The Best Sexy Lap Dance Music Playlist To Turn Your Man On

Want to put a show on for your lover and not sure what songs to play? Refer to these suggestions for the ultimate lap dance music.

By Daina
The Best Sexy Lap Dance Music Playlist To Turn Your Man On

Lap Dancing

Most often performed in strip clubs across the world, lap dancing is also a very intimate activity done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. However, sometimes it’s hard to pick good lap dancing songs. Are upbeat and fast-paced songs better, or slow, dreamier songs more lap-dance appropriate? What if you hate everything except country—is there even a country song that can be done as a lap dance? What new songs out can be used? Here is a compiled list some of the best songs add to your playlist for lap dancing—both fast-paced and dreamy slow songs; classics, country, will be classics, and new songs; songs whose music videos will give you inspiration for dance moves and what to wear.


The classic “bow-chicka-wow-wow” songs are the ones that everyone thinks of when someone says “lap dance.” These are the oldies but goodies and will always be go-to's when it comes to intimate-style dancing.

Pour Some Sugar on Me- Def Leppard

Anytime I think of stripping or lap dances, I think of this song, as most people would also say. Think of Coyote Ugly (2000) and dancing sexily on bars and getting down and dirty. Pour Some Sugar on Me is the ultimate classic lap dance song and an anthem to lap dancers everywhere. Some dancing ideas can be contrived from the Coyote Ugly girls atop the bar.

Cherry Pie- Warrant

Another classic that makes you think of whipping your hair back and forth to the beat and shaking your booty all over. Bonus points for using this song on your lap dance playlist if you wear cherry pasties along with a red lingerie ensemble.

American Woman- Lenny Kravitz

This song has some of the best music to lap dance to. It is also very easy to find lingerie that fits the Americana theme! You can drive your man wild, and he would certainly not be singing "Stay away from me...I'm gonna leave you, woman."

Will-Be Classics

These songs are not yet classics, but not new by any means. They are in the awkward 2000s music genre that are played as #tbt memories but are not ready to be considered classic songs. However, in decades to come, these songs will be knighted as classics to lap dance to.

I’m A Slave 4 U- Britney Spears

Britney is a dancing goddess, even in I'm A Slave 4 U, which came out right after her meltdown and shaved head incident. She can definitely give you some ideas for moves to use on your guy. Mix her dancing, costume idea, and the song, and you will have the perfect lap dance.

Slow Motion- Juvenile

The lyrics themselves ask for you to move it in slow motion. Allow the song’s pace to guide your slow, sensuous movements. Moving it in slow motion will certainly make your man want more!

Motivation- Kelly Rowland

This song was severely underrated when it came out in 2011. Kelly Rowland, the second leading lady of the girl group, Destiny’s Child, pairs with Lil Wayne for this sexy song. Although it didn’t get the attention and limelight it deserved, this is a must for any lap dancing routine. Literally talking about amazing sex, Kelly Rowland creates a sensuous mood between the music and her voice, so if there were ever to be a song to set the tone for the rest of the night instantly, it would be this one.

Ignition (Remix) – R. Kelly

This is a song you might remember bumping and grinding to at school dances. Ignition (Remix) is meant for lots of hip motion and smooth moves that will not only be great for a #tbt lap dance but also turn your man on.


These are hits right now and can make the lap dance modern, hip and still just as sexy! If you don’t want to feel cliché doing the lap dances to classics (or will-be classics), or if you cannot stand country, these are great go-to songs for you to perform the best and sexiest lap dance.

Like That- Sbvce, Baegod

Talk about a newbie. This song just came out this year and is already making a list like this. There is not even a music video for this, but the song itself can draw inspiration for moves and rhythm for your lap dance.

Work From Home- Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony knows a little something about dancing. Use their Work From Home music video to give you some pointers on costumes and dance moves for your lover. They rock it in construction-themed attire, which would turn anyone on.

Love Me Harder- Ariana Grande, The Weeknd

Ariana Grande has come out with quite a few songs that would be lap dance-worthy. However, I would suggest this one just based on The Weeknd's contribution to the song and the meaning behind the song is begging for more love, just what you are doing while giving a lap dance.

Pick your music, set the mood, dance, and have fun!

Lap dancing is meant to be fun and can bring a lot of energy to the bedroom. Compile all of these songs into the ultimate lap dance playlist, or just stick with one genre. Either way, you will have sensuous music to guide you through!