Fancy Trying Out Hot Tub Sex? 5 Tips To Be a Pro!

Read on before trying out the hot tub with your bae or regret!

By Sophia R
Fancy Trying Out Hot Tub Sex? 5 Tips To Be a Pro!

The Allure of Hot Tub Sex

According to the surveys on human sexual habits, water is one of our favorite places to practice sex. In our sexual fantasies, the paradisiacal beaches, the pools with palm trees, or the massage bathtubs, constitute a true source of erotic inspiration.

On the other hand, the skin and wet hair, along with the scarce clothes attached to the body - as a result of the water - letting a glimpse of the eroticism of suggestive curves, bulges of strategic areas and erections ... are a stimulus of enormous sexual power. Sex in the water constitutes, without a doubt, one of the greatest sexual pleasures for many of us.

If sex life is getting boring and you're looking for a way to give it life * or even if you're just looking to add some romance to your love life *, having sex in the tub is definitely the way to go.

And hey, for all of you adults with young children at home, it's also a great way to escape with your lover at night.

Sex in the bathtub is becoming popular lately due to the fact that there are so many different things you can do in a tub. There are also many different elements that you can take to your sexcapades in the hot waters of your bubble baths to a whole another level. 

Nonetheless, it can be either wonderful or a disaster if you don't have some things in mind like the little space, the water in your face (or in your mouth ), the lack of lubrication and some other factors.

We have thrown ourselves into the water (see the joke there?) by preparing this complete guide with some very top tips that will make you enjoy sex in the bathtub more than ever!

The Danger of Hot Tub Sex No Shows Warn You About

Having sex in the jacuzzi, pool or the beach can be a fantastic experience, however, before practicing it, it is important to know some dangers that can cause, because there are even those who think that pregnancy can not occur in the water. Yep, there is a lot of misinformation. 

It might have its risks, although precautions can always be taken as well as  being aware of what is being done. We now review some of the recommendations that must be taken into account if some of these practices are carried out. Take note!


Water status can impact your health. It is obvious, but sometimes the water seems cleaner than it really is. It can be a nest of bacteria that triggers urinary infections. Even if you have exceeded the use of products such as chlorine, fungi may appear. So you want to have the cleanest water possible in that tub!


Yep, even though you might not think so, the condom may suffer during sexual practice in the water. Although the opposite tends to be thought, lubrication is not as good as in a dry place and can cause the contraceptive to break more easily. 

This fact makes it possible to contract sexually transmitted diseases more easily if the medical history of the other person is unknown. The same happens with pregnancy, so for all of you that think that it is less likely, it is just about the same, so be careful! It is also recommended that the condom be placed and removed out of the water.


As previously mentioned, water does not help to lubricate. In addition to being able to break condoms, it can also cause dryness or irritation. Look out for this, ladies.


Once again, having sex in the water involves some difficulties with the use of contraceptives. The biggest problem is found in the use of condoms since latex could lose efficiency because it becomes porous and could break. For this reason, it is recommended to penetrate out of the water, even if it is less erotic or less passionate and then enter the water, so you will prevent the condom from being damaged. Or be extremely careful thought the whole time.

On the other hand, it is likely that by having sex in the water there is less risk of pregnancy because sperm can get out more easily, not be fertile and be destroyed with water. But still, better safe than sorry!

5 Ways to Still Enjoy Hot Tub Sex

1. Take security measures

Do you remember the saying; Who does not die in war slips in the bathtub? Well, keep that in mind!

Most likely, your shower is like that of the rest of mortals, that means it slips and therefore it is important to put the typical bath mats to make sure that it's really going to be an erotic-sexual encounter and not an emergency visit to the hospital! 

2. Use lube

Without lubrication, sex is always more complicated. Underwater, the lubrication basically goes away, so do not forget your lubricant. Very important! Water-based water lubricant is not a good idea in this case as water is soluble and in a few seconds will be removed. It is best to use a silicone-based lubricant when having bathtub sex. 

3. Sex toys?

The answer is yes!  Did you know sex in the bathtub with toys and vice versa is even more amazing? The feeling is really pleasant, but yes, you must make sure that your toy is 100% submersible in water. There are infinite options in the market, so find the one that looks the best for you, and hop in the tub!

4. Best practices and / or sexual positions

 Although we are very much in favor of you experimenting, the tub is not a good place to innovate. It is best that you carry out postures that you already have on hand, either because you have practiced them before or because you have tried them out in the water.

Your tub might be narrow, so it might be a little hard to get comfortable. Because of this, it is better to start betting on a classic; the missionary "soaking version".

Another option is to sit on your partner with your back towards them and holding on to the edge of the bathtub. 

Another really fun position to have sex in the bathtub is to get on all fours and have it from behind you. In this way, you still get hot water, smells and bubbles, but you are not completely covered by them. It's great when you start to be a little hot, too. 

And of course, it is not necessary to give too much hype to coitus, there are also other wonderful practices with which you can enjoy a lot of sex in the bathtub. Masturbation or simple rubbing with your partner's leg can be, wwooow! Just forget about oral sex if you don't want to swallow more water than a fish.

If you finished or take a break before heading to the bedroom, take the opportunity to have a massage while everything is hot and wet. This is a great way to end sex in the bathtub because it will bring you closer, and it will also serve as a great pregame for round 2.

5. Set up

Alright. The last thing you need from amazing hot tub sex is for any of you to have a strong reaction to an irritating soap that reaches somewhere where it shouldn't be. Nothing will kill a mood faster than an eruption that forms in the only place you really don't want it to be. There are TONS of different oils and soaps that are safe to use during sex in the bathtub. You can choose from many others that smell amazing, and will only increase mood, and improve sex a lot.

What is a sexy and oily skin bubble bath without some candles? Turning off the lights and having the warm glow of the candles is a great way to set the mood. It also makes the night much more memorable.

Also, to set the mood and make it a really romantic and sexy night, play soft and slow music. Nothing will make your partner feel like more than a hot bath, scented oils, candles that flicker in the bathroom and soft music that hums in the background.

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Having sex in the bathtub is a fantastic way to bring your sex life to life and add a relaxing element to your sexual routine. If you want to know how to have the best sex in the bathtub, the above tips will help you make it an unforgettable night.


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