Are You The Toxic Person That People Actually Hate?

You must just be the person people are trying to avoid :S

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Are You The Toxic Person That People Actually Hate?

What is a Toxic Person?


It is important to know what a toxic person is actually like. Not only will this be life-saving for you but also for the people around you. We might not be aware of our mistakes and end up hurting people. Mostly because we are hurt ourselves. So what is this toxicity? It’s basically a mixture of all negative emotions, insecurities, obsession, and whatnot. The toxic people are the ones who leave you emotionally exhausted after a single encounter. You regret meeting them ever, and you can’t even find a way to escape.

Toxic people are manipulative and turn everything to their advantage, leaving the other person in a confused state of self-doubt. Always complaining, questioning your feelings, making you feel like the worst person alive, and telling you to adjust YOUR behavior every time, these are some of the most common traits of poisonous people. So focus on these traits and recall how you’ve always been to other people. If you can’t bear toxic people, you shouldn’t be one of them either.

Signs of a Toxic Person

We’ve all had our share of toxic and negative people, if only we could identify them from afar and steered clear in the first place. So here are some red flags that will help you detect harmful and toxic people around you, so you don’t end up investing much of your emotions and time into them:

1. Their toxic tone is everything

It’s a clever move by many people who will taunt in such a way that leaves you thinking, how is everything my fault? For example, you get a text like “Hey, what’s up. How are you doing?” and then later in the conversation saying “You don’t even bother asking me how am I, I had the worst day blah blah”. They don’t respect your space or your mood; just bash you whenever they can. They’re always the victim. Maybe you avoid conversations with them because you’d probably regret it later. So next time, be careful yourself if you’re being too hard on someone.

2. Most judgmental and intimidating people on the planet

Ever think where did you lose all that confidence? That self-esteem? The toxic people probably ate it all up. When you spend time with someone and all you get are pointers of how you should or should NOT dress, how lame or cliché your social media posts are, how you sound or look, your bad taste in almost everything, make a run for it. It takes a lot to build up one’s spirit and takes only a second to shatter it. Be careful with your words, don’t be judgmental and stay away from the judgment too.

3. The exaggeration

Their stories, their complaints, everything is too much. They can be overly dramatic on such minor things. It gets difficult to talk to them and convey what’s on your mind. They will always remind you of some time when you weren’t there for them, or a fight. They CANNOT let it go. So if they start an argument, don’t even think you can win. This is exhausting for anyone, so stay away from such people, and don’t be one either.

4. Never happy in your joys

They’re never really there when you need them. Of course, they will be there to mock you or make you feel worse, but never better. But when you’re happy or you achieve something, you can sense they’re jealous and never truly share your happiness.

Tests to Find Out if you are The Toxic Person

Here are some fun tests and quizzes to try and find out if you’re the one causing problems everywhere.

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This quiz will help you if you’re the egoistic one in the relationship. Once you fix the ego, you can fix your relationship too.


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Who is the toxic one in your relationship?

If you think you’re in a toxic relationship, then one of you must be the toxic one. Maybe both of you are. Let’s find out:

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10 questions to ask yourself

Here are some self-evaluating questions you can ask yourself to figure out the toxicity in you.


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Are you Toxic or Nourishing?

Take this test and find out about your toxic or nourishing personality:

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How To Become A Better Person

Thinking about being a better person? This means you’re halfway there! It takes great courage to change yourself for the better. Stay steadfast in this goal and follow our lead:

  • Practice gratitude. Be thankful for the blessings and hardships in life. Always keep gratitude a part of your routine, this will make you positive and stress-free.
  • Initiate the greetings. Whether it’s a simple smile and nod or a ‘good morning’ to your colleagues, be sure to be the first one to greet.
  • Smile, it’s contagious. We all get the idea that happiness is better. If you want to be better, be happy, and spread it too.
  • Follow good and motivational people. Follow their stories and how they achieved their goals. This will motivate you in being better and healthy in the future.

  • Uplift your own spirits. Talk to yourself in the mirror each morning. Compliment yourself. Talk about the person you want to become, you’ll be attentive to your actions the whole day.
  • Be kind from the heart. Offer lunch to your colleague once in a while, send some holiday cards, give to charity, and if you like something or someone, don’t hesitate to compliment them.
  • Be forgiving, for others and yourself. It’s no use of being too hard on yourself. If you don’t like the feeling of being forgiven, then don’t put others through it as well. Forgive and forget the negativity.

How To Repair Relationships Ruined By The Toxicity

The damage from toxic relationships run deep, but you can still repair it. It takes a lot of effort and commitment to do so; here are some points to help you out:

i. A healthy space

Before trying to fix anything, you need to analyze it from different perspectives. To do so you need to take a step back and ponder over the things that messed up your relationship. Take a break from each other in any kind of relationship, it’s healthy. Fix things and then come together again.

ii. Find out the crux of the problems

If you’re successful in finding out your problems, then you can definitely fix them. Have a sort of professional meeting with your parent and be neutral in discussing problems. Remember, that is not the time to talk back, it is just the time to listen. You’ll be surprised about the outcomes. You can even write them down. Fix the problems one by one from the core.

iii. Make amends to yourself first

We often think of ourselves as the victims of a toxic relationship, but what we don’t realize is that we hurt other people more often than we know. So think about the time someone got annoyed or angry because of you. Fix yourself first; reflect on your words and actions.

iv. Don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future

If you get the hang of the wrong things in a relationship, best to avoid them in the future. Old habits need to be killed for good if you want to be better in a relationship.

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It’s never too late to realize one’s mistakes and make amends. If you realize you’ve been hard on your friends and colleagues, then it’s time to turn it around. Everything falls back into place if you try enough. But there is a limit to trying as well, if you do everything right and still get negativity, leave. Nothing in this world is worth your peace.