Top 15 Cute Party Hairstyles For Short Hair

Check out these party hairstyles for short or shoulder length hair that will enhance any outfit. These will be perfect to wear at weddings and any party.

By Katrina M.
Top 15 Cute Party Hairstyles For Short Hair

Party Night is Approaching

Imagine the following scenarios:
It's the day of the party you have been planning for a month now.  You have all the food prepared, and the table has been set.  The bar you have set up is fully stocked and ready to go.  Now, you're putting the final touches on your outfit.  You look in the mirror and realize you have done nothing with your hair!

It's your sister's wedding in a couple of hours, and you have to make sure you are ready before she is so you can help out.  You're putting on your bridesmaid dress and now are trying to decide what hairstyle you want to use for your short hair.  

Tonight is the night of the big office party.  All the bosses and their bosses are going to be there.  This is the evening you have been waiting for to network with everyone in the company.  Now, what will you do about your hair?

We all have parties such as these and many more minor but still special event on a weekly or monthly basis.  It can sometimes be difficult to style our short hair for every party we have to attend.  This article will provide you with 15 party hairstyles that are perfect for short hair. 

1. Half Up and Half Down

For short hair, putting it up into a half up and half down style is simple, easy, and very cute.  Even though it is simple, it can be worn for any type of party.  You can do this with your hair straight or even if you have curly hair.  

If your hair is naturally straight, then run a hair straightener through just to get out any bumps or waves.  Next, Then section off the front part of your hair.  Put this section up into a ponytail high on the top of your head.  You can also use this section of hair to make a bun at the top or back of our head.  If you go with the ponytail, you can use a piece of hair in the ponytail to wrap around the hair tie to cover it up. 

If your hair is wavy or curly, then this short hairstyle is still perfect for a party.  You style it the same way, by sectioning off the front of your hair and then putting it up in the ponytail or bun.  

2. Messy Bun Hairstyles

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Messy bun hairstyles have become a favorite among women and work very well with hair that is shoulder length.    

The key to the perfect messy bun is not to try to make your hair look messy.  If your hair is already messy because you have been running around preparing for the party you have been planning for a month, then you are already halfway there to the hairstyle.  You just need put your shoulder length hair back into a bun.  And there, you have mastered the messy bun look!  
This is perfect for parties because your hair is kept out of your eyes and your guests will think it was intentional because your outfit is so well put together. 

3. Classic Short Waves

Next up in our list of party hairstyles is the classic wave.  This can be done in either one of two ways.  

The first is with curlers.  If you have the time, section off your hair into multiple curlers.  Once you take them out, run your fingers through the curls to stretch them out.    
The second way is to use a curling iron.  This can be done last minute if you do not have the time for curlers. When using a curling iron, you can have more control over how tight or loose you want your curls to be.  

4. The Party Headband

The headband is the perfect accessory for short hairstyles.  If the headband is full of glitz, glamor, and sparkle, then it would be perfect for a wedding or for any other party where your outfit is simple.  

Whether your short hair is curly, wavy, or straight, the headband will be a perfect fit for you.  Even if you only have time to run your fingers through your hair, the headband will be the piece that makes your hair look like you spent hours on it.   

5. Side Braid Hairstyles

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Braids are easy, versatile hairstyles that look great on short or shoulder length hair because they are easy to do and look cute for any party.  I know that sometimes braids may seem hard to do, but there are styles that both beginners and pros can do.   

The first style shown is a simple braid that requires a section of hair from the front top of your head.  Braid this section and then pin it to the side or back of your head.

The second example shown is a lightly more advanced braid. It is a type of french braid that ends toward the back of the head under loose hair.  

Whichever braid type you choose, these hairstyles are compatible with shoulder length hair or short hair.  

6. Party Pixie

Pixie cuts are fun and carefree short hairstyles.  These scream party!  If you have a pixie cut, there are some options that will make you party ready.   

One way is to keep it simple, simply spraying some hairspray to keep the top of your cut up reaching the sky.  

Another option is to try adding a little color to your ends.  Of course, the color is entirely up to you, and it is up to you what events you think are appropriate for this daring style.  Always keep true to your personality and have fun if you do decide to dye your ends.

7. Put a Barrette in Your Hair

Another way to wear your hair for a party is to clip a barrette in your hair.  A barrette is a quick and cute way to get ready for a party, especially a wedding.  At a wedding, you want to make sure that you do not outdress the bride, so adding bling to your hair is the perfect way to dress up your outfit. 

A barrette is also beneficial in keeping short hair or hair that is shoulder length out of your eyes.  By putting the front strands of hair in a barrette at the back of your head, you will add some surprise sparkle to the back of your head while keeping the hair out of your eyes.   

8. Deep Side Part Hairstyles

The side part is a great hairstyle that will create bangs if you do not have them.  By parting your hair to the side, it adds a mysterious element to your face and personality.  

While at a party, you can use these new faux bangs to keep guys guessing what you are thinking because they will not be able to look deeply into your eyes for answers.  We all like to add a little mystery to our lives, and the side part can do that for us.   

9. Long Front Short Back Hairstyles

A hairstyle that is slightly edgy and perfect for a party is one that is two lengths.  The back will be short, and the hair toward the front of your head will be longer.    

This is the perfect hairstyle for you if you are someone who can never decide what to do with their hair.  This way you can have the best of both worlds with short hair in the back and also shoulder length hair in the front.  

10. Shaved on the Side

The shaved on the side hairstyles are fabulous for parties because they bring out your sense of style. With one side of your head shaved, you now have the ability to show off a new pair of gorgeous earrings that you just bought. Or maybe a new pair of glasses that have a crazy design on the side. Parties are the best places to debut new hairstyles and new purchases.   

11. Front Bangs

Adding full bangs to your regular hairstyle will make your short hair stand out even more.  The bangs will frame your face better than any picture frame could, and that is how you should be attending a party.  

By adding bangs to your short hair, you are just asking to have your picture taken at any party you go to.  Although front bangs could be done at home, I would highly suggest getting it professionally done.  Unless you are a professional! 

12. Short and Wet

Short hair looks amazing when the wet look is in play.  By the wet look, I mean making your short hair appear wet, without it actually being wet.  This is because if your hair is actually wet, that means it will eventually dry.  And we do not want your hair to turn into an uncontrollable fizzy mess without your permission!  To get the wet look, use a gel that will make your hair look wet, but will not make your hair stiff.    

13. Add Some Color

Spice up your short hair with some color.  Color and party go hand and hand.  Of course, it does not have to be extreme, but you can start off with something simple.  Maybe highlights in a color you have never tried.  Or dye your whole head a new color.  Or anything in between.  You are sure to make a statement at any party by adding color to your short hair.  

14. Curly Bob

Adding curls to your bob will give you a stunning look for any party you are planning on attending.  Curling your bob will add more definition and create a classic, timeless look.  

15. Retro Curls

The last of the top 15 hairstyles for short hair are retro curls.  These curls are ideal for short hair because they come from back in the day when all women in Hollywood were wearing these curls.  These curls were the only hairstyle women would wear for a very long time.  This makes them perfect for parties because they will make you stand out and bring an element of elegance to your look.  

It's Time to Party

Now you have 15 different hairstyles to wear for many different parties.  Whether you are going to a wedding or attending your own meticulously planned party, these hairstyles are sure to please.