Everything You Need To Know About Adult Breastfeeding

It’s about health, too, and here’s your ultimate guide about it!

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Everything You Need To Know About Adult Breastfeeding

What is Adult Nursing/Adult Breastfeeding?

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Adult nursing/adult breastfeeding is seen as taboo and most don't talk about it. Most don't even know what it is. Adult nursing is the act of inducing lactation to feed to your partner. The name says it all, having a suckling partner to suck on a woman's breast for milk.

People engage in adult nursing for various reasons and they aren't always sexual. Some women feel it feeds into their feminity if they can breastfeed their partner. For others, it gives them a comfortable feeling that their partner wants their breast milk. In fact, most of the time, adult nursing is about the comfortable feeling rather than sexual.

What Do I Need To Know Before Engaging In Adult Breastfeeding? (How To’s, Do’s, Don’t’s)

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Check yourself to see if you can produce milk. Do some exercise to help with lactation if you are struggling to produce milk naturally. Relax yourself as it helps with the production too. Make sure you are in a comfortable environment because it affects the quantity and the quality of the milk.

Do not force yourself to lactate because it will only cause pain. Take a break if it is not going well. Communicate with your partner to see what both of you want. Set boundaries and expectations with your partner so you know when you should stop and when to keep going.

Like all sex plays, keep a safe word so the other person knows when to stop. Go step by step so you can easily stop at any stage if you are uncomfortable. Mutual consent is a must. Get your partner's consent before doing it.

What Benefits Can My Partner Get During Adult Breastfeeding?

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Many couples enjoy adult nursing because it provides a safe sense of comfort and being loved. Usually, couples above 35 tend to enjoy adult breastfeeding more, especially those having been in a long-term relationship. They are adventurous enough to try new things and also comfortable with each other to explore uncharted territory.

For your partner, he will enjoy a sense of comfort from sucking on your breast. A sensation that he is back to the most comfortable stage in life when he was baby. Comparing you to his mom is not the best image but it's the feeling that matters. You are offering him a safe haven, something he hasn't felt in a long time. The safe haven that his mom offered him. That's a magnificent achievement.

Besides the gentle love and care you offer your partner, for many, adult nursing is a huge turn on. Adult nursing isn't with the goal of sex but it turns a lot of people on during sex. It could arouse your partner as breasts are the sexy zone.

Adult nursing is often involved during foreplay and sex to spice things up a little and to bring up the mood. For many that haven't tried it before, it's a major factor in keeping things alive. Your partner is also curious about this body part of yours, especially after childbirth, to have a little taste of heaven.

Adult nursing can pull you and your partner closer and your experience can have a rough understanding and feel as to what's it like for you. It's a soul-bonding experience.

What Benefits Can I Get If I Breastfeed My Partner?

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Despite adult nursing is healthy choice partners choose to make, many females actually got into it due to traumas. Many were unable to have kids and adult nursing gives them a sense of feminity and makes them feel better. It's a healing process for them. A lot of women feel they are able to get over not feeling feminine enough through adult breastfeeding and are able to gain their self-esteem back.

For others, this is something that arouses them and brings them a sense of satisfaction, that their partner needs their breast milk. It's all about being needed. It boosts you up and makes you feel good because your partner needs you like a baby needs his mother.

It's an ego booster for many and that's why adult nursing is well-loved by the giver too, not just the receiver. It brings out your caring nature as a woman, to want to take care of another being and give him love and attention. Adult nursing is a very sweet moment for you to bond with your man and let him know you are here for him.

For married couples, this can bring up the sex life after being married for 20 years. You will benefit from it and feel the excitement once again to touch your husband. Adult nursing is great foreplay if you want to try something new and exciting.

What Are Some Concerns/Risks About Adult Breastfeeding? / When Should I Stop Doing It?

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Like all sex plays, there are always risks and concerns that you should consider before joining. First and foremost, are you able to produce milk? Not every woman is capable of producing milk at any point in their life. It doesn't squirt on command. Couples have been disappointed before for not able to lactate during it.

It's not your fault that you can't lactate and force it could cause bleeding. Many women want to do it so badly that they keep rubbing their breasts which could lead to irritation and even rupture of muscles. The pain associates with it could be long-lasting.

Stop immediately if you experience pain while trying to breastfeed. Rubbing your breast is only going to stress you out and make it more unlikely to perform. Play some music and do exercises that help with lactation.

Excessive breastfeeding could lead to sore breasts which could last for days. Maintain a healthy rhythm and not overdo it to avoid any soreness. Massage yourself when appropriate to relax your breast muscles.

Infectious diseases aren't protected during breastfeeding because of it's mouth to the nipple. It could still transmit if there are any wounds on the nipples and the sucking partner carries any diseases. Always check with your partner and do body checks regularly to make sure you are both clean and healthy to enjoy adult breastfeeding without having to worry about catching something.

Who Else Do Women Breastfeed Aside From Their Partners?

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Naturally, women breastfeed their babies, that's what breasts are for biologically speaking. However, historically speaking, women don't just breastfeed their babies. As you now know, women breastfeed their partners too. But have you heard of "Caritas Romana"?

Caritas Romana is the Latin word for Roman charity, and this charity may not be as simple as you'd think. The story entails a woman, whose father had been sentenced to death by starvation in prison. Desperate to save her beloved father from death, the daughter made one bold move when visiting her father in prison, to feed him with her breast milk to keep him alive.

This story is seen as the epitome of moral dilemmas. A daughter with the love of her father and would do anything to keep him alive. While we don't necessarily know how that story ends, the concept is brought out is certainly entertaining.

Back to the real society, many women breastfeed other people's babies as a charity. Some women are unable to lactate due to all sorts of reasons and then there are babies that are abandoned by their birth moms. Many women volunteer to breastfeed babies so they can have some breast milk rather than baby milk powder. This is actually a very kind gesture and is encouraged in many countries to help out new moms who may be unable to produce milk due to sickness or those currently going through treatments.

It's beautiful if you are doing this for charity, to help those in tough situations and breastfeed babies. Women not only always breastfeed their partners. There are many involved and they breastfeed others for all sorts of reasons. Some wilder than the others, but in general, there's no harm done because it's usually with good intentions.

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Adult breastfeeding is a taboo in most countries when it shouldn't be, it's a healthy choice made by two consenting adults and they shouldn't be judged upon for what happens behind closed curtains. Many find the joy in adult breastfeeding and for some women, it even got them out of their traumas and got their self-esteem back. It's a wonderful thing that keeps the relationships of many couples alive and many are determined to make this more known it the world because they believe it deserves to be known!

With a brief look into the adult nursing world, you should now have a good idea of where and how to start your adventure!