons and how to lighten dark nipples naturally. As I already mentioned, if one method works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for everyone but the good thing about using natural remedies is that they have the least side effects and more natural goodness.