15 Ways To Treat Ingrown Toenails Quickly And Easily

Getting rid of ingrown toenails can be a nightmare, especially if you don't know how to go about it. Here are 15 ways you can do it quickly and easily.

By Auntrone89
15 Ways To Treat Ingrown Toenails Quickly And Easily

How to get rid of an ingrown toenail?

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Truth be told, getting rid of an ingrown toenail the right way is much more important than most might think. This is because doing it the wrong way not only causes a lot of pain but will also be the perfect entry point for infections. And because of these two reasons, many people opt to seek specialized treatment, which is without a doubt very wise of them. But the thing is, you can still treat an ingrown toenail from home and do so successfully. One of the many reasons for doing this at home is because it is inexpensive doing so. But before you get to the point of treating an ingrown toenail and doing so as painlessly as possible, you’ll be required to learn the craft. In some cases, you’ll need to have special tools to help with home treatment without. These tools are important since they’ll prevent you from damaging the tender tissues around the toenail. You will also be required to be as careful as possible. This is because any wrong move might end up causing you a lot of pain. Always feel free to ask for assistance if the need arises. And if you still can’t do it on your own, then I would highly recommend a quick visit to your doctor and doing so as soon as possible. Without further ado, here are tips on how to get rid of ingrown toenails successfully and in the right way:

1. Use warm water

If you are impatient when dealing with ingrown toenails, then you’re better off allowing your doctor or someone else to handle the issue. This is because most ingrown toenail treatment procedures take time and patience. Like in this case, you’ll be required to boil some water before soaking your feet in there. Remember to only boil clean water in a clean bowl before sinking your feet in. Also, make sure that you are leaving your feet to soak for well over half an hour. This is because your goal is to make your tissues as tender as possible. Placing your feet in warm water for half an hour should give you enough time to also disinfect the toenail in the event of being infected. The good thing about this procedure is you won’t need to soak your feet in warm water overnight. Once you’ve soaked your feet in clean and warm water for half an hour, proceed to the next step which is carefully trimming the toenails using a disinfected nail cutter. Since warm water softens the nail as well as the surrounding tissues, treating the ingrown toenail should be as painless as possible.

2. Using Epsom Salt to get rid of ingrown toenails

In most cases, ingrown toenails may cause the victim a lot of pain. This might be because of ignoring it during its initial stages and as a result of that, the ingrown toenail problem exacerbated under the radar. If this is the case, then the first thing you’ll need to do is calling your doctor as soon as possible. You can still treat the ingrown toenail from home but first, you’ll have look for a few things, one of them being Epsom Salt. Epsom Salt is very effective in the treatment of ingrown toenails because it softens the skin fast. For the best results, you’ll be required to soak your feet in Epsom Salt solution for a minimum of 20 minutes. Soaking your feet in Epsom Salt solution regularly not only heals ingrown toenail quickly but also takes away all the pain and discomfort associated with it. And this should be the perfect time to use nail cutters to trim the ingrown toenail, allowing it to regrow towards the right direction. Again, if you can’t get rid of your ingrown toenail problem on your own, then seeing your doctor should be your next viable option.

3. Essential oils

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Another underrated but highly effective treatment for ingrown toenail essential oils. Apart from being effective at keeping all kinds of bacterial infections at bay, most essential oils have been proven effective when it comes to eliminating the ingrown toenail problem, within the shortest period of time! And that is exactly what makes it perfect for the ingrown toenail treatment. And apart from its healing properties being rather too fast, essential oils happen to be affordable and that alone makes them readily available. Another advantage that comes with the use of essential oils is that they are very easy to apply. First and foremost, you’ll need to get your hands on either oregano oil or olive oil. Then gently apply it on the ingrown toenail as well as the surrounding area. You can use a disinfected piece of cloth to gently rub the essential oils in or a piece of disinfected cotton. If you experience some pain while massaging your ingrown toenail, try soaking it up in warm water first before continuing with the massage. Once you are done, wrap your ingrown toenail in a clean band-aid and give it time to heal. Once the pain has subsided, you can use a pair of clean nail clippers to trim the “rogue” nail into the right direction.

4. Get rid of ingrown toenail using Aloe Vera

If you want the pain caused by the ingrown toenail to disappear overnight, then I strongly recommend that you use Aloe Vera. For thousands of years, Aloe Vera has been successfully used both as a painkiller as well as a disinfectant. And that’s exactly why you’ll need to use it as your number one treatment for your ingrown toenail problem. And if you can’t get your hands on a potted Aloe Vera plant from which you’ll extract your remedy, an over the counter bottle should do the trick. Remember to always be gentle when applying Aloe Vera over the infected area as well as around the ingrown toenail. Doing this will help you complete the whole treatment procedure as painlessly as possible. Apart from eliminating the pain, it will also help you clean every inch of the ingrown toenail, leaving no room for the infection to spread. And the good news is that as long as you are doing this right, you won’t ever need the help of a doctor. As long as you have the right sanitary tools at home, you can effectively clean your ingrown toenail as well as the surrounding tissues, thereby getting rid of the problem for good. Feel free to trim the ingrown toenail immediately instead of waiting overnight but only if you aren’t feeling any pain. But if you do feel some pain, then I’d recommend that you wait for a couple of days for the infected tissues to heal.

5. Use alcohol

By now, you must have discovered that alcohol has a plethora of uses besides being used as a means for getting high. Among its myriad of uses, getting rid of the ingrown toenail problem happens to be one of them. When using alcohol for the treatment of ingrown toenail, you’ll be required to be very patient and careful. Just because the procedure is rather easy to go about doesn’t mean that you have to take it for granted. Before using alcohol to treat the ingrown toenail, you’ll be required to wash your foot and then get your hands on some disinfected cotton. The absorbent nature of disinfected cotton makes it very effective in the application of alcohol on your ingrown toenail. For the umpteenth time, be as gentle as you can when approaching the ingrown toenail whether it is painful or not. Alcohol plays two roles in the treatment of ingrown toenails. The first role played by alcohol is disinfecting the tissues around the ingrown toenail. Secondly, alcohol makes sure that the ingrown toenail – as well as the surrounding tissues - are softened. This makes the treatment process much smoother and less painful. The more you apply alcohol on your ingrown toenail, the softer and therefore easier it will be to treat it. And this will definitely lead to your ingrown toenail problem disappearing much faster than you had initially anticipated. In the event that your ingrown toenail problem is persisting despite your every effort to make it go away, then a call to your doctor would be a great idea.

6. Get rid of ingrown toenail using camphor

Camphor has been a reliable treatment for getting rid of the ingrown toenail problem for decades now. For this treatment, you’ll need camphor with you and disinfected cotton wool. You will use the cotton wool to ensure an even distribution of camphor over the ingrown toenail during the application. If the ingrown toenail, as well as the tissues around it, are infected, then consider mixing camphor with some alcohol. Understand that the ingrown toenail problem cannot be cured overnight. But if you keep applying camphor and alcohol on your ingrown toenail on a regular basis, then the problem will painlessly disappear in a matter of a few days. To ensure that your camphor remedy is working tremendously well, go ahead and mix it with a little cinnamon oil. The cinnamon will ensure that the ingrown toenail is softening a tad faster with each application. If you can’t get your hands on cinnamon oil, then mixing camphor with coconut oil should do the trick in helping quell your ingrown toenail situation much faster. Remember, your ingrown toenail has to be softened before you attempt any trimming. Failure to do so will only cause you much more pain which is exactly what we are trying to avoid here.

7. Tea tree oil

Another incredibly effective homemade remedy for treating the ingrown toenail problem is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil, which has been used for disinfection purposes, is not about to go out of style any time soon. Consistent use of tea tree oil can also result in moisturizing the skin. And the more your skin is moisturized, the softer the tissues around the ingrown toenail becomes hence reducing the pain associated with it. You will also need some disinfected cotton wool for the even distribution of tea tree oil on and around the ingrown toenail. For the best results, you’ll be required to apply tea tree oil on your ingrown toenail and do so on a regular basis. Tea tree oil will also help fight off any bacterial infections that are strongly associated with ingrown toenails. For the umpteenth time, don’t shy away from visiting your doctor especially if the ingrown toenail problem persists. He or she will know how to get rid of the ingrown toenail problem only after gauging its full extent.

8. Use ginger to eliminate the ingrown toenail problem

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If you ever find yourself ailing from the notorious ingrown toenail problem, then you might want to try the effective ginger treatment. Before you try anything else, you’ll have to get your hands on some ginger. Once you do that, find a nice, clean bowl and put the ginger in it. Then proceed to grind it into a fine paste. The reason for grinding the ginger into a paste is to ensure that the application on the ingrown toenail is as flawless as possible. Always remember to clean the area around the ingrown toenail before applying the ginger paste for maximum effect. Doing this ensures fewer bacteria on the ingrown toenail while at the same time eliminating any layer of dirt that might render the paste less effective. The more you apply the ginger paste on the ingrown toenail, the faster it will heal. To increase the effectiveness of your ginger-based ingrown toenail remedy, feel free to add either cayenne pepper, sesame oil or sesame oil to your paste. These three additional components have the ability to soften the ingrown toenail, which in turn makes it easy to treat and get rid of it as painlessly as possible. Apart from effectively healing the ingrown toenail problem, the ginger paste will also help put a stop to the spreading of the infection while healing the infected areas. And if you want the ingrown toenail problem to go away much faster, then the application of the ginger paste should be done on a regular basis.

9. Get rid of ingrown toenail using onions

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An ingrown toenail can be a constant pain the backside, explaining why everyone if its victims wish it gone overnight. One way of dealing with the problem as painlessly as possible is by using onions. Unlike the ginger which has to be ground into a fine paste, you’ll only be required to only cut the onion in half right before applying it on the ingrown toenail. Remember to wash your feet before gently squeezing the onion juice onto the ingrown toenail. This is meant to get rid of any bacteria that might be lingering on the surface. Feel free to also use alcohol to clean the ingrown toenail as it not only disinfects the ingrown toenail but also plays a significant role in softening it. Rub the pieces of onion against the toenail and do so as gently as possible so as to avoid any further discomfort. The more you rub the ingrown toenail with freshly cut onions, the softer and painless it eventually feels. This means you’ll have to use this effective home remedy on a regular basis in order to achieve the desired effects sooner rather than later. The tissues around the ingrown toenail will respond to the regular treatment, softening much faster than usual.

10. White flower oil

The white flower oil remedy is arguably the best at getting rid of the ingrown toenail. This is because it’s made of a mixture of three effective oils. These effective oils include lavender oil, peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil. But before using the white flower oil, you’ll have to remove the layer of germs from the ingrown toenail by washing with either alcohol or any other disinfectant. After doing this, proceed with the careful application of the white flower oil. The advantage of using white flower oil in the treatment of ingrown toenails is that it only requires a few drops. Just make sure that these drops are gently massaged into the infected and affected areas - GENTLY being the operative word! Apart from softening the ingrown toenail, white flower oil will get rid of any form discomfort or pain which will, in turn, spare you a hell lot of agony. For the best results, I recommend the regular application. Always remember to ask for assistance if you aren’t sure about massaging an ingrown toenail. This is because doing it the wrong way will only end up doing more harm than good.

11. Get rid of an ingrown toenail using turmeric

If you want to get rid of your ingrown toenail problem fast, throw some turmeric in your treatment program. Turmeric is very proactive especially when the ingrown toenail has infected all thanks to its antibacterial and antiseptic traits. You might also want to combine the turmeric treatment with any of the above treatments so as to get rid of the pain overnight. So, how does one prepare turmeric to effectively get rid of the ingrown toenail problem overnight? Well, it’s quite simple. You’ll begin by getting turmeric powder, mixing it with lukewarm water in a bucket. You will then be expected to soak your feet in the lukewarm water, submerging your ingrown toenail. Another operative way of getting rid of the ingrown toenail painlessly is by dipping your affected foot in a mixture turmeric powder with mustard oil. You can also use disinfected cotton to gently apply the mixture to the ingrown toenail. If you do this right and for enough number of times, you’ll get rid of the problem successfully and much faster than you had previously anticipated.

12. Use Vicks Vaporub

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If your ingrown toenail is giving you sleepless nights, then you might want to use Vicks Vaporub to achieve the much-needed relief. Vicks Vaporub is one of those home remedies that come highly recommended especially when one happens to be in excruciating pain. You’ll be required to rub some of it in the affected tissue as gently as possible. Doing this on a regular basis will check the infection from spreading, while promoting speedy recovery. Continuous or vigorous rubbing is encouraged especially you want to get rid of the ingrown toenail fast. Also, make sure you are applying a generous amount to ensure the remedy is taking full effect. Again, if you use Vicks Vaporub and it doesn’t work like the charm it’s supposed to be, then it seeking a doctor’s second opinion is paramount. But the latter wouldn’t be necessary in most cases because Vicks Vaporub always proves to be very effective. And it not only gets rid of the ingrown toenail but also the excruciating pain associated with it.

13. Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has been proven beyond reasonable doubt to be among the best treatments for an ingrown toenail as well as its related problems. Hydrogen Peroxide works fast when it comes to healing the infected tissues overnight and does so as painlessly as humanly possible. Apart from hastening the healing process and keeping the process painless, the hydrogen peroxide will also be responsible for keeping the further infection of the ingrown toenail and the surrounding tissues at bay. Therefore, using the hydrogen peroxide on a regular basis is highly encouraged as it is the only way to beat the ingrown toenail hands down especially if it’s already infected. Apart from using clean cotton wool dubbed in hydrogen peroxide to clean the ingrown toenail, you can also pour some in a basin full of water right before dipping your feet into it, leaving it in for a half an hour. That will make the ingrown toenail soft and therefore very painless even if it was once infected.

14. Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

Historically, ACV has been successfully used as the perfect home remedy for almost all kinds of skin tissue infections. Therefore, it would make so much sense using it on an ingrown toenail problem you’d want to get rid of. There are three ways of using the ACV in the treatment of an ingrown toenail. First, you can choose to dub some disinfected cotton on ACV before applying it over the ingrown toenail as well as the infected surrounding tissues. The second method includes soaking your feet in a bucket filled with a water and ACV solution. The third and final way of treating your ingrown toenail using ACV includes mixing it with honey. Then apply the resulting mixture on the ingrown toenail once every 24 hours for the best results. And as you do this, make sure you are keeping it as clean as possible so as to avoid the eventuality of a reinfection while you are at it. Only a teaspoonful of ACV and honey is enough to do a tremendously amazing job.

15. The potassium permanganate treatment

If you are seeking a fast, painless and effective ingrown toenail treatment, then I suggest you give potassium permanganate a try. Potassium permanganate not only works fast but also ensures that the pain will disappear overnight. Don’t wait for the infected area to worsen before doing something about it. The moment you discover the ingrown toenail issue; that’s the moment you need to take action. And if you can’t do it on your own, then, by all means, book an appointment with your doctor and get rid of the problem while still in its early stages.

Final word

As I have been rather too carefully to reiterate throughout this article, there are plenty of ways to get rid of the ingrown toenail and doing so as painlessly as possible. You also don’t need to seek the help of a doctor because you can treat it from the comfort of your home as long as you know what you are doing. Therefore, the first thing you’ll need to do is getting your hands on any of the above remedies and keeping them in the medicine cabinet for just in case. And the moment you suspect that you have an ingrown toenail, then commence with treatment as soon as possible. Remember, the more you wait, the worse it will be. Therefore, be smart enough to not wait for the infection to spread to the surrounding tissues. Be careful enough to follow each treatment procedure to the latter for you to get rid of the problem as fast as you can. And if they don’t work out, then seeking the services of a qualified doctor should be your next course of action.