Ways To Get Him Back-- Walk Away And Let Him Miss You

A proven way to get him back into your life is to walk away

By Sid
Ways To Get Him Back-- Walk Away And Let Him Miss You

Why Do Men Lose Interest?

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Men are simple yet complicated. We cannot put all of them under one umbrella which is why there is no guarantee that one technique will work on every one of them but trust me when I say that this one works on the majority of them. Men, by nature, are hunters. There comes a phase, in every relationship where things just become too bland. In these times, men start losing interest. Their loss of interest results in them taking you for granted. If they lose interest, you shouldn’t lose hope. You’re powerful. You’re a woman. All you need to do is harness the power of femininity and reel them back in by walking away. Yup, you heard right. Walk away and let them chase you.

Why You Have To Leave Him Alone

Why should they chase you? Because you’re awesome. Here are some situations where you need to leave him alone.

He’s taking you for granted

Men can be careless when a woman is into them. This is especially because of other girls out there who let guys take them for granted and they choose to stay which encourages such behavior. Women’s love can be soothing. It is so powerful that it boosts a guy’s confidence. The problem starts when the guy starts believing that they cannot lose that love. That confidence turns into over-confidence and they take you for granted. This is the time where you make your move to shatter that toxic belief. Walk-away and let him know that he always has to be at the best of his game to keep you. If he is man enough to win you back, it will be established that you’re independent and strong enough to not tolerate behavior that’s less than what you deserve just for the sake of love.

He has started to ignore you

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A guy ignores when he loses interest. One of the reasons he lost interest is because he thinks he has charmed you and you’re under his spell. Walking away is a message here that says you’re hard to get. If he doesn’t reply to your messages on time or he doesn’t make moves to impress you, well, you’re not the one to wait around. He should be aware of the fact that you’re an attractive woman who has other suiters. Walk away, show him that if he ignores you, you have other better options. Then, just enjoy the show of him shifting lanes and chasing you to get you back.

Mixed Signals

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He’s playing the push and pull game? This day he’s all over you and the other day he ignores you? Well, aren’t we all too mature for these childish games? Yes, we are. When he doesn’t acknowledge the fact that you’re a grown woman who isn’t sticking around for games, his immaturity is why you need to walk away. Trust me when he comes back to get you again, he will now be approaching you as a grown man.

He has forgotten what you’re worth

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Sometimes men just need a reminder that if they don’t treat you right, there are dozens out there waiting for you to be available again. If you’ve been dating for a while and he has slacked off, he doesn’t put in much effort and he just isn’t the same. You’ve tried having a conversation with him but he just isn’t listening to them then this is a huge reason why you need to walk away. Walk away so that he knows what the value you added to his days. Walk away to tell him what you’re worth. Your absence will make him miss you. He will surely come around and get his actions straight because this time he knows that a valuable woman like yourself is at stake.

How Effective Is Walking Away?

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If you ask me, walking away is a win-win situation. If a man isn’t treating you the way you want to be treated, why do you want to stay with a man like that anyway? If he chases you, you win. If he doesn’t chase you, you just got rid of a toxic person who didn’t value you, you win. Hence, walking away is effective regardless of the outcome.

How Long Until He Comes Back?

Walking away only works when there are feelings involved. You can’t expect someone to come running to you after going out with him once. In most simple cases, your guy will be chasing you within 2 months. In other cases, the time span depends on the complexity and the situation that made you walk away in the first place. If you’ve been together for a long time and things have gotten extremely complicated, your case might take longer for him to chase you. The key here is to analyze your comfort zone. How long are you willing to wait for him? If it’s been too long for you, maybe he isn’t the one who deserves you.

Things To Do To Make Him Miss You

Go by your day as nothing happened

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Once you have decided to walk away, you need to be strong. You cannot let this situation impact your daily routine. Guys are attracted to strong women. You being around him all the time may have made him lost sight of your strength and positivity. When you’re at the office, not letting your personal life interfere with your professional life and he sees you, he will be reminded of your awesomeness. So the first thing to do is, show him that you’re going to thrive with or without him. This will drive him crazy and not only will he miss you, but he will also start making moves to get you back.

Make your Socials booming

Yup, social media is an amazing platform to send disguised messages. So what if both of you move in different circles? You might not share the same workplace but you sure stalk each other on the socials. Get your Instagram and Snapchat going with exciting posts. Remember to not go overboard with this one. Post pictures in amazing outfits, see how fast he comes back when he notices a guy drooling over you in the comments.

Go out with friends

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You need to be able to have fun outside of your dating life. If you have walked away, unless you find happiness from within, the guy in the picture won’t understand that you can be perfectly happy without him. So, hang out with your friends. They won’t just help you manage the single blues, you will have a good time too. Putting up happy pictures is a cherry on top! Watching you have fun with others like you used to have fun with him will make him miss you more than ever.

How Do You Get Him To Commit?

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You’re not the only one who is stuck with some guy in a limbo. You cannot leave him for good since there are certain feelings involved and when you’re with him, those feelings don’t seem one-sided either. What is confusing in such situations is why these guys are so scared of committing. Trust me when I tell you that at one point or another, every girl has been in such a complicated bond. When a guy isn’t committing and you still choose to stay by his side, he doesn’t know what he’ll miss out on when you’re not there. The most effective way to getting him to commit is to walk away with the condition that you’re only willing to stay in a relationship that’s built on commitment. Girl, if he cares about you, nothing in this world will stop him from getting over his commitment issues and running to you.

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Hopefully, after reading all this you will have the motivation to take this leap. Walking away is a surefire way to make him miss you and crave you. He needs to earn your presence and needs to understand that love isn’t enough, effort must always be there. You must not compromise on any aspect when it comes to a guy, and your guy needs to be on his A-game because you’re not afraid to go out and wait till someone who knows your worth gets you.



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