16 Teasing and Foreplay Moves That Are So Seductive!

Level up your teasing and foreplay moves for mind-blowing sex!

By Hana O.
16 Teasing and Foreplay Moves That Are So Seductive!

They say foreplay is equally important as the sex part in any sexual encounter. It serves as an essential preparation of the mind, body, and emotions for what's to come. Whether it's hugging, kissing, caressing, or sucking, you too could level up your foreplay prowess to experience an even more satisfying sexy time.

Why Teasing and Foreplay Are Crucial to Orgasm

Foreplay began as a way to ensure both individuals are on the right page before intercourse. It is the secret ingredient to having unforgettable sex or an even more awesome sexual penetration, whichever path you're going for. Teasing and foreplay have the following physical and physiological effects, which benefit the experience as a whole.

The physiological importance

With foreplay, you get to build emotional intimacy with your partner. This way, you feel better connected, way beyond the bedroom.


It also lowers inhibitions (much like an alcoholic beverage) to prepare both parties for some steamy sex.

The physical importance

On a physical note, foreplay literally gets the juices flowing, much like oil on any mechanical machine. It increases heart rate, blood pressure, and blood flow to crucial body parts. Foreplay is also a natural lubricant, which is vital to ensuring the experience is enjoyable.

16 Teasing And Foreplay Moves To Level Up

Let's get onto the steamy details, shall we? Here are 16 moves or ideas to try to level up your teasing and foreplay game.

Do it outside

There's something about being outside or beyond your comfort zones that automatically makes things more exciting. It may be the sense of "taboo" or doing something kinky in a public place where it's not readily accepted that makes engaging in foreplay in this environment more exhilarating.


The sky's the limit on the ideas to try, but it could be as simple as reaching over to your partner's ears while on public transportation and quickly giving it a seductive nibble. You can steal a kiss while you're doing errands, too.


These quick deeds help build up the sexual tension for the main event, or it could just end there, and you do it to remind how much in love you are with one another.

Use technology

You can also use technology to your advantage when trying out new foreplay ideas. Snap a seductive photo of you at the office bathroom stall and send it to your partner. You can text a juicy and well-detailed description of what you plan on doing later in bed.

You can send each other links to ideas that you want to try to make both of you excited and turned on. The possibilities are endless.

Build it up throughout the day

If you're leveling up your foreplay for the main event, later on, make sure you're consistent. Don't let the heat die down! Remind one another of what's to come – this will surely make things more exciting.

Dress the part

Have you ever tried roleplaying or sexy cosplay? If no, then please do because men and women alike have fantasies. Seeing them become a reality with their partner is a sure turn on. Whether it's a sexy Japanese maid, Princess Leia in her gold bikini, or a man in uniform, splurging on a costume is a worthwhile endeavor.

Hold out on the sex

Want to make foreplay more enjoyable? Hold out on the sex. Keep it at foreplay. Here, you get to discover each other and realize that this stage is as pleasurable as the other activity. Plus, there's something about waiting and depriving oneself that makes the action even more worthwhile.

Use props!

Sex toys were created for a reason – to assist users in their sexual pleasures, including foreplay! From vibrators to stimulators, you can build up your collection of toys to play with in bed. Don't be shy in trying these devices because they have been tried and tested to bring loads of fun to any sexual experience.

Lube it up!

There's more to lube than meets the eye or skin. Did you know there are many flavors, effects, consistency, textures, and whatnot to this innovation? Use a cooling one on sensitive areas and tease one another or a flavored one that you can accompany with some tongue action – the rest is up to your imagination. Either way, it's guaranteed to be steamy.

Do some studying

By studying, we mean porn. Watch your preferences together and become better through the application. Copy what you see and decide for yourselves if what's seen on screen is genuinely moan-worthy. From there, you can explore and build on the knowledge of your foreplay capabilities.

Don't stop

People get turned on at different things. A woman can get turned on by seeing her guy vacuuming without being told, yes, this is true! One way to level up your foreplay skills is never to stop turning each other on. Once the momentum dies, things get boring.


With that said, find all sorts of ways to keep that spark alive, at random intervals during the day. You, of all people, will know what makes your partner tick. Use that to your advantage.

One word: massage

Get naked and massage one another. There is close to zero chances that things will stay on a massage level. A massage in itself is foreplay when you intend it to be. Add some aromatherapy oils here, rub some sensitive parts there, and you've got yourself a recipe for amazing sexy time.

Play with senses

Grab some ice cubes or play with hot wax and explore what these contrasting temperatures do to one's senses. The body has so many erogenous zones for you to discover and use to your advantage during foreplay.


By the way, there is such a thing as wax play for sex. Want some tips? Head on over here.

Block out some senses

Block out some senses

On the flip side, you can also apply some 50 Shades of Grey action and block out some senses such as sight with a blindfold. When one cannot see, the rest is left to the imagination, making things even more tantalizingly exciting.


The lack of predictability in this scenario presents a great way to try something new when you feel like sex has become a routine.

Explore the body

Remember the erogenous zones mentioned earlier? Well, females have 31 of them, and males have around 16. You can study how to touch or activate them and explore as these are subjective and can change with each individual.

Get handsy

Whether you're in the car, at home, somewhat secluded in public transportation, or at discreet locations, you can get handsy and begin your foreplay. There's something about touch that brings intimacy, and with intimacy, you can access sensuality.

Learn the different touches

On top of getting handsy, you can nibble, bite, kiss, suck, stroke, pull, tug, scratch, tickle, flick, pinch, twirl, rub, blow, you get the idea! There are so many ways you can get your foreplay on!


Get nice and cozy in front of each other and then touch yourselves. It may seem awkward at first, but when you let go and access your inner sex master, the activity can quickly become heated foreplay. You can also masturbate to one another, which is one of the most tried and tested forms of foreplay.

Tips To Start: Overcoming Low Self-Confidence And Esteem First

It's completely understandable for those who aren't too well-acquainted with teasing and foreplay to feel intimidated by the whole thing. The thoughts of "Will I do it correctly?" or "What if they don't enjoy it?" are at the front and center.


One way to overcome the lack of confidence is by focusing on pleasure, not performance. You're not being graded, after all. You are after pleasing one another and having a good time. This should get the weight off your shoulder.


Secondly, you can talk it out. Ask each other what they like or don't like and from there, explore one other even more. This even builds intimacy, which makes the whole activity more worthwhile. You can also talk and communicate while engaged in foreplay, whether to continue, stop, go here, and the like.


Lastly, with practice, any newbie to foreplay can become a pro in no time. And even at the pro level, there's always something new to explore or try – making this journey a lifelong one.

Signs that Your Partner is Enjoying Your Moves

It's pretty straightforward to decipher the signs that your partner is enjoying your new foreplay moves during the act. Whether it's moaning, a confirmation or a command to "don't stop," you can bask in your foreplay skills.


You can also check physical signs such as an erection of different body parts for confirmation. Goosebumps are also indicative of pleasure, especially when playing with the senses.


Beyond the signs during the activity, you can also gauge the success by the level of intimacy of the relationship afterward. You feel closer and more in love with one another. The day is automatically brighter, and you both have a spring to your step.

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Who knew foreplay was an entire world worth discovering? It's fun and can be done almost anywhere! It's also a great way to keep the spark alive in one's sex life. Here's to continue leveling up in foreplay!


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