The Different Breast Shapes And Sizes That Girls Have

Every female is different, embracing breast in all shape and sizes

By Evelyn
The Different Breast Shapes And Sizes That Girls Have

How Many Different Breast Shapes Are There?

Every girl is shaped different, and that includes their breasts. If you have been in enough locker rooms you know that breast come in different shapes and sizes. They all look different, no one has asymmetrical breasts, if you do or if you've seen enough of them on TV and on the internet, they're most probably not natural. They have had some kind of plastic surgery.

Have you wondered why your breast are the way they are? What kind of breast shape you have and why? Or what determines their size? Before we get into the different shapes and sizes of breasts there are, we're going to talk about the factors that determined the way "the girls" look.


The culprit of why your breasts are the way they are is genetics. Your genes have an influence on your hormones and your hormones affect your breast tissue. Genes are the ones who determined the density of your breasts, how your skin is and these two affect the appearance of your breasts. Genes on either side of your family can affect the look of them.


No matter how big or how small your breasts are, a large portion of them is fatty tissue. So it's no surprise that if you win some weight, your breasts do too, the same goes if you lose weight. How much fat do you lose in your breasts when your weight drops? It depends in part, on the composition of your breasts, If you have more dense tissue then you have more tissue and less fatty tissue, this means that when you lose weight, your breasts are not going to decrease its size. If you want to know if you have more dense fat tissue, you'll need to do a mammogram or imaging.


The perkiness of "the girls" can only be enjoyed so much, sooner or later gravity is going to take its toll on them. Beneath the surface of your breasts, the Cooper's Ligaments, (delicate bands of tissue) hold everything up. These are not real ligaments (like the ones holding muscle to bone), they're more fibrous, so over time they wear out (imagine an overstretched rubber band) and become less supportive and that's what causes all the drooping and sagging.


The bad news is that you can do tons of chess presses and flies but they're not going to help you get bigger boobs. It's true that your breasts sit atop the pectoral muscles but they're not part of them so exercise is not going to have a significant impact on them. You can develop strong muscles underneath your breasts but you'll not change their size or shape.


This is the downside of pregnancy. While your pregnant and breastfeeding your breast swell to a wondrous size but once you wean your baby, the magic disappears. Why this dramatical change occurs is not fully understood but it has something to do with the fluctuations in hormones during pregnancy and the fact that the skin stretches as your breasts become engorged. They may not return to their pre-pregnancy size too.

The different breast shapes explained

Now that we know the why, we'll get into the different breast shapes. Each female is different, all breasts are not created equal. There are 9 different shapes of breasts: Asymmetric, Athletic, Bell, East-West, Relaxed, Round, Side Set, Slender and Tear Drop. The main difference in the shape lies in where your breasts carry the bulk of their tissue (up, out toward the side, down low). 

No shape is better than another but it pays to know your shape, so the next time you go bra shopping you'll know what type of bra will be a better fit for your dynamic duo.

Here's a short but concise explanation of the different breast shapes we listed above (images included for those of you who are more visual creatures).

1. Asymmetric

If one breast is larger than the other then your breasts have an asymmetric shape. Up to 40% of women have this kind of breast shape, and it could range from a small asymmetry to a totally different cup.

2. Athletic

The athletic shape consists of wider breasts with more muscle than tissue. With this shape, there's a cup gapping (in your bra) because they lack volume on top.

3. Bell

The bell shape is slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom. Women with bell shape breasts use bras with large size cups.

4. Relaxed

With this shape, the breasts have a lax tissue and because of that, the nipples are looking downward. You have longer breasts and they hang.

5. East West

Women with East-West shape are characterized by a wide-set of breasts and they gravitate outward from the chest. The nipples point outward in opposite directions. It's difficult to achieve a cleavage with this shape of breasts.

6. Round

Your breasts are equally full at the top and at the bottom.

7. Side Set

With this shape, there's is a wide space between breasts. This shape is similar to the East-West, but here the gap's in the center and the breasts are more full-shaped and the nipples face more forward.

8. Slender

With a slender shape, your breasts are thinner and the nipples are pointing downward. The breasts are slightly longer not wider.

9. Tear Drop

Tear Drop shaped breasts are round too (like the Bell Shape) but they are less full at the top.

The most common breast shape

What's "normal" or most common when it comes to breast shape? As we said before your breasts are unique, no shape is better or more normal than another. You may have characteristics of the different shapes we listed and explained above but, it's totally OK if you have your own shape and size.


The most common shape is the archetypal breast, in which the breasts are round and full with a small point at the nipples. This is considered a standard in regards to breast shape and is a common shape used by bra manufacturers when they designed their bras.

The Different Breast Size

Breast comes in a varied and vast range of shapes and sizes. Believe it or not, breasts are a very complex, unpredictable and varying part of our bodies, that's one reason they draw attention. As you know, every woman's breasts don't stay the same forever, it's a fact that our breasts experiment some significant changes throughout our lives. The most dramatical and natural change goes on during puberty where your boobs grow and develop into mature adult breasts.

Then during our adult years, they go through another set of changes, These fluctuations are due to various factors (pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss, hormones, menopause). From all the factors that determined what your breasts should look like, the most talked and care about is the breast size. For many women, breast size is important for their confidence and how attractive they are. 

If your breast size is crucial for you to feel sexy, then you know that no matter how small or large you are in that part of your body, it's important that you wear the right type of bra, that's why It's important that you learn your accurate breast size. A lot of brands have bra size calculators, that way you can know (if you're not sure) your breast size and what number and letter to get so your boobs will look the best.

Your breast size is the cup size of your bra. The letter (A, B, C, D, DD, etc.) is a ratio between your underbust and your bust at its fuller point. If the difference is one inch then you're a cup A, if there are two inches difference, a cup B, three inches, cup C, four a cup D. The DD/E cup means there's a 5-inch difference and it goes on.

The biggest breast size ever of a woman

Having large breasts may be a dream come true to some women but it can also be a burden. What is considered "large" or big breast size? Well, anything bigger than a cup D qualifies, but there are women out there that have surpassed the cup D. 

The woman that holds the Guinness Record for having the biggest natural breast size is Annie Hawkins. She's from the US and is currently the boob queen. Annie wears a 52L bra, that's the largest made. According to her actual measurements, she should be wearing a 48V, but that bra size is not manufactured. Her breasts started developing when she was 9 years old and kept on growing.

Annie actually has a medical condition called breast hypertrophy which causes her breasts to grow at alarming rates. She has been advised by doctors to have them reduce but she has refused stating that "she doesn't want to mess up with nature". Annie's natural assets have made possible for her to travel all over the world as a model and become a millionaire. For her, holding the Guinness Record for the biggest natural breast size is an honor.

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As females, we're all different and unique and include our breasts. As you now know, they come in different shapes and sizes and not one is better than the other, all are unique. It pays to know how your breasts are shaped and to know their size. First, you'll know if something's not right with them so you can look them over; and two so you'll know what kind and bra size to purchase so that your breasts are comfortable and look sexy.