Tying Up Your Man? 7 Tips to Try Out Bondage With Him

Taking charge in the bedroom? 7 tips to try out bondage

By Sophia R
Tying Up Your Man? 7 Tips to Try Out Bondage With Him

Being a Dominant in Bondage

Dominant is the term that is usually used colloquially in relations of domination and submission within sexual practices; BDSM ("Bondage and Discipline", "Domination and Submission" and "Sadism and Masochism") specifically refers to the active part of this relationship.

That is, the person who submits or imposes his authority before the other component of the couple, in this case, the submissive. Being Master (synonymous with Dominant) is a complicated task unlike what people think since it is the person in charge and with the responsibility for the sexual practices that are carried out.


Considering that in this type of BDSM relations both parties have to grow in terms of sexuality, the Dominant in this case is obliged to help in said growth in a healthy and positive way.

Once explained what domination is and what it is all about, let's give some tips to be a good dominant:

1. Dialogue

It is very important to always maintain a free and open dialogue between both parties. Where each of the individuals who form it should explain their tastes and suggestions to make the Dominant-Submissive relationship as positive as possible and avoid awkward or dangerous situations. Commonly, people use `` safety words '' that immediately cuts the act that is being performed if someone doesn’t like it or it is painful.

2. Respect

You must treat your Sumissive at all times with the respect they deserve, always taking into account the `` punishments '' that you can impose on him when he does not fulfill his mission or your wishes.

3. Pleasure

It is important your pleasure and that of your Submissive, so have in mind to always try that both of you are enjoying the pleasure that this practice entails.

4. Leadership

You will guide your Submissive little by little, so that he advances and feels comfortable during the periods of domination, trying to introduce him little by little in new games and new experiences.

5. Orders

The orders you impose must be in accordance with the possibilities of your Submissive. You have to be realistic and put aside actions that can cause some kind of unwanted damage.

6. Preparation

The Master must at all times inform themselves about new practices in order to increase their knowledge so that the Master is always ahead of the Submissive in terms of preparation.

7. Control

Punishments will be imparted impartially and never with anger, revenge, violence or any other negative feeling that affects the sanity of punishment.

8. Anonimity

Respect and value the anonymity that both members of the couple want to have. Many of the situations that you will experience during a Dominant-Submissive relationship will intensify the excitement if no one knows about your relationship so that many games can be done in public.

9. Caution

Avoid practices that may cause unwanted damage at all times. There are numerous modes of learning either through books, articles or teachers that will help you to practice with a certain level of difficulty. It is essential to start small and ask experts to have adequate and safe progress for both members of the couple.

7 Tips to Try Out Bondage With Him

If you are the master, in bed, you are the one who rules! If you want to learn to be the queen of your sexual relations and leave your man with their mouth open, you have to start taking the reins of your encounters and dare to make new games and tricks that will make you have a better time than just regular sex. Within the sexual field there is nothing better than trying different ways of sexual arousal and one of the best games that exist is that of submission and domination. If you want to start practicing them and want to start a little better on the subject, we will help you exploit your most erotic, sensual and explosive side with some tips on how to be a pro at dominant ion to your man.

1. How to Approach this Kinky Idea

For people who discover or know they are dominant and want to explore what BDSM sex is, it can happen in several ways. Maybe your sexual fantasies have always been perverted. You may have read something about erotica and felt that something clicks inside you. Maybe you've seen porn and want to do something you saw because it got your attention.

Either way, if you want to dominate your man, it's time for you to tell him. And here we tell you how to do that.

If you feel that your partner may be receptive to the idea, find a time to talk. Try to focus on what he says, so choose the moment wisely. It is also a good idea to let him know in advance that you want to talk. You can also wait until he is completely relaxed and receptive, such as after some fun and twisted sex, especially if you could be dominant with your partner so that you enjoy it.

You might know your partner enough to tell him that you want to master him, you should already have an idea of ​​his sexual preferences. Start with what you both know you like. Maybe it's the way you push him down on the bed or the tone you use when you tell them to do something. It could be how you prick him against the wall or the spanking you give him during sex.

When you start at a point of common desire, the conversation is less intimidating for both of you. Say something like: "I've noticed that you like it when I take control" or "We both have a good time when we become perverted." When you mention a specific sexy thing that you already enjoy together, you provide a point of reference that your partner is already familiarizing, you are giving him clues that make you crazy and you will both enjoy together.

By the time you have discovered what you want from your partner and have decided to tell them, you may be impatient to begin. It is normal and natural that you want to jump his bones, especially if your partner seems at least a little willing. Slow down and let him think about it. He might have questions or simply need more time to process what you have said.

If they are excited about the idea and want to explore with you, get naked and have fun. But if your partner has questions or doesn't know very well what to think, give him the space to decide what he wants to do. You can always help by sharing the things that excite him or where you learned more about domination and submission: podcasts, websites, books, images, and videos.

2. How to Tie Him Up Correctly

To begin to dominate a man in bed we recommend that you help yourself with toys such as bandages or handcuffs because, in this way, it will be much easier to become the owner of the situation and start investigating that new role that you have to play. That you are the dominant means that you will take the reins of the encounter, your partner will stay in bed as if he were a "doll", your pleasure doll, who is willing to let you play with him as you want (always respecting him and establishing the limits for both of you to enjoy, of course!).

If you decide to use handcuffs, you should know that they will help you immobilize your partner so that he can do nothing but look and enjoy. He will not be able to touch or move (especially if you tie him to the headboard of the bed), so you will have to make sure that the meeting is pleasant. The blindfolds are also perfect so that your senses become alert and do not know very well what you are going to do, it is something incredibly erotic that you will love.

3. Safety First

Bondage is based on a relationship of trust between the tied person and the person who ties. On the latter falls the bulk of the responsibility, given the helplessness (previously agreed) of the other. To avoid accidents, which can sometimes become serious, some basic safety rules are usually followed:

  • Never leave a tied person alone.
  • Never pass a rope around the neck.
  • Have functional scissors, as a means of quickly releasing the tied person on hand.
  • Prevent the risks of falling: an attached person can suffer a serious accident if he falls backward.
  • Do not make suspensions with the tied person if you do not have enough experience since it is a delicate operation.
  • Never use sliding knots or other types of slippery knots.
  • Perform short sessions if the positions are uncomfortable or if the person who binds is not experienced.
  • Regularly hydrate the bound person and supply fluids.
  • Many of the positions that are reproduced in the graphic material about bondage, are of exhibition, they cannot be reproduced without a high mastery of the technique. You should not take unnecessary risks.

4. Exploit your most sexual parts with fine lingerie

If you want to dominate a man in bed you must take care of every detail of the meeting and, with this, we also refer to the environment of the room where you are going to have sex (aromatic candles, dim light, ambient music, etc.). But, as icing on the cake, your partner will be amazed if you surprise him with sexy lingerie such as a thong or some latex clothes.

If you want to play more deeply in the exchange of roles, instead of opting for women's underwear we suggest you buy a sexy costume. Try to make this a dominant woman, such as a police officer, a nurse, a school teacher, and so on; These costumes will allow you to put yourself in another role and get a different and incredible experience.

5. Touch

You have to become the queen of the bed and, for this, you cannot be static or aware that it is he who touches you. You must forbid him to touch you so that the game is more spicy and fun, so, every time he touches you, tap his hand and tell him not to, thus, highlight your authority in the game. If you want to get excited, there will be nothing better than touching yourself, an image that he will love to see and that will die of desire for the forbidden fruit that your body has become. He can't touch you but you can touch him so start to stimulate his whole body, caress him, kiss him and play with his intimate area. Before you start giving him a handjob, we recommend that you play with his inner thigh, lower belly, etc., to increase his desire for you.

6. You go on top

The next step to drive your partner crazy with pleasure is to have actual sex, that is, penetration. Recall that, now, it is the woman who embodies the role of domination so we will have to bet on sexual positions with the woman on top because, well, she will be in charge of setting the pace and carrying the leading voice.

7. Start by the basics

Start slowly while exploring domain and submission. Share some ideas that excite you and try one. Just one. See how you both feel. Adjust it if it is not entirely correct, but if you want to do it again later, add another sexy and perverse thing to try. Continue adding new and naughty things like kneeling, crawling, following rules, using titles and anything else that excites you slowly until you feel more comfortable.

Talk about how you feel about the things you are experiencing, before, during and after. Control each other with things like, "Does this feel good?" And you like it?". If the answer is no, stop and talk about it or do something else. Try to keep the expectations realistic and the pressure of you and your partner to do it "right" the first time. Domination and submission, in whatever form, are supposed to be fun, but they can take a while to decipher.

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You no longer got any excuse not to pursue your fantasy of bondage with your man. Come on, we told you literally everything! Now it is time you lose all fear and try this amazing practice out once and for all! Good luck, and trust us, you will love it even more than you think you will,


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