5 Reasons Why Nipple Clamps Is The Best Sex Toy Add On

Find out why the little known nipple clamps are gems in BDSM

By Caren M
5 Reasons Why Nipple Clamps Is The Best Sex Toy Add On

What are Nipple Clamps? Is it Painful?

Any lady with well-functioning hormones has watched and thoroughly enjoyed the 50 Shades of Grey trilogies. Both the books and the steamy movies.  They introduced some of us into the beautiful and intriguing world of BDSM.

BDSM in the dungeon world of pain and humiliation for pleasure. BDSM stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism- the core pillars of kinky fun.

Nipple clamps:@subsensualjewels/Instagram

Basically, we use a whole bunch of fancy equipment with fancy names to cause pain to some erogenous areas that in turn bring us so much pleasure. Pain for pleasure and bedroom.

For a perfect representation of how a nipple clamp works, we’ll use a clamp that you have more readily available at home. A clothespin. So, go right now into the laundry room and other demeaning but wholly satisfying behaviors.  One of these fancy equipment, with a fancy name, is the undermined nipple clamps.

What is a nipple clamp

A nipple clamp is a sex toy with a clamp that is applied to the nipples of someone as long as they have them. It causes pain by pinching the nipple, by the restriction of blood flow and then the re-introduction of blood flow. Pretty intense stuff right there huh. Let’s put it in perspective for those of us vanilla people that are looking to add a little more fun in the bedroom. The main types of nipple clamps are the clothes-pin style clamp, tweezer clamp, clover clamp, and piercing clamp.

For demonstration purposes of how a nipple clamp works before you go off buying one at your local sex toy shop, we’ll use a normal clothes-pin that you have at home so go get one so we can get into it.

couldn't have said it better:@kinky_com/Instagram

Now that you have a pin in your hand, press the longer end to open the clamps up and pinch your skin on your forearm and then release the ends you were holding on to and let the pin stay there for a second. Now imagine that sharp pain you’re experiencing but on your nipples. The nipple is a highly sensitive area so just a little bit of pain can make your whole system flood in sensations in just seconds. Now imagine both nipples being stimulated at the same time in this way.

Most nipple clamps come in pairs with a chain connecting them to be able to stimulate both nipples at the same time. Also, if you really like the pleasure the little pinpricks of pain occupying your mind right now, you can take it a step further by taking the linking chain in-between your teeth and pulling for added effect.

Use of Nipple clamps and BDSM

1. They are easy to get into

It’s a whole new world of sexual adventure that’s surprisingly easy to get into once you get the basics. We mentioned that there are different types of nipple clamps each one is used for a specialized kind of sensation.

2. Stimulate a sensitive spot even better

Gagged with nipple clamps:@gaggednshit3/Instagram

Nipples are chockful of wonderful nerve endings and for some people, stimulating them can cause a rush of endorphins to the system that in some cases can cause an orgasm.

3. Work even better when off

The secret of nipple clamps is not even putting them on but rather taking them off. Things get pretty intense as the sensation peaks because of the restriction of blood flow and then releasing it, creating a rush of pain and endorphins.

4. They are depicted in sex dungeons a lot


The image we have of nipple clamps is mostly one where a dominatrix has a guy strapped on to a torture bed, a plethora of other dungeon toys on display including the nipple clamps already attached to his nips pulling and making him scream in pleasurable pain. But it goes deeper than that.

5. They have been around for a long time

While there’s no official record of the history of nipple clamps, the first literary depiction of the nipple clamp was in the 1970s in a famous controversial novel, which detailed stylized bondage and sadomasochism. From these depictions, It’s very clear that nipple clamps were introduced as a form of intense sexual pain.

How to use Nipple Clamps properly

Test it out first


Trying out nipple clamps for the first time is still definitely a little intimidating and experts suggest using it on your finger first so your mind is aware of its power to pinch.

We’ve already discussed using a more available option if you’re at home and wondering where to get started- the clothespin clamp. Experts also suggest using adjustable clamps in case you’re brand new to the world nipple clamps. These are made with a little screw so you can go adjusting the desired level of pain.

Work on placement

Play with the placement of the clamps. Try placing it, either above or below the nipple and then around the nipple. Just be careful not to pinch the skin around it. Once you understand the power of the clamp, you can slowly place it on the desired area and as we suggest using an adjustable clamp for first-timers, use the screw to adjust to the level of tightness you’re comfortable with.

Choose the best type for you

Another type of clamp to consider is the magnetic clamp. This is for those that are interested in cutting edge toys then this is the toy for you. Since they are not often connected with a chain, they can be worn as a removable alternative to nipple piercings and can be worn by pros and beginners alike.

Use on an erect nipple


Another pro tip is to make sure you use the clamp on an erect nipple. This can be done by simple methods such as using the tongue of fingers to arouse the sensitive bud or using a nipple sucker around the areola- pigmented skin around the nipple to increase the sensitivity of the nipple.

Know when to take them off

When you’re ready for the maximum endorphin rush, right as you’re orgasming is preferred, then release the clamps. After you feel the endorphin rush, you can either remove the clamps completely or slowly put them back on to repeat the process. Research shows that nipple stimulation is processed in the same area of the brain as vaginal or clitoral stimulation so playing with your or your partner’s nipples is a rewarding experience.

3 Recommendations to add to your sex toys

Now that you know how to use nipple clamps, we’re going to learn how to choose the right nipple clamp for you. First-timers always make sure that you’re looking for an adjustable pair before going to spend all your chums. Here are a few suggestions panda got for you.

1. Sexperiments tug on my heart nipple clips

sexperiments nipple clip: smittenkittenonline.com

Sexperiments tug on my heart nipple clips

These are the best clamps for both beginners and all-time pros. It has a rubber tip that’s perfect for newbies and the easy slide-on ring allows for pleasure control so you and your partner, or if you’re going the solo way can have an easy time learning the ropes.

2. Master series Charmed Heart Nipple Clamps

sexperiments nipple clip: smittenkittenonline.com

Charmed Heart Padlock Nipple Clamps Nipple Toy

The design of this clamp is charming and while the heart plus the padlock makes it all look a bit complicated; they are not. They offer an adjustable screw so it’s easy to use for beginners and the tips are vinyl-coated to allow for a comfortable, secure grip.

3. Alligator nipple clamps

Alligator nipple clamp: babeland.com

Alligator nipple clamps

These offer a tantalizing pinch on your nipples and even on your labia-talk of an excellent multitasker. The slender tips provide localized pressure and the screw allows you to adjust the pressure to something you’re comfortable with.

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If you like the feeling of your nipples being pinched or a special kind of thrill passes through you when your partner grazes his teeth on that little bud of pleasure then you should look into making nipple clamps your new best friend because the experience is unmatched. You and your partner can go through the types of clamps there are and find one you are comfortable with and one that squeezes every pleasure from your body. and hey, this one of those sex toys that can be used on either gender so let the bedrooms begin! Just remember to come up with safe words in case things get a little too intense and speaking of safety, leave clamps on for 15-20 minutes as you’re disrupting the body’s natural blood flow. Have fun!