10 Things Men Love in Bed but Too Shy To Share

Find out what are the things men truly wants and love in bed

By Fred S.
10 Things Men Love in Bed but Too Shy To Share

While it is widely understood that men appreciate sex, we must not forget that some are too shy to ask for it. When you’re in a relationship with a man like this, we can understand how demanding it can be to understand what he really wants from you in bed after all.  

Even though we know that all men want and crave sex almost all the time, some of them wouldn’t mention it just to be polite to you, in that case you need to take charge and uncover the man that you love and give him what he secretly desires from you.  

Some of the things that men want from you include being praised in bed; they want to experience intimacy but they would never tell you that; they want to be touched, and teased the way they tease you right before sexy times; they want you to focus on their sexual fantasies, and help them achieve them; they want you to have a voice while you have sex; if there’s one thing men appreciate, it is honesty in bed; they enjoy the anticipation no matter how frustrated they may seem to you; he wants sex full of commitment; and lastly, he wants you to finish with him!  

Some of these things may seem like the most prominent and obvious things but we tend to overlook them in the heat of the moment.  

What are the things men love in bed?

1. Bring praised:

Men can become really insecure in bed if you don’t tell them what you want from them, and whether what they are doing, you like it or not. So when you’re with him, make sure to remind him what you like, and how much you appreciate the way he touches you, or kisses you. Make it a point to whisper sweet something’s in his ear while you’re having sex, if anything it will just bring more passion to the whole act.

2. They want to be touched:

You know how when you’re walking around the house and he touches you, gently rubbing his hand on your thigh, or slapping your ass in a playful manner only to suggest that he wants to have sex later on? That is something he would appreciate if you did this too, touch him in places that would rile him up, and then make him wait for the sex. Men love being teased, and they love anticipation! 

3. Honesty:

Often times, women do not derive the same pleasure from sex the way men do, and are forced into pretending like they are having a good time. If it is not obvious enough then men absolutely hate this. Men want you to be true to them in bed, if they are doing something that isn’t good for you, stop them and communicate. Honesty is a huge turn on for men, because they want to know what is and isn’t good for you in bed. They want to make sure they give you the time of your life and they need you to be honest if they would be able to achieve it. 

4. They want committed sex:

Contrary to popular belief about men only craving casual sex, men in this world often ask for committed sex. While they enjoy the pleasure derived from meaningless sex, but they enjoy it far more when they have feelings for you. Sex in a loving relationship for men is far more satisfying then just sleeping around for fun! 

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What are the things he wants to try or new things to try in bed?

1. Try out their fantasies:

Men have been known to have fantasies about the weirdest things possible. They could have scenarios in their head that they like, or movie scenes that they want to act out during sex. Projecting fantasies into your sex life is no different than foreplay but with extensive characters and plotlines, and you get to make him happy. 

What you could do is talk to him about his wildest fantasies and try knowing what he wants to see you do or dress up as. 
Once you know everything, make the extra effort, go look for the costumes, and learn the things he wants and cosplays for him. We can guarantee that he will go insane after you try this!  

2. Build up the anticipation

If there is one thing men love, it is waiting to get what they so badly desire. In order to make him want you more than ever, you need to learn ways to build up the heat before you do the deed. You need to learn how to keep him on his toes! We could help you with that; you could send him nudes, while he is at work, tell him you can’t wait for him to get home. Or you could tease him around the house by wearing revealing clothes and showing off, so that he can see everything he wants, just not get his hands on them as yet. 

How to be good in bed?

1. Know what he likes:

It’s not that difficult to master the art of sex, you just need to know the things that you need to do to make your partner the happiest person alive. There are things that you could do before sex like arrange a hot bubble bath where you both could enjoy, and arrange a beautiful dinner for the two of you. But once you’re in bed, all you got to do is make sure he has the time of his life.  

2. Be Vocal

When you’re having sex, always remember that men love women who are vocal about their responses. When you like something, moan loudly enough for him to know that you liked what he did in that instance. Being vocal doesn’t only mean moaning, but also if you tell him what you like, or what you would like him to do it would turn him on specifically. 

3. Finishing you off

We know this isn’t something that's in your control, but it's something that makes men happy during sex, it is when their lady is able to climax alongside him. Even if the orgasms aren't timed together, but at least getting you to reach orgasm is always one of their priorities. They want you to have a fulfilling orgasm; this isn’t because it is some weird kind of turn on for them, but because they like knowing that they were able to satisfy you to your fullest!  

What not to do in bed?

There are so many things that could be the end of your relationship tenure with your partner, and if not so, then it would at least bring some strain. There are certain things you just cannot do in bed with the one you love. You might be the kind of couple that enjoys oral sex, so this precaution is for you guys, if you’re going down on your man, remember not to use teeth. Using your teeth during a blow job could result in serious injuries, and if not that, it would make your partner absolutely uncomfortable and that is the last thing you want to do!  

Don’t act self-conscious in bed. The likelihood is that if you’re in bed with him, it is because he wanted you there, and that he doesn’t see anything wrong with you. If you become conscious during sex the chances are that you will make him uncomfortable and you would end up having very bumpy, uncomfortable and unpleasant sex.  

There are so many women out there that fake orgasms when having sex, it is understandable that not everyone experiences the same kind of pleasure and men understand this. If you talk to them openly, there is a chance that they would be willing to try new things and help you climax. So don’t ever fake an orgasm in bed, because that has a very negative effect on your sexual connection with your man!  

What do guys like to hear in bed?

1. Speak your thoughts

Men like having dirty things being said to them. It might be a bit uncomfortable for women at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see how effective it can be to your love life. Men love hearing praises in bed, they like knowing what you appreciate about them, and what more do you want from them. Men often want to know what you are thinking about them in your head.  

2. Tell him your fantasies

They want to hear about all your fantasies, you know how they were bent on getting theirs through, they have a profound love for finding yours out and putting it into action!  

3. Don't hold back your grunts and moans

Apart from talking to each other about sexy things, men appreciate a woman that can vocalize her responses. Do not over-exaggerate them but when he does something that feels good, or something that catches you off guard, make sure you voice your moan loud enough for it to echo in his ears.  


Men are seldom expressive about what they want, feel, or desire. Be it in a normal day to day basis, or about what they want in bed. But there are some things that all men appreciate, and something they all equally condemn. This article talks about the things men love to do, what they expect from you and what they want to hear. It also talks about what not to do with your lover in bed, so that you make sure nothing turns him off! This is a complete guide to your man’s heart.  

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