Want to Try Bondage Play? Here are 8 Tips to Get Started!

Absolute beginner guide on bondage and 8 tips on how to start

By Sophia R
Want to Try Bondage Play? Here are 8 Tips to Get Started!

What is Bondage Sex?

Bondage is a sexual practice in which tying and domination are used. The practice of bondage involves tying the other person totally or partially with ropes, handcuffs, ties, ribbons or anything else that can keep the other person physically immobilized. What limits it with sadomasochism is the level of pain used within each other.

Bondage does not use pain as a source of pleasure, which is a mistake usually thought by many people. The pleasure in bondage is in the domination of one person and in the full delivery of the other. The tied person is at the full disposition of his partner, at least at that moment in which they are practicing it. Logically, the consensus between the couple is understood when carrying out this sexual practice, as well as a high degree of trust and mutual respect.

Connection between BDSM and bondage

BDSM is the practice of Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism all together. In this way, bondage is part of BDSM. It is only the practice of tying without the involvement of other BDSM elements such as pain, spanks, blows, etc. As it was said before, bondage doesn’t focus pleasure from pain, but from the fact of dominating and mental fantasies. So, basically, we can say that bondage is the most common and lowest level of BDSM, the easiest one to try, and the one most people start out with. So, if you are a beginner, it is the perfect start for you to get into this world. 

8 Tips on How to Start

For the experience with bondage to be 100% pleasurable, it is important that there is consent from both parties. Prior communication and trust are the most important pillars to take advantage of this interesting sexual practice.

Also, it is good to keep in mind some previous tips that can help start safely and put aside the fears when practicing bondage. Here are the best 8 tips on how to start with bondage:

1. Choose roles

In the bondage game, there is a submissive and a dominant person. The submissive will be the one that gets tied and that will obey to the dominant’s requests and actions. The dominant will be in charge of the tying and giving the submissive commands. Agree with your partner to know who will assume each role. You can do this depending on your abilities, sexual desires, fantasies, and you can even switch it up at one point of the practice. It will make the whole experience easier and less unpredictable for you.

2. Enjoy your role

Whatever role you decided to take, live it and enjoy it as such. There's nothing wrong with any of the two roles. This will allow you to explore your sexuality in a way that you may not know, and discover pleasure in a way you never thought possible.

If you are the submissive, fulfill the whims of your partner and follow his game. If you are the dominant one, be creative and encourage yourself to fulfill your fantasies. Everything is possible in this game, so take advantage of that!

3. Use blindfolds

Blindfolds are an amazing complement to the practice of bondage. They make the experience more fun and prevent visual distractions, which will open a whole new window to the imagination, making you reach higher levels of pleasure. I mean, the mind is very very powerful, we all know the things it can create in a matter of seconds!

4. Choose a keyword

Before you start, create a code with your partner using one or more keywords. These will be used when someone does not agree with something or when they want to stop altogether. It’s better to keep things between the agreement of the both of you so nobody is unsatisfied with the experience.

5. Do some research

Bondage is actually not hard at all, but sometimes we need a little more insight on things like this. Look it up on google, watch some educational videos, read a book on it, or even watch some porn before doing it. This way, once you are actually going to do it, you will know way more about how to. Think of it as when you are going to cook, ain't it way easier when you follow a recipe or tutorial? Yes, we all know it is!

6. Try different positions

In the beginning, you may limit yourself to only one position because of the type of tie and the newness of the whole deal. However, the ideal way to do bondage is to vary the positions so that the experience is more pleasant and fun, as with any other type of sexual encounter. Be creative and put that experience to work!

7. Start small

Be careful! There are positions that require experience and preparation. Although in the movies they are shown as if they were simple, a bad practice can cause injuries, or ruin the act altogether.

Take everything in stride, start with the basics and try different things when you have more experience. Once you practice bondage and know the whole thing by memory, you can start trying out wilder things, but keep it basic for now!

8. Try different ties

As bondage is mainly about tying, you need to try different materials and things to tie with until you find the right one and the most comfortable for you. For example, silk ties are way softer on the skin, but they don’t have that much pressure when tied. Or cuffs are very sexy and offer a lot of control for the dominant, but they can be uncomfortable and hurt a bit. It is all about specific personal preferences, so try different things out. It will make the experience way more enjoyable and comfortable for you.

Safety Tips

Since bondage is about immobilizing our partner with erotic ties, it is very important to take into account some tips to avoid uncomfortable incidents that could put our health at risk. We will give you some security measures to practice Bondage without risks. Check them out:

1. Never leave anyone alone when tied

Never leave a person tied alone in a room as they will be unable to react or do anything if an emergency comes. This point is essential if you want to practice Bondage safely.

2. Be careful with the strength of the ties

You must pay close attention to the type of ties you make and the strength with which you do it. If the cords are too tight in areas such as the chest, you could prevent the submissive from breathing, which could cause an accident. Likewise, never put any rope or tie around the neck, because asphyxiation could occur. I know you really don’t want to end this experience in the hospital.

3. Don't do it for too long

Certain sexual positions in Bondage significantly limit the mobility of the submissive. If the submissive is very uncomfortable in a position, remember to just do it for a short time, as too much time could affect the circulation and cause major problems.

4. About suspension

Bondage also includes the possibility of suspending the submissive while tied, but it is important to understand that for this you must have experience handling the technique, the necessary tools and especially know how to tie the person very well. Otherwise, they could fall to the ground and get beat up pretty badly.

You must be very careful when you are making the knots and ties, making sure they don’t run or undo.

5. If it doesn't feel right, stop

As with pretty much anything else in the sexual panorama, if you don’t like it, stop doing it. If anything feels weird, hurtful, extremely uncomfortable, or just not enjoyable, stop doing it. This is supposed to make sex better for you, so in order to be safe and keep loving sex, never keep doing it if you don’t want to. On the other side, if your partner doesn’t want to keep doing it, don’t oblige them no matter how big of fantasy this was for you. Remember, respect is a must in any type of sex.

6. Keep a scissors close

Having a pair of scissors or any other cutting element at hand may serve to remove the cords if at any time the tied person feels uncomfortable. It will surely come in handy.

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Are you ready for bondage now? Have you lost all the fear you previously had? I’m sure you did now that you have read this article. I assure you this practice will totally change and make sex so much better and enjoyable for you and your partner. Try it out following our tips, making sure that everyone is safe, and you will see what I am talking about by yourself! Good luck!



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