Rose Hanbury: A Name Related With “Prince William Cheating”

The gossips between Rose Hanbury and Prince William and how true?

By Diana Nadim
Rose Hanbury: A Name Related With “Prince William Cheating”

Who Is Rose Hanbury?

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Rose Sarah Hanbury is a British fashion model, socialite, and former politician. She was born on the 15th of March 1984, and she has two siblings, David Mark James, and Marina Hanbury. They are all elite members of the British high class. Before she ventured into political research work, she was a fashion model, and this path led her to be a socialite.

She was later recognized as an influential member of the Turnip toffs, a name given to friends and confidants of the duke and duchess of Cambridge. During her political career, she met David Rocksavage, a British peer and filmmaker. He is the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, which made Rose Hanbury the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. The two got engaged in 2009 and tied the know one day after their engagement.

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She is a mother to three children, two boys who are twins, Alexander Hugh George and Oliver Timothy George, who will be turning 10 in October and one daughter, Lady Iris Marina Aline Cholmondeley, who will be turning three in March.

As a result of her career both as a model and a politician, she is said to be worth approximately $200 million. She also appeared in the tattlers' top 100 most invited list for her being a socialite in the British elite class.

She is also known to have more than one royal family connection. One includes her grandmother, Lady Elizabeth Lambert, who was a bridesmaid at Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's wedding in the year 1947.

A little after the scandal, a source who is in the same club as Hanbury’s brother told The Sun that her marriage is not the happiest. Hanbury and her husband have a 23 years age difference, and this not only puts them in different generations and have varying interests but could be an indication that their marriage is likely to end in a divorce.

The Relationship of Rose Hanbury And Prince William

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Prince William and Kate Middleton have had quite a lot to handle over the past decade since they got married. The royal couple wedded in April 2011. Not long after, they introduced their firstborn child to the world in July 2013 in July 2013, and two years later, Princess Charlotte Arrived in 2015. Prince Louis was then born in 2018.

The family is not a stranger to scandals, and the one that caught people's attention recently is that of Prince William. Since early 2019, rumors have been going on about the alleged affair between the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, and Rose Hanbury. 

As many people shun this off as just fake news, there was a higher number of people who believed that Prince William was following his father’s footsteps of infidelity.

This scandal unfolded when Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, was with their third son. It was alleged that the affair began with innocent dinners while Kate was away. An anonymous source disclosed that Kate heard the rumors as they were circulating among the British high society.

This situation was fueled when Hanbury attended a royal dinner in honor of Donald Trump’s first state visit to the UK. After she confronted her husband about that, he just laughed it off, saying it was s nothing. This later led to their split, among other issues, and after a couple of months, the Prince showed how important his wife was to him, and they were back together stronger than ever.

Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury

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Before this scandal erupted, Kate Middleton and Rose Hanbury were said to be friends. The fact that they were living close could have contributed to the natural friendship. They also both came from aristocratic backgrounds, which are another factor that could have made them even better friends. They could set up play dates for their children and attend events like weddings together. A source told The Sun that William and David’s backgrounds were similar, and Kate and Rose's lives were at a pretty much identical point. They could also bond over their love for organic food and parenting.

The rumors blew up the friendship as Kate Middleton started seeing her former friend Rose as her new Rival. This led to her demanding that prince William phase-out Rose from the turnip toffs. It is said that not only did Kate and her husband to cut off rose but also her husband. Sources revealed that at that time, Prince William was trying to get the ladies to get along since they were close neighbors, and they mingled with the same crowd.

Several articles in the Daily Mail had also alleged that Rose lived a more glamorous life than Kate. This was as a result of her being highly connected to the British ruling class.

Gossips or True?

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Following the alleged affair, it started trending when journalists from the daily mail released a tweet. This sparked immediate reactions from readers and fans. What brought up more speculations was the fact that the Kensington Palace did not immediately respond to the rumors. There was not a lot reported on this scandal, especially since it involved the royal family. All the initial tweets were deleted, but this did not stop people from all over airing their opinion.

Some of the responses are as shown below:

“I have known about Prince William’s affair with Kate Middleton Bestie for almost a month. It’s crazy how it remained a heavily guarded secret till now.”


“Prince William cheating with the exact kind’s woman his hairline would permit. And that's that on that."


Another tweeter, Nicole Cliffe, went ahead and explained the entire situation in a thread of tweets, which gained some traction. In his tweet he stated “Would it be helpful for me to explain the current royal scandal with a great deal of personal editorializing?” She went ahead and made a couple of threads explaining the entire scenario.

Because these were just speculations and there was no real proof, it was provided that this drama was nothing but hot air. Even if they were just rumors, they did some severe damage, especially to Rose Hanbury, who has reportedly been having hard times in her marriage. Neither woman issued a statement denying nor confirming that there was any feud between them.

Even though Prince William denied the rumors, he didn’t just stand idly; he and Rose became vicious that he got his legal team involved. His lawyers were said to have threatened legal action against media outlets that spread the rumors. Although it is clear that there was some tension between the besties, it could have been as a result of something completely different than what the stories had.

Current Situation between Both Of Them

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Prince William and Kate Middleton were recently seen with an old friend for the first time in three years as they attended a church service in Sandringham. The fact Rose and her husband David are pretty close neighbors with Prince William, and Kate Middleton could have been why they were in the same church, but that is just one of the assumptions that people have.  But if that is not the only reason and they are perfectly in good terms, then we can say that the cost is all good. It is also interesting that this reunion happened ahead of Kate's birthday, which was on the 9th of January.

More so, despite the two having an on and off friendship for 10 years, they are patrons of the same charities, including the East Anglia Children's Hospice. This is a group that is dedicated to helping adults and children who live in life-threatening conditions.

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The Cholmondeley’s relationship with the royal family is said to go way back even before Prince William. The Marquess was not just friends with the Prince but also with his father, Prince Charles. At only 14 years old. Queen Elizabeth II awarded Cholmondeley with the title of "page of honor."  

The fact that they started the year all positive and going back to being besties, we can say bye to the 2019 drama. News also had it that the rumors were just fake news and that since none of the sides could provide substantial legal evidence on the dispute, they chose to ignore it.