A Review of the Top 15 Best Makeup Cosmetics Pouch

15 makeup cosmetics pouches that can carry all your essentials

By Sophia R
A Review of the Top 15 Best Makeup Cosmetics Pouch

Small and affordable cosmetic pouches

Everyone needs a small and affordable makeup pouch to grab quickly on the go. Size does really matter when it comes to makeup pouches, come on, we all love to take our essentials, throw them into our bags, and have them not take up all the space. If this makeup pouch is for everyday use, you will want it to be cheap, in case anything happens to it; it’s gonna be exposed to wear and tear every single day. Look no further as we share our picks for small and affordable pouches:

1. Monda Studio Handy Clear Bag

Handy Clear Bag : Cosmetic Bags : Beauty

There is nothing better than a clear small makeup bag on the go; it is perfect for our everyday essentials and routine as you can spot your products easily and quickly. Also, the material of this pouch makes it so easy to clean. It is even better when it is that affordable.

2. Zodaca Marble Patterned Cosmetic Makeup Toiletry Beauty Travel Zipper Bag Pouch

Zodaca Marble Patterned Cosmetic Makeup Toiletry Beauty Travel Zipper Bag Pouch

This makeup bag is perfect for anyone who is looking for one that is extremely affordable, it really can’t get any cheaper than this. For just 3 bucks you can find this pouch in your nearest Walmart, giving it the high-end luxury look with the marble print but easy on the pocket.  Go check it out!

3. Sonia Kashuk Classic Travel Makeup Bag

Sonia Kashuk™ Classic Travel Makeup Bag

This small classic makeup pouch is more spacious than it looks like. Seriously, it is like a Mary Poppins’ suitcase. Its material makes it so compact that it won’t take your space up, so it is the right one if you are looking for space.

4. Sonia Kashuk Round Top Impressionist Ditsy Makeup Bag - Blue Floral

Sonia Kashuk™ Round Top Impressionist Ditsy Makeup Bag - Blue Floral

I know, I’m sorry, another Sonia Kashuk pouch, but they are the best and the most affordable of them all. This one here has such a beautiful and unique print that gives a twist to the old’ boring makeup bag. You really can’t go wrong with it.

5. Charmonic Mesh Travel Organizer

Cosmetics Bag, See Through Makeup Bag/Organizer, Stylish Eyelashes, 9x6 pouch, Mesh Travel Accessories Organizer by Charmonic

This makeup bag is so cute and so handy. It has a beautiful design and the mesh material makes the bag breathable. With the see-through mesh, you can find your products easily. A lightweight and highly functional makeup pouch we'd say! 

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Best travel makeup cosmetic pouches

Travel makeup cosmetic pouches are a must in every travel bag. Preventing your cosmetics to go all over the place, spill, break, and keeping your fave essentials organized, etc, is a priority when you go traveling.  With these pouches, you won't even need to worry about your things messing up during your trips, so you can just chill and get to your destinations. 

1. NiceEbag Makeup Case

NiceEbag Travel Makeup Bag Large Cute Cosmetic Bag for Women Leather Makeup Case Professional Cosmetic Train Case Organizer

This travel makeup case is literally necessary if you travel a lot and need to bring a lot of makeup along. It is big, sturdy, and it has a very good distribution when it comes to compartments; it has one for every single makeup item that will keep everything organized and in place during your trips. Also, it will come in very handy to display all your products in the place where you will be staying, as its design is perfect for countertops. 

2. Lay-n-Go Cosmetic Bag

Patterned Makeup Case Lay-n-Go Cosmo

I bet this travel cosmetic bag is nothing you have seen before. Its unconventional design consists of a round cloth with a drawstring to put the makeup literally on top and turns into a little pouch when you're done with it. It also has a small zipper for stuffing things that should not move around so much.  Because of this design, it is extremely spacious when it comes to storage yet doesn't take too much space in your suitcase or travel bag. You need to try it out!

3. Kebidi Multi-function Portable Travel Makeup Cosmetic Bag

Printed Multifunction Portable Travel Makeup Cosmetic Bags Organizer for Women Girl Travel (Wine Red Daisy)

This travel makeup bag has a similar concept as the first mentioned, but it has some different details. It also offers compartments and has a lot of space for a lot of products, but this one is water resistant, which is perfect for risky trips to the beach or other weather exposure that could ruin your precious makeup. Another plus, it has customizable compartments, as you can literally adjust them at your convenience. Want to know what is the best part? It is extremely affordable; just $5!

4. Freegrace Hanging Toiletry Bag

Hanging Toiletry Bag By Freegrace - Premium Large Travel Essentials Organizer

This hanging toiletry bag is perfect for traveling as it is a compact and has a lightweight body. It is the best organizer for frequent travelers as it has 3 compartments and 10 pockets where you can fit every single product you could think of in any of your trips. It folds perfectly and can be stored easily into any of your bags for any of your trips. It has a hook with which you can hang it anywhere you want to and easily access any of your products. It also has the perfect material for travel bags, nylon, as it is water-proof and extremely durable, it will keep up with every trip you take it to! 

5. Relavel Makeup Train Case

Relavel Professional Makeup Train Case Cosmetic Bag Brush Organizer and Storage 16.5" Travel Make Up Artist Box

This top-selling travel makeup bag is ideal for makeup lovers. Those of you who travel with huge amounts of makeup, perhaps you are a makeup artist, or you just love makeup too much. It is huge, half a carry-on huge. It has a handle that you can use for taking it as a carry-on itself or you can store it anywhere you want during any of your trips. It has pretty much everything; brush holders, compartments, zippers, pockets where you can store loads of makeup, you might be able to fit in your whole makeup collection in there. 

Luxury cosmetic pouches to lust for

Who doesn't love to splurge on beauty related stuff? Luxury cosmetic pouches are one of those things that feel good to spend on. They are just too beautiful and elegant, and nobody can resist having one of them in their life.  Also, if you take good care of it, as with any luxury designer item, it will last you a lifetime, which is a big plus. When it comes to this big purchase, you will want to choose the best one out there. These are our best picks when it comes to luxury cosmetic pouches:

1. Prada Vela Textured Leather-Trimmed Shell Cosmetics Case

Prada | Vela textured leather-trimmed shell cosmetics case

Honestly, who doesn't love Prada? If you are looking to treat yourself, there is no better option than this luxury designer makeup bag. This small sized pouch has the finest material with embossed calfskin which gives it the glamorous touch it has. It also includes a removable leather wristlet that you can pop on and use around. Definitely worth the splurge!  

2. Stella McCartney Falabella Shaggy Deer Cosmetics Case

‎Falabella Shaggy Deer Cosmetic Case

This small cosmetic case is seriously to die for. It is just so beautiful and elegant with its faux leather material which is cruelty-free. Pull that out anywhere and everyone will turn to look at it. I even think your makeup will feel amazing inside of it.

3. Bao Bao Issey Miyake Lucent Frost Makeup Bag

Bao Bao Issey Miyake Lucent Frost make-up bag

This Japanese brand creates bags with the most unique design out there; they have triangle structures that make their bags tridimensional and just so chic. This makeup bag has this same signature design, making it the coolest of the bunch, and in that way so worth the splurge. 

4. Karl Lagerfeld K/Ikonic Transparent Pouch

‎K/Ikonik Logo Transparent Pouch ‎

This beautiful makeup pouch by the late designer Karl Lagerfeld is the best way to show tribute to this amazing person we all miss so much. Its transparent material makes it perfect for on the go quick makeup as you can spot every product easily, and what is best of all: it has the signature Karl Lagerfeld little doll which we all love. Another plus is that even though it is luxury, it is not going to cost you a lung, as it is the cheapest of the bunch and actually not that expensive.

5. Dolce & Gabbana Floral Print Makeup Bag

Dolce & Gabbana floral print make up bag

Floral prints, who doesn't love them? This Dolce & Gabbana makeup bag has the most beautiful and soft looking floral print out there. It is seriously gorgeous. This bag is made out of high-quality fabric and because it is not sturdy, you can fit a lot of makeup inside of it. 


If you are looking for the perfect makeup bag matching your requirements in size, price, and functions, I am sure that after reading this article you will know exactly which one you will choose; I even bet you are already running to the store or purchasing it online. When you do get it, you will see how carrying your makeup everywhere will become so easy and glamorous, too. No more shame in pulling out that old dirty makeup bag your grandma got you on your 15th Christmas. Yeah, I know, glad I helped you too!

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