Learn Toe Sucking to Ramp Up Your Foreplay Skills!

Amplify your foreplay skills with these secret techniques

By Evelyn
Learn Toe Sucking to Ramp Up Your Foreplay Skills!

Toe Sucking, Why Some Love It

Are you currently in a sex rut? Do you feel like you could be doing something else to bring your grove back? Have you heard of toe sucking as a way to ramp up your foreplay? No? Well, stick around because we're going to dip a little on the topic so you'll know why some people really love it, how you can do it right and how you bring your significant other on board. 

Lately, a lot of celebrities have talked about it. While it's considered a taboo subject, it's more popular than you'd think. A lot of people may hear the term and think ick! but don't be too hasty to judge it or discard it from your foreplay repertoire, toe sucking a.k.a shrimping, has some allure to it. If you do it right...it can be extremely sexy! It's like this: You love foot massages right? Well, imagine that but better, warmer and with a very happy ending (if that's what you'd like).

Toe sucking can fall into the foot fetish category, but it's not exclusive to it. It can be performed as a standalone act and anyone can experiment with it. The reason why it's so popular among couples and why they love it is because it feels really good, like a really, really good foot massage. 

Here are some things you need to know about toe sucking that can help you understand better what all the buzz around is really about. 

Toe sucking is popular in the kinky world but it can also be a vanilla sex act

Toe sucking can be approached both ways, It can be a vanilla sexual act if all you want to do is pleasure and enjoy all body parts of your significant other. People who enjoy it this way, treat toe sucking as just another erogenous part to stimulate during foreplay. It turns kinky when you're in a dom/sub player's wold and they agree to use it as a power exchange.

You don't have to be into foot fetish to engage in toe sucking

Sex experts explain that while toe sucking may fall into foot fetish category, there are distinctions, People that have foot fetishes focus on shoes, or the shape of their partner's foot, or stockings or toes. Engaging in a little toe sucking is just part of foreplay between couples.

Why it feels so good? There's a reason

Our feet have tons of nerve endings (more nerve endings per square centimeter than any other body part); all those nerves endings can become your hub of pleasure if they're stimulated properly with the right technique performed by your best guy. The combination of eroticism, foot massage, endorphins, and the "taboo" factor makes it a must move in your foreplay.

It can be a turn-on for both parties

If you're the receiver of toe sucking and you're really into it, you know it's going to be a turn-on for sure (especially if he knows the right way to do it). But, toe sucking can also be a turn-on for the one giving it for two reasons. First, because he wants to give you pleasure and he knows that toe sucking does it for you; and second, because it's not a move that's very common, so that's alluring too and a very potent turn-on for the giver.

If you want to try it, you should discuss it with your partner first

Communication in a couple is crucial for things to work out inside and outside the bedroom, so if you want to try toe sucking and include it in your foreplay, discuss it first with your partner. You'll both have to agree on it and be cool with what it entails so you can both enjoy the experience.

It doesn't involve just the mouth

Ok, sucking pretty much says it all but it doesn't mean that you have to use just your mouth. You can also use your hands, actually, it's recommended to start with a foot massage and progress slowly to kissing and go from there.

Hygiene First!

One important thing to consider, especially if you're trying toe sucking for the first time, is hygiene. Toe sucking could have a dirty connotation but it literary doesn't have to be like that. It's recommended to take a bath before. To give it a more intimate turn you can even bath each other. That's not only relaxing and sexy, but you'll also feel better and more relaxed when the foreplay begins.

Some experts on the matter also recommend and enjoy a pedicure before. Actually, they consider cleaning their partner's feet as part of the sexy ritual. 

How to Invite your Partner for Toe Sucking

Ok, we have piqued your curiosity and now you have decided that you want to give toe sucking a try. Now all you have to do is convince your partner to get on board with it. How can you do that? It could be a difficult or weird conversation to have but, that's exactly the first thing you need to do, talk about it. You don't want to surprise him by going directly to his feet or ask him to do it first, especially if you haven't done anything like it before. So follow this advice.

Be upfront about what you like

It always pays to be upfront and tell the truth about how you are and what you like in terms of sexual activities. His first reaction may not be what you expect, it may weird him out but now that you have open the conversation, you may have a chance. Just always be honest about your curiosities and preferences.

Look for the right opportunity to bring it into the table

You need to find the right time to bring the subject to him since consent is crucial when engaging in some foot play. Don't bring it on when things start to get steamy as it may kill the mood. Find a time where you two are relaxing and just talking about stuff, and open the conversation by mentioning something like how you'll like some feet rubbing as part of foreplay.

Be prepared to answer some questions

You can't expect him to agree without some clarification of what exactly you're proposing. so come prepared. He may have tons of questions so you need to be as prepared as possible to answer them. You may want to offer examples of what you're talking about, show him some literature or maybe find some videos. The point is to lay it all out and answer all his questions so he can have a clearer picture to make a decision.

First timer tips and tricks

Now that you're both on board with experimenting with toe sucking as part of your foreplay, you may ask yourselves how to begin, what to do first... The first time you two engage in toe sucking might feel funny or weird and it might take a while to find the right position to really enjoy the experience. But don't worry, that's totally OK, what you need is some tips and tricks to perfect the technique and of course, lots of practice. If this is something you both agree to incorporate in your foreplay repertoire then you'll want to get it right. 

Follow these tips and tricks for first-timers.

1. Find a comfortable position

You need to come prepared with various positions or moves so you can choose the one where you feel more comfortable to enjoy this new experience. You can start by sitting on the side of the bed and ask your partner to kneel in front of you, from there he can grab your foot more easily and bring it to his mouth. Now, if the bed is not high enough, then you can lie down on the bed and ask your partner to place himself accordingly. Or maybe don't lie down, just sit on the bed with your back on the headboard.

2. Take it slowly and mix it up a little

You don't want to dive straight into toe sucking, especially if it's your first time. Try a little foot foreplay (or ask for it). Start with some prep work like a little massage, then you can test your partner's level of sensation by giving a light lick or a kiss; if the response is positive then go further, you may add your tongue and a little sucking. Now that your partner is more relaxed and is getting into it, begin with the big toe and see how that goes.

Since there are ten toes, you can choose to suck one at a time or just lick from top to bottom of all of them. Always gauge your partner's reactions, if everything is OK, then get as creative as possible, the possibilities are endless. 

3. Use your hands too

Now that you're into it, don't restrict yourself to just using the mouth, you can use your hands too. Maybe both at the same time. You can hold the foot and give a massage while your tongue is working too. This will heighten the sensation.

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Now you know why people love toe sucking and why it's a good idea to incorporate it into your foreplay. Depending on the technique it can really ramp up your sex life. Talk it out with your partner if you want to try it and follow the tips to get it right. wink


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