12 Telling Signs a Capricorn Man is Falling in Love with you

Now it isn’t so hard to know a Capricorn man likes you

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12 Telling Signs a Capricorn Man is Falling in Love with you

What Are Capricorn Men Known For?

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Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and is characterized by its stability and trustworthiness. Individuals born under this sign are wise and intellectual, though can seem a bit condescending at times. They are hardworking and devoted to their goals. They are recognized for their immense power of discipline and self-control.

What Traits Attract a Capricorn Man?

A good sense of responsibility and a work ethic made of steel will immediately attract the attention of a Capricorn man. They like seeing someone be passionate about fulfilling their dreams because they are the same way. He will admire someone who can add to his reservoir of knowledge.

How Is A Capricorn Man Like In A Relationship?

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Being with a Capricorn man will make you feel secure and safe. They love to make their lovers feel special and loved. He is not the best with words, but he will shower you with affection in his way. Loyalty is something you don’t need to worry about while dating a Capricorn. They take their sweet time deciding on a partner so they do not want to mess it up.

12 Telling Signs a Capricorn Man is Falling in Love with you

1. He is reserved initially

A Capricorn man’s behavior can seem pretty odd at the start. This is because he has built up a wall around him. This earth sign is not one to trust so easily. He will come off as shy and distant. Often, you may even consider his behavior cold and rude. But I assure you that he is just trying to protect himself from getting his heartbroken. Even if he seems withdrawn in the early stages, it does not mean he is not interested in you.

2. He makes time for you

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Ambitious and career-driven, this is not a zodiac sign that prioritizes love and romance. A Capricorn is focused on achieving his goals and becoming the best possible version of himself. Therefore, a lot of the time they are the type of person who is married to their job. Hence, if you receive a text from him during his working hours, letting you know you are on his mind, you have got this Capricorn man hooked.

3. He surprises you with presents

You are one lucky girl if you have managed to make a Capricorn man fall in love with you. This sign loves to spoil their significant other! It is one of the most obvious and tell-tale ways that a Capricorn will express his love for you. Whether it may be buying you lunch or getting you a little trinket out of the blue, you will know he has feelings for you when the logical Capricorn decides to spend his money on making you happy.

4. He can seem overprotective

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A sign known for being stable and not easily disturbed, starts acting possessive and out of control? Well, congratulations he can’t get you out of his head! Like most men, a Capricorn man will hate seeing you interact with other guys even if it’s just platonic. Jealousy tends to get the best of him once his heart is yours. One of Capricorn’s biggest fears is being humiliated. And what is more humiliating than finding out you’re being cheated on. He isn’t a possessive guy, he’s just careful with his heart.

5. He is vulnerable

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Something a Capricorn prides himself on is his calm and cool demeanor. He struggles with showing people his true emotions. So, if he lets his guard down and tells you his secrets, make sure to honor his trust. With all the walls a Capricorn builds around himself, it can be hard to get him to be comfortable with you. But remember to be patient, as once you have earned a Capricorn man’s confidence, he will be a fantastic partner.

6. He takes care of you

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Does your crush get worried if you’re upset? Does he go out of his way to make sure you are comfortable? This is how you can tell that a Capricorn is serious about you. He enjoys providing emotional, financial, and every other kind of support when he is in love. It may sound generic but taking care of you becomes like a duty to him. He wants you to feel secure and will do anything to make you happy.

7. He talks about the future

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To someone scared of commitment, a Capricorn may not be the right choice. Quite early on in the relationship, this earth sign will start to ask you questions regarding the future of you together. It can scare off people who are just looking to mess around. This is precisely why a Capricorn will bring it up. He usually does not indulge in casual dating and wants a long-term partner who will stick by his side.

8. He leaves the decision making to you

As he is used to being in control in all other aspects of his life, a Capricorn man prefers his girlfriend to lead the way when it comes to romance. He will hand you the reigns in the relationship and allow you to guide your choices as a couple. Not because he is powerless or is not capable of making big decisions. On the contrary, he wants to take a break from always being the one in charge.

9. He takes you to his safe place

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The tenth sign of the zodiac likes his privacy and does not enjoy having a lot of people in his personal space. When your Capricorn man starts to invite you to his safe place, there are no more doubts to whether he feels the same way. He does not give just anyone the chance to see into the sensitive parts of him. Be it his house or some other place he goes to unwind, you are very special in his eyes if he takes you there.

10. He will talk on text more

Talking about how he feels is not a strong suit for this zodiac. He can feel a bit too vulnerable at times and start to build his walls back up. Due to this, he will usually prefer to talk to you over text. In the opinion of a Capricorn, an Instagram Direct message is much easier than a face to face conversation or a call. Don’t take this too personally if he decides to share things with you over text instead of in person.

11. He will be there for you

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One of the best qualities of a Capricorn is his reliability and dependence. You can always count on him to be there. He is a great listener and will provide insightful advice just like a close friend would. He will never let you down if he cares about you.

12. He is physically affectionate

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As a Capricorn is not good at showing you affection through his words, he will convey his love through touch. He will hug you as he means it, kiss you like you are the only girl in the world. It does not necessarily have to be sexual intimacy but a simple holding of your hand or kiss on the forehead will be a big indication of a Capricorn’s feelings.

What Are The Needs Of Your Capricorn Man In Love?

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The most important thing to know if you desire to be with a Capricorn is you will need to be extremely patient. Capricorns like to get to know you before they commit. Secondly, make sure to encourage and support your love interest as this will help them come out of their shell.

What Are The Three Signs That Are Most Compatible With A Capricorn Man?

• Taurus

If you are a Taurus woman who has fallen for a Capricorn man, this is truly a match made in heaven. You both enjoy stability and this partnership will most likely be one for the long haul.

• Virgo

Capricorns are high achievers and a Virgo will be very supportive of their lover’s dreams. With a lot of mutual respect and understanding, these two can be a power couple.

• Pisces

There is a lot of potential in a relationship between a Pisces and a Capricorn. The earth sign will help the water sign be more grounded while the Pisces lifts their partner.

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Although hard to get through the layers of a Capricorn, it can be a wonderful experience dating one. Once he is comfortable around you, he will be faithful and treat you the way you deserve to be treated. This is a guy worth fighting for. As the saying goes,

“Good things come to those who wait.”


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