Nipple Orgasm Is Real And This Is How You Get It

Find out all about the hype in getting orgasm through the nipple

By Kimmy
Nipple Orgasm Is Real And This Is How You Get It

All The Types Of Orgasm You Can Get

Still, think you can only achieve orgasm via private parts? Time to get out of your cave and get a reality check. There are many erogenous zones in your body that can stimulate an orgasm. In fact, traditional vaginal penetration only attributes for 35% of the orgasms. The most common type of orgasm is through clitoris stimulation. But there are plenty of other erogenous zones that can lead to an orgasm.

Usually, thighs and neck are erogenous zones because they are sensitive and vulnerable. Touching it right and you will get excited and turned on like never before. There is one spot that many forget, the nipples. Nipple orgasm is real for both men and women, usually more for women. Nipples get hard when it's cold or when stimulated. Breasts are the funniest area for foreplay and needlessly to say everyone knows nipples arouses you.

When touched, the nerves send a signal throughout the whole body and you get a sense of joy and happiness. What's more, is that you feel sexually aroused and you want to have sex. Playing it right and nipples are a great way to achieve the ultimate orgasm.

A Solo Or Double Game

One of the best things about nipple orgasms is that it can be achieved alone. Whether it's by yourself or with a partner, a nipple orgasm feels great and unmatched. Many have found caressing their nipples is better than traditional masturbation. They get the tingling sensation much quicker and easier.

As for with a partner, if you have been with someone for a long time and sex feels like homework, nipples are a great zone to try something new. It can bring your sex life back from the dead.

It doesn't matter if you are doing this alone or with someone, it's equally great and easy to achieve nipple orgasm.

Benefits On A Nipple Orgasm

There are many benefits to a nipple orgasm, much like other orgasms, but the best one is, it's not as hard to achieve as you thought. Nipple orgasms are surprisingly easier to get than the typical D-to-V stimulation. Nipples are easily aroused. With some soft blowing and kissing, you will already feel your body burning and wanting more. Even a simple grab and touch will make your whole body shiver. Compared to other erogenous zones, nipple orgasms are one of the easiest to get.

Another great benefit of a nipple orgasm is that it can be achieved multiple times consecutively, even for men. A lot of the times after coming, a man has a wait-period to reset before he can go again. Women are less troubled by this as multiple orgasms aren't a new thing. However, with nipple orgasms, even men can achieve new heights they have never reached before.

Men can easily get multiple orgasms in one go with the nipples. It's an erogenous zone that doesn't get tired pretty much. The game can go on forever.

There are many benefits to a nipple orgasm even adding the fun to your sex life. Nipples are so crucial in our foreplay yet people keep forgetting they can climax with nipples and usually just leave them at foreplay. There's so much more than your nipples can do.

How To Achieve A Nipple Orgasm

1. Set the mood right

Like all sex games, you have to set the mood right. You can't achieve anything you are doing it next to a dumpster in a smelly alley behind a bar. The set up is underestimated as people feel as long as you touch the right part you will get the biggest climax of your life. It's not true.

Your mind needs to be in the right place for everything to come together. Don't be lazy. Set up some candles and put some rose petals on the bed. Get some incense too and make sure everything smells nice and clean. A trick many don't know is that smell determines a lot of what you experience. Even if the visuals aren't great, the smell can make up for it. So even if you can't get rose petals, you might want to make sure the room or yourself smells superb.

2. Moisturise it

You want to prep your nipples for some gentle or vigorous touching, depending on what you like. Moisturizing your nips before is a good idea so your nips don't get too dry during the play. It can even add to the fun if you do it right. Put some lotion on your breast area or on your stomach and as you sweep it up, use your palm to moisturize the area. Apply some pressure when you spread the lotion. It helps turns you on.

The lotion you pick should be smooth and not thick. A liquidy lotion can act like lube whereas a thick one feels rather yucky and hard to spread and even greasy. Pick the scented one for the best experience. There are specific types of body lotion in sex shops that you can get (not body massage oil) if you want the best deals.

3. Start from your thigh

Foreplay is always important. Most play the game from top to bottom, going from the chest area down to the private parts. Going in reverse can be just as exciting. Start from your partner's thighs, give it a gentle blow, or sucking on the fatty meat in their inner thighs. Gently move up to the private areas, be flirty and classy. Stop right where it feels good then move up to the stomach area.

Spend a good deal of time in the stomach area so your partner is almost edging, leaving them to want more but can't. You can go around the stomach, close the chest area, or back down to the private parts. Either way, you should only aim for the nipples when you know your partner is turned on.

Then move on to the breast area. Use your palm to gently pressure the breast area. Use your fingers to touch the nipples, going around in a circle. Don't be afraid to use your fingertips to smoothly tickle the nipples. You might also want to use your mouth to gently suck them and blow some air on it. Some cool air usually helps send a happy feeling to the whole body. Interchange the methods to see what is working for your partner. Go back and forth and don't stay in one station until you have found the best route for your partner to come.

How Do I Tell My Partner If I Prefer Nipple Orgasms?

It's perfectly normal for some to prefer nipple orgasms over traditional penetration. It's a personal preference that no one should judge. However, it's understandable how one may feel awkward if you have to tell your partner you would prefer a nipple orgasm.

Be honest with your partner about trying out nipple orgasms, if he prefers the traditional way, ask if he is willing to do it for you and you will do the traditional way for him. Sex is a mutual game that both should win. Your partner should consider your happiness as much as you consider his. It does happen that one partner prefers a certain game than others. What's important is to encourage them to try it out. If they still don't like it, come up with a way that both of you can enjoy.

If you are really nervous about asking your partner, you can subtly incorporate the nipple game in your sex life to get him hooked on the feeling. Of course, you would have to be super good at it and you will have to practice on yourself. Once your partner sees how great it is with that erogenous zone, you have him on the hook and he will be asking you to play more of that instead.

Do remember that orgasms aren't mutually exclusive. Just because you prefer the nipple stimulation doesn't mean you don't like your thighs being touched. Multiple games can be going on at the same time. You can enjoy different areas too. The most important is how you feel and what you want from your partner. If you can enjoy multiple areas, great. If not, tell your partner what works for you.

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Nipple orgasms are changing the game in the court. It's so fun and easy to achieve that even a newbie in the sex game can find a way to pleasure himself. There are so many ways to achieve a nipple orgasm and with its numerous benefits, you might want to raise it to your partner next time this is a brilliant way to try!