10 Easy And Cheap Ways To Detox After A Festive Binge

Ate too much? Here are 10 ways to cleanse out cheaply and feel great

By Diana Nadim
10 Easy And Cheap Ways To Detox After A Festive Binge

Why You Need To Detox After A Festive Binge

Everyone wants the best for their bodies. As part of today’s lifestyle, you may not notice the burden put on your body. The water you drink, the air you breathe, the daily stress you experience, and the processed food you consume all go a long way in accumulating toxins. So, what is detox?

Detox is the removal of toxic material either by medicinal or physiological methods. There are many ways to achieve detoxification, though it all depends on the toxin. The most common styles include alcohol, drug, diets, alternative medicine, or metabolic.

Having irritated skin, low-grade infection, fatigue, mental confusion, bloating, allergies, and puffy eyes are all signs of lack of cleaning. Toxic substances are responsible for this activity in your body. That’s why you need to detox after a festive binge.

The Aftermath Of A Festive Binge

The post-binge-fest-abuse can take control if you don’t act fast. With all the partying and feasting, nobody wants to think about what happens afterward to their mind and body. Don’t fret; there is an action plan awaiting you here. If you feel nothing but reject, then why not grab one or two of these ways to purify your body.  

10 Easy And Cheap Ways To Detox

Most people recommend regular or extended cleansing of your body. However, you only need the daily performance of some easy and cheap ways to detox. There are many ideas on how to cleanse, some may seem complicated, but your effort is your reward! Here are a few ways to guide you. 

1. Drink ginger tea

The ginger plant is a natural herb and spice. The natural chemical is common in medicine and food around the globe. Skip your daily morning coffee and start your day with this refreshing cup of ginger tea. Ginger tea is a powerful but straightforward cleansing aid in getting out your toxins. 

One main benefit of using ginger tea is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory. Changes in the modern lifestyle and diet can cause harm and inflammation to you. In that case, control your weight and cholesterol by drinking ginger tea. For a perfect result, add honey to taste!

2. Taking quality Matcha

The term ‘Matcha’ is increasing its popularity among the green teas. The brighter shade beverage is already causing much buzz around it. The market is now experiencing an increase in this tea. However, taking the right amount of quality will give you the required health benefits to detox.

Drink Matcha tea for its high levels of catechins to fight cancer. Studies show green tea to have other varieties of benefits. Some of them are prevention of type two diabetes and weight loss encouragement. For quality Matcha, insist on smooth and bright green.  

3. Do dry brushing

Every day you brush your teeth and hair; why not brush your skin? Dry brushing is the removal of toxins through your pores. The process requires the use of special brushes, which are available at any natural product store. It’s a pure body detox from the outside-in, although not known among many people. 

Benefits of dry brushing your skin include stimulating your lymphatic system, exfoliation for smooth skin, and unlocking other significant wellbeing benefits. Dry brushing is the way to go should cellulite appear on your membrane. For better results, start from the feet, upward toward your heart in long strokes.

4. Go for a relaxing sauna

Sweat it out as you relax in a sauna. You must be curious why you need to detox after a festive binge. After excessive drinking and eating activity, your body needs to flush out foreign bodies. The best way you can achieve this is by sitting and allowing sweat loss from your body in a relaxing sauna. 

When you expose yourself to hot air, the blood vessels enlarge in size and thus help in blood flow. What happens next is an improvement in waste and nutrient transfer. Sweat full of toxins comes out during the process. During your next sauna visit, keep that thought in mind. Now you know!

5. Drinking warm water with lemon

Taking coffee in the morning shouldn’t be your first beverage. Why? You need warm water and lemon instead of boosting the dehydration that occurred at night. There you have it! So, next time you think about starting your day with a cup of hot coffee, think twice. 

Other vital needs for waking up to a glass of lemon water include pH body balance. Thanks to the added lemon, you will be inhabitable to diseases. Digestion stimulation and liver cleansing are also perfect reasons for drinking warm lemon water as your first meal.  

6. Hydrate

It’s vital that stay hydrated to prevent the body from accumulating waste. One secret to avoiding dehydration is to drink enough to help flash out those foreign bodies. 

Target to drink eight glasses of clean water daily, but you may require more depending on your activity level. Water is life, life is water!

7. Eating mindfully

It’s often said that what you eat is not essential, but it’s the way you eat it. Emotional and mental toxins often pass unnoticed. Therefore, to prevent these pitfalls, start by eating mindfully. 

For one to eat mindfully, savor your food as you eat. Consuming small bits and chewing in slow motion and bringing you sense to the plate. The only invisible, powerful tool to take charge of your eating behavior is mindful eating. Clear your mind space while eating to help in mental, physical, and emotion detox. 

8. Making yourself full with avocado or chia seeds

Amazing things come in small packages. Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3s, potassium, calcium, and not forgetting magnesium. You can sprinkle it on sweet potatoes, add to detox water, mix with Applesauce, or even add to avocado toast. Is that not amazing? 

Avocadoes are not only delicious but used for both beauty and health purposes. They are essential in lowering cholesterol and dilate blood vessels. You can never go wrong with drinking avocado detox water.

Both the Chia seed and avocado have unique ways to assist in detox. Well, with that piece of detail in mind, make an effort to use them for decontamination.

9. Reducing your sugar intake

One great natural way to detox your body is to cut down on the amount of sugar you use. What do you understand by the term sugar? Well, here, sugar includes honey, artificial sweeteners, and molasses. “Recent research suggests a small portion of dark chocolate and (70 percent of cocoa content) helps in sugar carving”, says Rachel Beller - Founder Beller Nutrition. 

Another cheap option is to grab a fruit. That natural sugar inside will squeeze the desire for sweetness. Enjoy a piece of fresh fruit any time of the day, although, it’s best done an hour before or after a meal.

Tip: Try tricking your mid-afternoon hunger with a low-sugar snack. Some of these snacks include some yummy microwave popcorns, sugar-free yogurt, a fruit smoothie, homemade yogurt popsicles, and cottage cheese.  

10. Increasing your body movement

One popular form of health detox is regular exercise. You need not visit your regular gym to move your body. The movement helps your blood and lymph systems circulate well. It may interest you that food digests well, tension reduces, and the body joints lubricate with easy when you keep fit. 

You must be asking what kinds of body movements are essential here. Take the stairs and skip that elevator in your office. Keep it a habit of doing yoga sessions and watch changes in your body. Mother of all exercises is walking and walking, or better yet, keep that car key out of sight! 

Try it today if you haven’t started and watch your body system get fewer toxins. Thirty minutes of exercising per day are enough! 

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It may interest you; it’s not a ‘must-do’ requirement for you go to the spa, but it’s possible with easy and cheap ways. You now know why you need to detox after a festive binge, why the wait. Make use of the listed ten easy and cheap ways to clean your body now.  

For you to have a clean and healthier body, detox is the way to go. Act fast and get those impurities away from your system.