10 Public Places That You Can Attempt A Quickie

For the adrenaline junkie looking for pleasure and adventure

By Aey
10 Public Places That You Can Attempt A Quickie

Public Quickie: Not For The Faint Hearted

Sex is fun because even though it is something all or at least most adults partake in, it can also be a bit of an extreme sport, in certain situations. Especially for people who like to live on the wild side, sex is something you can get very creative with and is one of the few areas in life where you can really let your freak flag fly! Sex in public places is something many adults will try out at some point, at least once, because what makes it really exciting is the fact that with all those pleasure producing hormones, dopamine, and serotonin, etc. that your body naturally produces during sexual activity, it is also experiencing an extreme adrenaline rush which can be such an explosively pleasurable juxtaposition and for sure, a must-try, for anyone who wants a taste of the wild side.

Having said that, public sex puts your body in a stressful, highly nerve-wracking situation and while some people get off on that tension and those feelings of fear of being caught, it sure as hell isn’t for just about everybody! Cue heart patients and people with anxiety etc. So, do proceed with caution.

10 Public Places That You Can Attempt A Quickie

1. Office Sex

Let us start with a classic: office sex. The ultimate fantasy of fucking your boss or a cute coworker doesn’t really need to much explanation. It is forbidden fruit and therefore very sexy and if your partner has a private office then you can feel dangerous without any real risk of getting caught! Get up on that desk and even do a little power play role play if that’s your thing and you are sure to have an elite NSFW quickie at the office that is sure to pump that adrenaline in your veins.

2. At the Park

A common but exciting exhibitionist possibility is to do it behind the bush instead of beating about the bush, if you know what we mean! Park sex is a super common category of quickies, second only perhaps to car sex. You can obstruct the public’s view with foliage and still feel the heat of doing something very very naughty with your partner.

3. Building Under Construction

Spooky and sexy, all in one! Buildings under construction or even parts of buildings under maintenance can be a fun mix of public sex but with a little bit of privacy too. Abandoned buildings are another cool site! You can feel the rush of anyone walking in at any minute and still enjoy a decent window of sexy time. We highly recommend empty buildings for fun quickie!

4. Swimming Pool

Another classic, of sorts, swimming pool sex is a good one, but chances are if it’s a public pool, you’ll upset someone for sure so make sure there are no kids in site: yikes! And be a bit sneaky about it, unless you want to go full-blown exhibitionist which might be a bit much! Being in the water with your partner can be hot with a capital H but be careful cause there are plenty of accidents that also happen in swimming pools. Stay safe kids!

5. At the Movies

Catch an early show to that random ass movie no one watches and get seats at the very back. Pro tip: Try a foreign cinema, it’s sure to be poorly attended. The movies are a pretty ideal spot to chill with a partner because it’s dark and even if there is someone else in the auditorium, they are probably too engrossed, in whatever weird movie they came to watch at a whack time, to care what you are up to. The place is also loud enough for them to not hear any betraying sounds. You can also try sneaking in so you don’t have to pay for a movie you don’t end up watching but hey, it is worth it either way! A solid site for a risqué quickie that you should definitely consider!

6. A Backyard Quickie

Rookie-level but if you are uncomfortable with public sex but still want a taste, why not try the backyard. Yes, it is not a lot, but you still run the risk of neighbors watching you and that can really get some people off! A good place to start your public sex adventures. Backyard sex can also be necessitated if your house is currently unavailable to you, maybe you have family and friends over, and your partner and you just need a quick release. Out to the backyard we go!

7. In a Restroom

Now this one isn’t for everybody, shout out to my clean freaks, but maybe if you want to push your limits, you can try public bathroom sex! Restrooms, when clean, can be a pretty neat spot for that quickie and afford just the right amount of privacy and risk. The stall is big enough for doggie style and you can definitely lift your partner’s leg up for better penetration. 

8. In a Fitting Room

Prime spots for a risqué quickie include changing rooms and fitting rooms. Try departmental stores instead of boutiques with attendants and try to go when traffic is slow, so early mornings are better than a rush hour! You also want to avoid it near the closing time where you could get caught in a sticky situation, you see what we did there! But, for real, try to find a nice corner room with lots of mirrors so you can put on a show for yourself if you know what we mean!

9. In an Empty Classroom

Shout out students of all appropriate ages! Empty classrooms can be a real sweet spot for a quickie with your partner! Some classrooms are better than others, avoid ones that are centrally located, for obvious reasons! And try to lock yourselves in for a hot minute! Classrooms are prime locales for school fantasies if you and your partner are into roleplay or are revisiting your old high school for a reunion, a quick shag down memory lane!

10. In a Sauna

What better way to have hot steamy sex, yes! pun intended than in a sauna when everyone else is heading out back home! You could go with your partner or suggest sexy time with a good looking stranger if you are feeling extra risqué. Physically communicate how long you have been sizing up their sexy body. Saunas can be fun also because visibility is low and you can get dirty without being seen. Also, no risk of cameras!

What To Look Out To Determine If A Quickie Can Be Done

Public quickies are fun and all, but we do want to avoid any less than ideal repercussions to a little bit of fun and so we need to keep some things in mind! Ain’t no one out here trying to get expelled, fired or arrested! Make sure there are no children in sight to the best of your ability! Have an escape plan or some semblance of it! Avoid crowded areas and rush hour times, we want the naughty taste of public sex but not an enormous audience, that would be creepy and could land us in some real trouble. No thank you! Similarly, ensure you aren’t recording a sex tape in public so check for cameras in nooks and crannies. Also, try to keep it quiet but it’s okay to flirt with danger in that capacity just be sure there’s no harm no foul in some innocent outdoorsy fun!

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Everyone should have a wild phenomenal sex life; whether you are young and racy or trying to spice up a long-term relationship, boring sex is a gateway to unhappy relationships and general feelings of unfulfillment. And no one needs that in their life, so have fun with it, take a little bit of a risk, enjoy your body while it’s young and capable of maneuvering in tight spaces! Try out the above mentioned ten quickie spots for public sex and rate them and get creative with more possible spots: cars are always a staple; old school elevators can be fun, and libraries/book stores can be extremely challenging ones. Think of new ways to challenge and evolve your sex life because that is a gift that keeps on giving in a romantic relationship! Have a wild old time; a little bit of party never hurt anybody!



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